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4.98 average
213 reviews

I want to say a few words about the Sqairz golf shoe. I have been lucky enough to be wearing the shoe for about 6 months now and can say with confidence this is the best golf shoe I have ever worn.  My first thought about the shoe was this shoe was built specifically to help with my directional aiming. Well, that part is undeniable true, bad alignment will almost certainly contribute to inconsistency.

Mike Opre

Age 56, Handicap 4.6

What I have found was there is a lot more with this shoe. First off comfort. Undeniable support, and because of the square design, I have more room in the toe area, therefore when I set up, I feel like I have more of a stable foundation to make my swing.  A bit to my surprise was the confidence with my direction when putting. I start my set up with my feet, I pick my line, adjust my feet to the line and then simply try to make a similar stroke every time. In the end more putts have found the hole and the amount of 3 putts have been drastically reduced. My handicap has gone from a 6.3 to a 4.6.

Mike Opre

Age 56, Handicap 4.6

My Sqairz golf shoes have been a welcome addition to my quest for better scores and more confidence. After 11 rounds, they have helped to lower my number of putts per round, and have become the best and easiest fix I’ve found to date.

Joseph Tutrone

Age 68, Handicap 24

Another benefit has been the confidence I feel they give me when setting up; the traction system is great and I am getting more distance from drives.  The traction is also noticeable in wet conditions and side hill/downhill lies.  The Sqairz shoes are very comfortable, offer stability and have a cutting edge look.

Joseph Tutrone

Age 68, Handicap 24

I have worn my new Sqairz shoes for the past 6 weeks am very impressed with how comfortable they are, and how they have helped me properly set myself up.  The balance, traction and stability has helped me with setup.  At first I was only using them for putting, but soon found out it worked for woods and irons.  They are very comfortable and kept my feet completely dry during the recent soggy conditions.

Bryan Daitch

Age 61, Handicap 156

I’ve been wearing the Sqairz golf shoe since early April, and I am delighted with the combination of stability, support, comfort, and style.  Over the last twenty years, I have seen golf shoes evolve to lightweight sneaker designs, and this is the first shoe that I can recall that is a return to the classic golf shoe intent: to provides a stable platform to generate force.

The Sqairz shoes still look great after more than 30 rounds, and remain waterproof and comfortable.  I especially like the sta-put laces, which remain secure for 18 or more holes.

Eddie Carbone

Age 53, Handicap 8

First off, the SQAIRZ design caught my eye the first time I saw them because of their sleek and cutting edge look! The first time I wore these shoes I shot my best round of the year in them. Alongside with me shooting the best round of the year, over a period of 7 rounds my handicap has dropped from an 9 to a 8. The shoes allowed me to square-up my feet from my drives to my putting and it helped change my game tremendously. The shoes are very reliable and feel unbelievably sturdy so you can swing with no worries of slipping or sliding. Overall these shoes have helped my game get better.

Tucker Leary

Age 17, Handicap 8

In my 40 years of teaching golf, these are the best golf shoes I’ve ever worn.  SQAIRZ is the future of golf footwear!

Jim Remy

Past President PGA

These shoes are amazing! Since I began wearing them 15 rounds ago I have seen my scoring average drop 2.3 points, handicap has come down a full point to 2.4, and I’ve posted 3 under par rounds.

The shoes are extremely stable and very comfortable especially in the wider ball of the foot. The shoes make setting up to the ball while putting on the course a breeze!

John Hugo

Age 32, Handicap 2.4

I have been wearing the Sqairz golf shoes for a few weeks now. The comfort and stability is unlike anything I have experienced in another golf shoe. They provide a strong base and connection to the ground allowing me a balanced turn, full release and follow through of the golf club towards the target. On the putting green, my lag putting has improved exponentially. I pick a spot in front of me, square up to it and feel confident I have selected the right line. I highly recommend golfers of any skill try these shoes and work with them to fit within their own game improvement areas.

Scott Ganson

Age 62, Handicap 6.7

Sqairz has allowed me to feel superior stability and support throughout the golf swing which has helped me leverage the ground for increased power and more distance.

Jeff MacMonagle

Age 46, Handicap 11

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Theses shoes are the best and most Comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever owned!!😁

My wife got me the pink pair for Christmas. Best golf shoes I've ever had on my feet. I just ordered and received my second pair (blue mesh). Trying them out today for the first time. If you've never tried Squairz golf shoes your missing out.

Not skeptical anymore

I was so skeptical about the hype of this product BUT after watching some YouTube videos and reading many reviews I took a chance and bought myself a pair. I have to say I am totally impressed after a few rounds with these things. Very comfortable and yes I could tell a difference in distance and accuracy. I felt very confident and stable in my swing . On the green I was sinking some really long putts as well. They really did help me with alignment through out each round . I am definitely sold on this product! This product may not be for everyone. I am sure there are naysayers out there and that is fine. Golf is a game of feel. What works or doesn’t work is totally up to the individual. This review is my honest opinion but at the end of the day everyone is different but as I stated earlier I could definitely tell a difference in the overall feel and performance of my golf rounds.


Didn't know what to expect when ordering these shoes. Happy to say, they were a pleasant surprise. Toe area is roomy. New shoes generally provide discomfort at first. I Played 18 holes without thinking about my shoes. The socks helped. Think about purchasing the mesh pair. Yes, they look good

Gregory Wade
shoe recommendation

Great shoe.I am a walker and shoes are very comfortable on course. Support and toe box are fantastic. I have told friends and they have purchased also and are very happy with feel and stability.

Love my Squairz

Buying my first set of Squairz last year was one the best decisions I have made for my golf game. The support, balance and room for my toes has no longer made the long walk painful on the last few holes of a round. I normally have two pairs of golf shoes but with Squairz they have held up really well and after 12 months still look and feel great despite constant rounds in heavy weather.
Would love to order a second pair but with long postal delays to Australia I’m holding off and doing running repairs to the other inner part of the shoes that has shown wear using orthotics. Will order again once we go back to normal.

Al C
New Speed Shoes

I've now played two rounds (one walking & one riding) wearing my new Sqairz Speed shoes, and all I can say is WOW!
The extra room in the toe box, added stability and overall comfort is exceptional!!
I look forward to many more rounds wearing Sqairz.

Best comfort ever

These are the best golf shoes I have ever worn.They are so comfortable with a wide and supported shoe. I have had several ankle operations and for the first time do not have to wear a ankle brace anymore when golfing


I will give $180.00 including shippment!

Total comfort and stability

I switched to SQAIRZ picking up the limited FALDO Open Blue on September 30, 2021 - I used them indoors on the simulator throughout the winter and then I've used them in the spring and summer 2022. All I can say is these fit my foot better than the prior high end Footjoys that I used. I don't have the hotspots around my toes and I have not lost a toenail after any of the rounds I have played this year. I will say the shoes do feel like you are locked into your stance so if you are one to mini step into your address position you will need to practice the move as you have to pick up your feet a bit just to get them to release from the turf.
I just ordered this pair as I like the limited style.

298 Out of the box

Received my new Sqairz Friday, wore them today (Saturday). My average drive is in the 235 range, today's best - 298! Played the par 5s two under. Very comfortable and stability was amazing.


Great shoes. They are a little heavy but they’re very comfortable to wear get a lot of interest in them. Only problem is they never have free replacement spikes for them.

Great shoes

Fantastic golf shoes ..walking now no problem..that wider toe box does help..thank you for letting golf again!

Does your shoes come in wide or regular sizes

classic Sir Nick

Absolutely the most Solid Platform support I’ve ever played, highly recommended, worth ever Penny

Best Shoes Ever

Let’s start off by saying I’m a golf shoe nut. (20 pairs). I stumbled across these on a link from google. I decided to give them a shot. The day after I got them I played my first round in them. As soon as I was done I referred my best friend he immediately bought a pair, and I purchased another. Now I am looking to sell a few of my newer foot joys, so I can purchase two more pairs.

Fantastic shoes

Thank you for Sqairz shoes..without them my golf days would be over.. extremely comfortable wide toe pain when I walk from hole to hole!
Really wish they made casuals shoes too ..I would love to buy them as well..thanks!


I now own 3 pairs of Sqairz. Love the stability, looks and feel. Excellent customer service also.

Debbie Lambert
I ordered women’s shoes in my normal size, 8 1/2.

I ordered women’s shoes in my normal size, 8 1/2. The length feels right. However, they seem to run narrow across the ball of the foot. I do have bunions but normally shoes will adapt to that. I should have probably just sent them back. I tried to stretch and break them in. It did not work. The shoes cause a bad blister on my pinkie. I am unable to wear the shoes. I know the shoes are “one width fits all”. I wish they came in “wide”.

Hi, played 2 rounds with these shoes I and have ne

Hi, played 2 rounds with these shoes I and have never had more stability when hitting shots. These shoes are almost like the old days with metal spikes. Very comfortable.

Kyle DeHaven
When I informed SQAIRZ that the pair of Speeds (wh

When I informed SQAIRZ that the pair of Speeds (white) I ordered arrived in a defective state, Avalyn and Kyle quickly rectified the situation by sending me a replacement pair (Gray) straight away. I have now played a round in my Speeds, and I can say they are definitely worth a try. They grip well to wet ground, and the extra room in the toe makes them very comfortable. Plus, they come with a pair of socks, which are a little longer in the back to protect the Achilles tendon. Very intuitive. I can’t say enough about the wonderful customer service I received. Much appreciated, and thanks again! Great product, and better company (people)!

James Robben
Great pair of shoes! I bought these because I take

Great pair of shoes! I bought these because I take a golf trip every March, and for the last 10 years by the 3rd day of playing 36 each day I would have blisters on my toes. I saw the ad claiming more room for your toes due to the “square toe” design so I thought I’d give them a try. WOW. 126 holes over 4 days and not only did my feet feel great, the shoes really do give you a feeling of stability and connection to the ground when swinging. I’m hooked! (And the USA sole is just cool as heck)

Ron Walters
I’ve been playing golf since I was about 9 years o

I’ve been playing golf since I was about 9 years old. I am now 70 years old (that’s a long time, you do the math). I can say unequivocally these are the best golf shoes I have ever owned.

Most comfortable socks , shoes feel great too.

Most comfortable socks , shoes feel great too.

So I have a wide foot and really struggle finding

So I have a wide foot and really struggle finding any golf shoe to fit me. The sizing feature suggested 10 but I decided for 10.5 and glad I did. The 10.5 fits great, it’s a little snug on the sides of my foot but it’s not terrible and will most likely loosen up after wearing. Also the shoes look much better in person then they do in the pictures

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