Not Wide, Just Perfect

Not Wide, Just Perfect

You could be forgiven for glancing at one of SQAIRZ’s award-winning designs and assuming it’s a shoe for wide feet. While people with wide feet love SQAIRZ footwear, the broad appearance is an optical illusion created by our famous square toe. “We don't actually have a wide fit or narrow fit,” says Jonathan Bacon, who heads up SQAIRZ’s design team, “but I understand why someone might think that. It’s something I find myself explaining a lot when I’m fitting people with our shoes.”

Instead, SQAIRZ delivers five key performance advantages to wide, narrow, and in-between feet through a biomechanically-optimized shape and structure and an ultra-stable outsole.

It Starts with the Last

All SQAIRZ shoes are based on a special “last”—a three-dimensional model used to formulate SQAIRZ’s award-winning designs. “From the ball of the foot to the heel, the last is similar to other companies’,” Jon says, “but the squared-off toe is very unique. It allows us to add more material along the outer edge of the toe area of the shoe. That’s where you gain room.”

This extra room is essential for all foot shapes and sizes. As you move around, your weight disperses through your feet, driving pressure into your toes and causing them to spread—if your shoe has sufficient space. “Your toes get scrunched together with a lot of shoes,” Jon says. “That's not good for anybody, whether you're an athlete or not.”

When your toes are able to expand naturally, you instantly improve balance, control, and all-round stability. You also increase your connection with the ground to maximize the kinetic energy that drives power into your swing

A Confidence-Boosting Fit 

A well-structured shoe has an impeccably secure fit—no sliding, rubbing, or excessive pressure anywhere on the foot. SPEED2™ and PROS2™ gently mold the upper shoe to your foot with a breathable padded mesh tongue and collar, while a supportive heel cup and high-tech stabilizers prevent slipping and rolling. The silicone nubs on SQAIRZ’s patented Sta-Put laces—pulled tighter on a narrow foot, looser on a wide foot—lock everything in place. 

Ideal for pros and power hitters, VELO™ adds even more structure to the upper with proprietary SQAIRZ NRG-Direct™ Technology that spans the saddle area of the midfoot. A supplemental LaceLock™ system further boosts stability and confidence to achieve your greatest performance yet. By switching to VELO, you could gain up to 12 yards in distance, 3.9 miles per hour in swing speed, and 30% dispersion tightening, according to initial testing.

No matter how perfect the fit, SQAIRZ’s toe box may seem a little roomy to a player with narrow feet. That feeling subsides as you get used to wearing a shoe that’s designed around the foot’s natural shape and mechanics. “A person with a narrow foot isn’t going to move around inside of our shoes,” Jon says. “They’re just going to feel their toes expanding within the toe box.”

Foundational support

To accommodate wider feet, most shoe companies simply add extra material—often a stretchy variety that bulges over the outsole with no additional support. This is where SQAIRZ goes wide with pride. “The outer edge of the outsole is one of the widest in golf,” Jon says, “which gives you much better stability.”

Our generous outsoles are equipped with a patented, AI-generated “smart-traction” system that positions rubber nubs in a rotational tread pattern at varying heights. Combined with strategically-placed removable PIVIX Softspikes, you get over 290 points of ground contact* for exceptional all-terrain grip, no matter the weather.

Still not sure if SQAIRZ is right for you? View our sizing chart to learn how our sizing compares to other major brands, and take advantage of our simple returns and exchanges policy for a worry-free shopping experience. 

*Based on a men’s size 9.5.

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