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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Powerful performance. Proven results.

SQAIRZ is the most studied golf footwear of all time. 

Driven by Science, Backed by Testing

Testing shows that SQAIRZ shoes increase your connection with the ground, maximizing an energy exchange that produces a consistently faster, more powerful swing.

What Happens When You

Switch to SQAIRZ

Numerous independent studies prove that players at all levels can transform their game by switching to SQAIRZ.

Researchers and players have clocked significant increases in speed, distance, vertical forces, and smash factor, as well as improved dispersion and range of motion in the hips and shoulders.

Utah Valley University and SuperSpeed Golf

SQAIRZ Improves Players Performance at all Levels

Dr. Tyler Standifird’s Lab at Utah Valley University and SuperSpeed Golf tested subjects with vastly different abilities and goals, comparing outcomes in their usual shoes with SQAIRZ. A PGA Golf pro with a 3 handicap saw gains in speed and distance, plus a whopping 46% increase in his lead side vertical impulse. An amateur with a 10 handicap achieved his primary goal of increasing the vertical forces in his swing.


SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Technology Proves Value on the Baseball Diamond

Kentucky Indiana Foot & Ankle Specialists (KYINFAS) undertook the first study of SQAIRZ’s baseball training shoe. Thirty-eight collegiate level players were assessed on the field using a pressure mat system, first wearing their regular training shoes, then SQAIRZ. More than 60% of the players increased exit velocity after making the switch.

Dan Moore

SQAIRZ Superuser Testimonial

Dan Moore compared his performance in his regular shoes to SQAIRZ using Shot Scope, a performance tracking app. Wearing SQAIRZ, his dispersion rate tightened and his average fairways hit leaped from 60% to 74%. His driver alone saw an average of 12 more yards of distance.

“The real takeaway that I have from using SQAIRZ is that my accuracy was much more effective than previous shoes. I feel very stable, very solid in the swing.” -Dan Moore

Mike Cromwell

SQAIRZ Superuser Testimonial

Since pulling on his first pair of SQAIRZ, Mike Cromwell’s scores have improved by 7.8 strokes per round, and he achieved his lowest golf handicap index ever—an impressive 7.0. Mike now averages 21% more pars per round. His double and triple bogeys have plummeted by 25%.

“My journey with SQAIRZ golf shoes and the incredible resources offered by SQAIRZ Nation have transformed my game and my golfing experience.” -Mike Cromwell

BodiTrak Research Lab

SQAIRZ Outperforms All Major Brands

Which golf shoe brand is the best? Terry Hashimoto, co-developer of the BodiTrak pressure mapping system, measured the key performance metrics of more than 200 players wearing their favorite brands, then compared the results to wearing SQAIRZ. Across all levels of play, subjects increased distance, speed, vertical force, range of motion, and more.

“It's not surprising to me that more 
and more pros are choosing SQAIRZ, because they know stability is the key to generating power from the ground.” -Terry Hashimoto, Co-developer, BodiTrak

Daisy-May Kenny

Stable Swing Boosts Speed

Elite golfer, coach, and researcher Daisy-May Kenny performed comparative testing that pitted bare feet and FootJoy’s Pro|SL against SQAIRZ. Wearing SQAIRZ, her average speed increased by 3 mph to 97 mph and peak speed hit 101 mph. She also gained an extra 7.5 yards on her average drive and 10 yards on her best swings. Pressure mapping revealed that wearing SQAIRZ kept pressure at the center of her feet for longer, improving stability and promoting increased ground reaction forces.

“The golf industry has been failing female golfers with footwear. SQAIRZ has created the first ever women’s 
golf shoe that has been created using measurements of actual women’s feet.” -Daisy-May Kenny, Daisy-May Kenny Golf Coaching

Golf Laboratories, Inc

Impressive Results out of the Gate

Golf Laboratories, Inc. conducted the first independent study measuring 
the impact of switching to SQAIRZ shoes. Testing focused on amateurs with handicaps between +2.7 and 18.6, with the most significant performance improvements seen in those with higher handicaps. One player increased distance by an astounding 18 yards and reduced his handicap by 4.5 strokes. 

“My handicap is down to a 14 from 18-and-a-half. There’s not another pair of shoes I’ll wear playing golf but SQAIRZ.” -Mike Kuznar, Study participant