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Ten Accessories All New Golfers Should Have

Ten Accessories All New Golfers Should Have

You have made a great choice deciding to embark on the journey of golf! Before you get out there on the course, there are a few things every new golfer should have to get started. Here are 10 items every golfer should own:

1. Golf Bag

There are three main types of golf bags you can select from: stand bags, carry bags or cart bags. Stand bags can stay standing while you hit your shot so you don’t have to bend over to pick it back up after your shot. It is a great choice for walking the entire course without a cart.

Carry bags are much lighter and smaller than stand bags or cart bags, but do not have as much storage as the other options. We recommend when buying a stand bag or carry bag to get one with comfortable straps, seeing as how an entire course is a few miles of walking distance and you want a comfortable bag around your shoulders. 

Cart bags weigh more than carry bags because they have room for more golf supplies, but do not have the standing feature that stand bags have. You will be placing a cart bag in your golf cart and riding the course with it rather than walking. Cart bags are definitely not a bag you want to lug around for 18 holes due to their size and weight. 

We recommend checking out the Powerbilt TPS Dunes 14-Way Black/Red Stand Golf Bag for a great starter golf bag.

2. Umbrella

A sensible addition to your golf bag is an umbrella, whether it be to block the rain or sun. SQAIRZ offers a great waterproof umbrella with an 8 inch fiberglass shaft for lightweight handling, 30 inch fiberglass ribs to provide maximum strength and durability in windy conditions, and a push button automatic open mechanism. Check out the SQAIRZ golf umbrella below.

3. First Aid Kit 

You, of course, never hope to get injured while enjoying a nice afternoon of golf but it’s good to be prepared just in case! Your First Aid Kit should at least have ibuprofen, bandages, wraps, Neosporin and splinter remover. We recommend the 200 Pieces First Aid Kit with Hospital Grade Medical Supplies by SuccorWare below.

4. Golf Shoes

Typically when choosing your first pair of golf shoes you want them to be comfortable. You don’t want your feet hurting after walking an 18 hole course. You also want to choose waterproof shoes so your feet don’t get wet and slide everywhere if it rains on you. SQAIRZ should be your first choice, with their superior comfort and square toe design which has been scientifically proven to increase distance and balance.

5. Score Card

If you didn’t pick up a scorecard at the clubhouse it’s always a good idea to have your own to keep score of your game. Don’t forget a handy dandy pencil! We recommend the Score Snapshot Golf Scorecard Notebooks by Score Snapshot below.

6. Towels

Keep a few extra towels in your golf bag. You will need to wipe off your clubs and balls when they get dirty. It’s also a good idea to have to wipe your face and neck if you’re sweating on a hot day. We recommend theToVii 3 Pack Golf Towel Microfiber Fabric Waffle Pattern.

7. Tees

The tees are a vital part of the game. They have a habit of breaking so it’s good to have a lot for back up. We recommend the Wedge Guys PGA Approved Professional Bamboo Golf Tees.

8. Sunscreen

We don’t want to state the ‘obvious’, but sunscreen is a definite must-have. Hours in the sun can be dangerous without proper protection. Golfers have an increased risk of skin cancer, so do your part in prevention. We recommend the Banana Boat Ultra Sport Reef Friendly Sunscreen Spray.

9. Extra socks

Extra socks are something you don’t know you need until you truly need them. Maybe you’re playing 18 holes on a hot day and need to change socks due to sweaty feet, or you step in a puddle and don’t want soggy feet the rest of the day. Having extra socks will help you stay comfortable, but also prevent issues caused by wet feet like trench foot. Just make sure to take out the used pair after the round, or else you’ll have a very smelly bag, and that’s not pretty! SQAIRZ has cushioned men’s and women’s golf socks that are easy to take on and off in a hurry. Check out our socks below.

10. Gloves 

Typical Golfers wear a golf glove on the upper hand gripping the club, the left hand for right-handed golfers. The most important part of using gloves comes down to applying consistent grip pressure. Some golfers find it helpful to wear gloves on both hands. We recommend the FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves. Check them out below.

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