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Golf Advisory Council Review: "Best Golf Shoes of 2024"

Golf Advisory Council Review: "Best Golf Shoes of 2024"

Jason Tenzer is the President of Golf Advisory Council. He tried out the three new microfiber SQAIRZ models. Check out his full review:

"As someone who's hit more than his fair share of fairways (and, let's be honest, bunkers) over the years, I've come to appreciate the finer details in golf gear. I've laced up enough golf shoes to know that it's not just about looks or the latest brand name—it's about how they hold up when you're trying to shave strokes off your game. When I got my hands (or rather, my feet) into the latest SQAIRZ lineup for 2024, I was expecting the usual incremental improvements. But, man, was I wrong.

Like many of you, I am always on the hunt for that elusive edge. So when SQAIRZ dropped their 2024 line — ProS2, SPEED2, and VELO — and promised they would impact my game, I was intrigued.

I've always been a bit skeptical about golf shoes claiming game-changing technology. But after walking 18 holes in these bad boys, consider me a convert. It's not just that they look sharp (though, trust me, they do)—it's the performance that blew me away. The balance and stability I felt with every swing was something I hadn't experienced before. It was as if these shoes were an extension of my own body, intuitively supporting my game from the ground up.

Picture this: a shoe that's not just a treat for the eyes but a genuine boon on the green. The magic? A broader base paired with this supportive heel stabilizer, offering the kind of stability and balance that makes every swing count. And they're comfortable enough to wear for all 18 holes, fully armored against water, and grounded with this AI-engineered outsole that sticks to the earth like glue, boasting over 290 points of contact.

The team over at SQAIRZ sent me all three of their new models to try a couple weeks ago. Testing these SQAIRZ shoes wasn't just about taking a few swings and calling it a day. This was a deep dive, a real commitment to understanding how footwear can impact a golfer's game from the ground up. I took these shoes through their paces, assessing not only their comfort and style but, more importantly, their performance under various conditions—wet grass, uneven terrain, you name it.

Throughout this rigorous testing phase, it became clear that these shoes are a serious tool, designed to enhance performance by improving the fundamentals of balance, stability, and traction. The difference was not just felt in the physical comfort but seen in the consistency of my shots and, ultimately, in the scores on my card.

  1. ProS2 - Classic meets contemporary. At $200, this model doesn't just walk the fine line between tradition and innovation—it dances on it. It has their new super lightweight ComfortFlex microfiber upper, and it adds a cool breathable grain texture while keeping you shielded from the elements. This model is for the golfer who respects the heritage of the game but is not afraid to embrace the future.
  2. SPEED2 - Rolling in at $180, and let me tell you, it's the next chapter in the SPEED series saga. It's not just any shoe; it's a leap forward in design and function, with features like embossing on the sides to add structure and lightweight foam that bring agility and dynamism to the forefront.
  3. VELO - for those looking to really dial up their game, the VELO at $220 is the ticket. Golf's first speed-rated shoe, folks. We're talking about a shoe that not only talks the talk with its enhanced balance and NRG Direct Technology but walks the walk, channeling every ounce of power directly into your swing.

Choosing a favorite for the year of any piece of golf equipment is always tough, but SQAIRZ made it easy. SQAIRZ takes the title this year for Golf Advisory Council’s Best Golf Shoe of 2024. Whether it was the solid grip of the ProS2, the dynamic feel of the SPEED2, or the sheer power I found myself unleashing with the VELO, each pair brought something special to my game. It's rare to find gear that not only meets your expectations but smashes them to bits. SQAIRZ has managed to do just that, and I'm not just saying this—these shoes have genuinely given my golf game a new lease on life. If you're in the market for a pair of shoes that marries style with outright performance, you won't do better than this."

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