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Changing Your Shoes: a small step for some, a giant leap for Mike Cromwell

Changing Your Shoes: a small step for some, a giant leap for Mike Cromwell

Golf is a game of skill, strategy, and constant improvement. Every golfer, from beginners to seasoned veterans, seeks that elusive formula to elevate their performance on the course. For me, that transformative experience began when I decided to lace up my SQAIRZ golf shoes. 

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Mike Cromwell. I am a guy in my 50s living in the greater Dallas area and I love the game of golf. When it comes to technology and trying new equipment, chances are I have either bought it, tried it, or at least heard of it. I was an early adopter of SQAIRZ back in 2020 and now am lucky to own over 20 pairs. Today, I'm excited to share my journey, backed by some remarkable statistics and personal achievements that have reshaped my golfing story. 

The Numbers Don't Lie: A Journey of Transformation  

Golfers love numbers, and I'm no different. The impact of my SQAIRZ golf shoes on my game can be quantified, and the results are nothing short of astounding. Let's dive into some key statistics that showcase the evolution of my golfing prowess since I made the switch to SQAIRZ.  

Improved Scoring 

On average, my scores have improved by an impressive 7.8 strokes per round. This is a testament to the consistent performance and comfort that SQAIRZ shoes provide, allowing me to focus on my game. 

A Milestone Moment  

Earlier this year, I experienced a golfing high that had eluded me for 15 years. I shot a remarkable 75 on a challenging course, all while battling the elements on a windy day. It was a testament to the control and stability that SQAIRZ shoes offer. 

Achieving the Lowest Index 

This summer, I achieved my lowest golf handicap index ever – an impressive 7.0. This speaks volumes about the progress I've made in refining my game since embracing SQAIRZ. 

Consistency Matters 

I now find myself achieving an average of 21% more pars or better per round. Even more striking, my percentage of double and triple bogeys has plummeted by an incredible 25%. It's all about consistency and minimizing those costly errors. 

Key Statistic Improvements 

It's not just the overall scores; key statistics have also seen remarkable improvements. My putting has become 2.3 strokes better per round, my up-and-downs have risen by 2.2 strokes per round, Greens in Regulation have improved by 11.7%, and Fairways Hit have seen an 8.6% increase. 

The SQAIRZ Difference: Beyond the Shoes 

While it's tempting to attribute these improvements solely to my footwear, there's more to this story. Becoming a part of SQAIRZ Nation opened up a whole new world beyond just golf shoes. I had the privilege of learning from legends like Sir Nick Faldo, Nick Bradley, Jim McLean, Rick Smith, and others. 

These experts taught me how to harness Ground Reaction Force, regain the distance I had lost with age, and improve my stability and accuracy. It's a comprehensive approach to the game that goes beyond equipment and encompasses technique, strategy, and mindset. 

A Renewed Passion for Golf 

As my game improved, so did my passion for golf. There's something truly magical about hitting that perfect shot, sinking a long putt, or mastering a challenging hole. With each achievement, my love for the game grew, fueling a desire to play more golf and strive for even greater excellence. 

The Future Beckons: A Personal Goal 

My journey with SQAIRZ golf shoes and the incredible resources offered by SQAIRZ Nation have transformed my game and my golfing experience. Now, I have a personal goal for this year – to get my handicap index below 5. It's a challenge that I eagerly embrace, knowing that with the right equipment and knowledge, anything is possible in the world of golf. 

The statistics speak for themselves, and I look forward to what the future holds as I continue to refine my game, pursue new milestones, and revel in the joy of playing this incredible sport. Golf is more than just a game; it's a journey, and with SQAIRZ, I'm on the path to playing better golf than I ever thought possible.

Want to share your story of changing your shoes and changing your game? Reach out to with the subject line FEATURE ME for your chance to be featured and to receive some great SQAIRZ gear.  

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  • Scott on

    Nice review. I concur that the shoes are comfortable and stable which I also beleive have helped contribute to solid, consistent shot making and confidence. We all know whatbhappens to our swing, our shots and our game without confidence. Thanks for sharing.

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