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5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Buying Golf Shoes

August 4, 2021
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August 4, 2021 SQAIRZ

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When you’re out on the golf course, having a comfortable pair of shoes to walk 18 holes in can be the difference between a great game and a painful ride home! There are many reasons why SQAIRZ golf shoes are comfortable and the best choice for your game. Unlike rounded toe shoes that angle toes to the center of the shoe, SQAIRZ’s patented square toe design allows toes to sit naturally, allowing proper biomechanics and range of motion for the feet, significantly reducing fatigue while walking the course.

golf shoe with a very thick midsoleOther large brand names claim they are comfortable but it’s another story when you wear them. For instance, those shoes that have a very thick midsole that they state in their marketing is the reason the shoes are more comfortable. This is not a good thing. More cushioning (protection against force) creates energy absorption which means that energy is not efficiently exchanged with the ground during the swing, resulting in a loss of distance. SQAIRZ strikes the perfect balance and was designed with a custom (removable) comfortable insole, EVA foam midsole, and a toe area that allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoe for maximum comfort and less fatigue.

new shape innovation square toe design


According to a recent study by Pinehurst Golf Academy, spiked golf shoes provide several important advantages over spikeless golf shoes. Most notably the study found that low-handicap golfers gained an average of 2.65 yards per drive and high-handicap golfers gained an average of 6.04 yards per drive while wearing spiked golf shoes compared to spikeless golf shoes.

There were several other benefits seen with spiked golf shoes including less dispersion (greater accuracy), greater average ball speed, and greater smash factor. Without spikes, many golfers would lose their balance and throw off their swing. All SQAIRZ golf shoes come with Softspikes Pivix cleats strategically positioned directly under the pressure exerted on the feet throughout the golf swing. Spikes affect the physics of your golf game and SQAIRZ golf shoes achieve their performance, in part, due to the positioning of the spikes on the shoes which help achieve proper ground connection, resulting in increased club head speed and distance.


Think about how much time you will be spending walking the course. If you walk versus ride, a recent study shows that you will walk about 6 miles for a course that is 6,800 yards, including the distance between holes and errant shots. Although Lightweight sneaker-like shoes sound inviting they cannot accommodate the vertical and lateral forces you create during the swing and keep the body stable on uneven terrain (side hill, downhill lies). The lack of stability allows the foot to stretch the shoe in all directions creating poor balance and unnecessary fatigue. The weight of the shoe has a direct relationship to structure, performance, and foot fatigue.  Too light or too heavy isn’t good. SQAIRZ shoes were designed with materials that can withstand the ground force reaction, and yet so comfortable they are played by tour players who walk the course for a living.


The structure of a golf shoe is one of the most important factors when considering the performance you will get out of the shoe. Lightweight, sneaker-like shoes do not have the proper structure to provide great performance on the golf course. In fact, they can actually be hurting your game.  If you can hold your shoe on the toe and heel and twist it, the golf shoe is no good. When your shoe is able to easily twist, this creates inversion and supination in your feet during your golf swing, which reduces your power and can even lead to damage in the feet.

SQAIRZ golf shoes were designed with a structured upper material often used in sports such as football and soccer to provide structure for sudden weight shifts. The outsole and midsole were optimized for the right amount of flexibility to promote efficient energy exchange and stability. We also engineered a heel stabilizer that keeps the heel down throughout the swing and prevents ankle roll-over injuries.


One reality all golfers have to deal with is wet conditions. Whether you are playing after it rains, it starts raining during play, or you step into a puddle, having wet feet can lead to more than just discomfort. Having wet feet can lead to athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, or worse. The material that your shoe is made out of is paramount to performance, comfort, and your own safety. SQAIRZ golf shoes are made of a synthetic material that repels water better than any other material on the market. On top of that, SQAIRZ has a gusseted tongue which prevents water from seeping into the inside of the shoe through the tongue area.

SQAIRZ CEO demonstrating how SQAIRZ golf shoes are waterproof

(SQAIRZ CEO demonstrating how SQAIRZ golf shoes are waterproof)

We hope that these five considerations will help you when deciding on your next golf shoe. Buying the correct golf shoe can help you to improve your golf game, so it is important to be educated before your next purchase to ensure you are helping your game instead of hurting it.

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