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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

How To Gain A Football Field On Your Drives Every Round

How To Gain A Football Field On Your Drives Every Round

Last year Pinehurst Golf Academy performed a study to determine whether cleated or non-cleated golf shoes help you golf better. We are sharing details of that study to help you make the best decision for your golf game.
STUDY PARAMETERS in image above.

The study was performed by Dr. Bob Christina (Prof. of Kinesiology at the Univ. of NC Greensboro and Eric Alpenfels (Director of Instruction and Golf Academy at Pinehurst Resorts). 28 adult male golfers volunteered to be part of this study. They were divided into two groups: 14 low-handicap players (under 9/avg 3.52) and 14 high-handicap players (over 12/avg 15.26). No two golfers had the same handicap index.

Participants warmed up and stretched as they normally would and then hit 5 warm-up drives. Each golfer hit 10 measurable drives toward a target on a simulated 34-yard wide fairway. Each player hit 5 drives while wearing cleated golf shoes and 5 drives while wearing spikeless golf shoes. Each golfer was given a 2-minute break after the 5th drive, before changing shoes and hitting the next 5 drives. All testing was conducted at the Pinehurst Golf Academy Building.


  1. Average Carry Gained with a Driver when using spiked golf shoes
    1. Low-handicap golfers gained 2.66 yards
    2. High-handicap golfers gained 6.04 yards
    3. The overall average was a gain of 4.35 yards per drive
  2. Average Carry Gained with a 6 iron when using spiked golf shoes
    1. Low-handicap golfers gained 3.7 yards (flat) and 2.8 yards (10 deg. decline)
    2. High-handicap golfers gained 1.8 yards (flat) and 5.2 yards (10 deg. decline)
    3. The overall average was a gain of 2.75 yards (flat) and 4 yards (10 deg. decline) per 6 iron shot
  3. High handicap golfers can gain over 100-yards (108.72 yards) per round by wearing shoes with removable cleats


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  • Ian Buttner on

    Interesting stats, I certainly give spikes a try

  • Rick Kassel on

    What effect on the greens was there between the cleated and non cleated shoes?

  • Gary Mccarrell on

    I am wearing a pair of Sqairz an do notice a difference in yardage although non quantifiable.Would like to purchase a pair of your 3:16 shoes next time they are on sale.

  • Nick Bolton on

    Did Squairz pay for or in any way remunerate or reimburse any of the testers, participants and where they given Squairz use to wear or was this ‘spikes vs non spikes’. What brand of spikeless were worn?

    Thanks, Nick

  • Maurice Duenas on

    I have three pairs of sqairz’s in rotation. These golf shoes are very comfortable, accommodate my double wide feet and give me awesome balance during my golf swing. As a result, I’ve added 10-15yrds on my irons and wedges, and 15-20 yards on my Driver and 3wood. I plan on purchasing more Sqairz’s in my future. Awesome shoe, highly recommend. Cheers. Mo$

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