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Style, Stability, and Even More Speed: Our 2024 Line Is Here

Style, Stability, and Even More Speed: Our 2024 Line Is Here

 How do you improve a world-class golf shoe? That was the challenge put to SQAIRZ’s head designer Jonathan Bacon, who was tasked with reimagining SQAIRZ’s multi-award-winning golf shoes. “It’s not easy to update a homerun,” Jon says. “We really pushed ourselves, asking what can we do differently?”

The result: three transformational designs with cutting-edge technology that deliver on style, stability, and speed for golfers of all abilities. 


SPEED2: For the All-Round Athlete

“SPEED2 is the shoe I’d recommend to the well-rounded athlete,” Jon says. “It’s a versatile, lighter shoe and it looks amazing, with subtle accents and five different color schemes right out of the gate.” 

SPEED2’s stability starts with SQAIRZ’s patented toe box design, which allows your toes to spread naturally and works with the foot’s natural mechanics to produce more balance and postural control. This stability is carried through the upper with new “gear effect” embossing down the sides that enhances structural integrity. At the heel, SPEED2 adds an external TPU carbon film that extends to the arch, preventing rollover and providing extra security on uneven surfaces. “It keeps you very stable,” Jon says, “as well as being a sharp-looking shoe.”

ProS2: Luxury Styling With Purpose

The ProS2 boasts a luxe aesthetic with elegant lines and detailing that will appeal to the accomplished player. But it’s not all about looking sharp. “The ProS2 has a very clean look,” Jon says, “but we also added a new material to the upper called ComfortFlex microfiber—a premium lightweight, highly breathable, waterproof grain-tex synthetic.” 

Balancing stability and flexibility, the ComfortFlex upper works with SQAIRZ’s patented Sta-Put lacing system and a padded mesh tongue with side-sewn gussets to keep out water and sand—guaranteed. Pro2 also shares SPEED2’s upper embossing and a mesh collar that cradles the ankle, further boosting comfort and breathability. “The textured lining of the collar holds your heel in, but is so soft and comfortable,” Jon says. 

VELO: Golf’s First-Ever Speed-Rated Shoe

“Thanks to its outsoles, SQAIRZ already has been proven to be the most stable shoe in golf,” Jon says. “Our goal for VELO was to take stability to another level in areas with the greatest amount of stress, and we definitely achieved that.”

The sleek graphics traversing VELO’s upper signal its next-generation stability for professional-level performance and power hitters. Proprietary SQAIRZ NRG-Direct™ Technology contains unique hot melt adhesives that add significant structure to the saddle area spanning the top and sides of the midfoot. A supplemental LaceLock™ system gently secures this ultra-stable upper to the foot—and doesn’t let go. “It strategically ties down the shoe,” Jon says. “You have to make a real effort to loosen the laces, and that’s a good thing. That adds to the structure.”

Golf’s first-ever speed-rated shoe, VELO yields an average increase of 12 yards of distance and 3.9 miles per hour in swing speed, with dispersion tightened by 30%. “When top players put on VELO shoes, they love them right away,” Jon says. “They immediately feel that support. One of our pro testers said, ‘This gives me the confidence and freedom to swing a little harder.’”

Nonstop Innovation

All the new 2024 designs bolster rotational support to maximize the kinetic energy that you generate with the ground and funnel that energy upwards for your most powerful swing yet. These advances are complemented by integrated arch support, a responsive SQAIRZ NRG-Foam™ midsole, and a removable, dual-density, compression-foam insole that delivers that “Ahhh…” effect as soon as you step into your shoes. 

On the flip side—of the footwear—rubber soles add a modern edge and long-lasting durability. A patented AI-generated “smart-traction” system on the outsole positions traction nubs in a rotational pattern at varying heights around strategically placed, removable PIVIX Softspikes. It all adds up to 290 points of ground contact for unparalleled grip in all course conditions. 

Whichever 2024 SQAIRZ you choose, you’ll enjoy greater comfort, functionality, and performance, with individual features to meet your particular needs. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post that delves deeper into the science behind these winning designs and how their high-tech solutions will vastly improve your game.

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