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See the SQAIRZ Advantage, As Measured by Shot Scope

See the SQAIRZ Advantage, As Measured by Shot Scope

Dan Moore, a 52-year old golfer from St. Louis has been playing the game for over 12 years. Dan has a 7 handicap and walks a lot of rounds. He describes himself as “fairly obsessive” when it comes to the game of golf, and as a result spends a lot of time playing and practicing. Like many golfers, he’s always looking for an advantage. This past June, he gave SQAIRZ a try.

Dan started tracking his game in 2022 with Shot Scope, a performance tracking app that monitors a golfer's strengths and weaknesses, and so when he switched to SQAIRZ, he was able to truly test his SQAIRZ against his previous golf shoes. He’s seen a marked difference in his game—both in comfort and performance. According to Dan, “I am going to be a long-time customer.” Check out his improvements according to his logged stats.


Fairway Accuracy

Most impressively, Dan’s dispersion rate tightened up after making the switch. His average fairways hit leaped from 60%—already remarkable as is—to 74% in SQAIRZ.

After sharing this statistic, Dan commented: “I made a pretty significant improvement in this area. This is one I am very pleased with.”


2022 Average Fairway Accuracy
2023 Average Fairway Accuracy



Approach Accuracy

In 2022, Dan was hitting the green 40% of the time wearing other golf shoes. After switching to SQAIRZ, his approach accuracy shot up to 49% in 2023.

2022 Average Approach Accuracy2023 Average Approach Accuracy



Green Success

His green success by club saw a significant improvement with SQAIRZ. His 5-iron, in particular, produced a 50% green success (GIR), up from 30% previously.



2022 Average Green Success2023 Average Green Success



Average Club Distance

Dan also created more distance as a result of the better ground connection in his SQAIRZ. His driver alone saw an average of 12 more yards than last year.



Driver: 277 yards vs 265 yards

3-Wood: 251 yards vs 241 yards

6-Iron: 179 yards vs 177 yards

7-Iron: 167 yards vs 162 yards

8-Iron: 153 yards vs 149 yards

9-Iron: 141 yards in both years


“My distance is up, but the thing that I like most is that my dispersion seems to have tightened up and I have hit more GIR this year. My FIR is always pretty high and I saw a little uptick this year.”

2022 Average Club Distances
2023 Average Club Distance


Dan saw the improvements that many SQAIRZ golfers have come to enjoy, not only in distance, but also in consistency and accuracy. Most players notice the comfort and stability first, and the performance improvements are noticed soon after.

“The real takeaway that I have from using SQAIRZ is that my accuracy was much more effective than previous shoes (coming from PUMA Alphacat). My SQAIRZ are outstanding for walking. I feel very stable, very solid in the swing.”

It all comes down to the SQAIRZ fundamental promise: If we can improve your balance and stability, you will hit the ball farther and straighter—and ultimately play better golf. The SQAIRZ promise is proven by data and felt by golfers who have discovered the SQAIRZ advantage.

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