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4.98 average
213 reviews

I want to say a few words about the Sqairz golf shoe. I have been lucky enough to be wearing the shoe for about 6 months now and can say with confidence this is the best golf shoe I have ever worn.  My first thought about the shoe was this shoe was built specifically to help with my directional aiming. Well, that part is undeniable true, bad alignment will almost certainly contribute to inconsistency.

Mike Opre

Age 56, Handicap 4.6

What I have found was there is a lot more with this shoe. First off comfort. Undeniable support, and because of the square design, I have more room in the toe area, therefore when I set up, I feel like I have more of a stable foundation to make my swing.  A bit to my surprise was the confidence with my direction when putting. I start my set up with my feet, I pick my line, adjust my feet to the line and then simply try to make a similar stroke every time. In the end more putts have found the hole and the amount of 3 putts have been drastically reduced. My handicap has gone from a 6.3 to a 4.6.

Mike Opre

Age 56, Handicap 4.6

My Sqairz golf shoes have been a welcome addition to my quest for better scores and more confidence. After 11 rounds, they have helped to lower my number of putts per round, and have become the best and easiest fix I’ve found to date.

Joseph Tutrone

Age 68, Handicap 24

Another benefit has been the confidence I feel they give me when setting up; the traction system is great and I am getting more distance from drives.  The traction is also noticeable in wet conditions and side hill/downhill lies.  The Sqairz shoes are very comfortable, offer stability and have a cutting edge look.

Joseph Tutrone

Age 68, Handicap 24

I have worn my new Sqairz shoes for the past 6 weeks am very impressed with how comfortable they are, and how they have helped me properly set myself up.  The balance, traction and stability has helped me with setup.  At first I was only using them for putting, but soon found out it worked for woods and irons.  They are very comfortable and kept my feet completely dry during the recent soggy conditions.

Bryan Daitch

Age 61, Handicap 156

I’ve been wearing the Sqairz golf shoe since early April, and I am delighted with the combination of stability, support, comfort, and style.  Over the last twenty years, I have seen golf shoes evolve to lightweight sneaker designs, and this is the first shoe that I can recall that is a return to the classic golf shoe intent: to provides a stable platform to generate force.

The Sqairz shoes still look great after more than 30 rounds, and remain waterproof and comfortable.  I especially like the sta-put laces, which remain secure for 18 or more holes.

Eddie Carbone

Age 53, Handicap 8

First off, the SQAIRZ design caught my eye the first time I saw them because of their sleek and cutting edge look! The first time I wore these shoes I shot my best round of the year in them. Alongside with me shooting the best round of the year, over a period of 7 rounds my handicap has dropped from an 9 to a 8. The shoes allowed me to square-up my feet from my drives to my putting and it helped change my game tremendously. The shoes are very reliable and feel unbelievably sturdy so you can swing with no worries of slipping or sliding. Overall these shoes have helped my game get better.

Tucker Leary

Age 17, Handicap 8

In my 40 years of teaching golf, these are the best golf shoes I’ve ever worn.  SQAIRZ is the future of golf footwear!

Jim Remy

Past President PGA

These shoes are amazing! Since I began wearing them 15 rounds ago I have seen my scoring average drop 2.3 points, handicap has come down a full point to 2.4, and I’ve posted 3 under par rounds.

The shoes are extremely stable and very comfortable especially in the wider ball of the foot. The shoes make setting up to the ball while putting on the course a breeze!

John Hugo

Age 32, Handicap 2.4

I have been wearing the Sqairz golf shoes for a few weeks now. The comfort and stability is unlike anything I have experienced in another golf shoe. They provide a strong base and connection to the ground allowing me a balanced turn, full release and follow through of the golf club towards the target. On the putting green, my lag putting has improved exponentially. I pick a spot in front of me, square up to it and feel confident I have selected the right line. I highly recommend golfers of any skill try these shoes and work with them to fit within their own game improvement areas.

Scott Ganson

Age 62, Handicap 6.7

Sqairz has allowed me to feel superior stability and support throughout the golf swing which has helped me leverage the ground for increased power and more distance.

Jeff MacMonagle

Age 46, Handicap 11

Based on 820 reviews

I received Sqairz as a Christmas present from my father in-law. Wore them around the house during Christmas while it was bitterly cold, then was able to get out and hit a bucket of range balls. I really liked the stability aspect. Finally, I was able to hit the course on Monday, January 2nd, 2023 and did something I have never done in my 48 year golf career. I hit every single fairway off the tee. WILD! Go Sqairz. ..if you're thinking about getting them, just buy them.


I am 71 and had a hard time keeping my balance because I have neuropathy in both of my feet. I watched a commercial with Nick Faldo about Sqairz shoes and decided to try them. I noticed almost immediately that I had better balance throughout my swing. I am now back down to a single handicap and enjoying the game again.
Thank you Sqairz and Nick

Not as wide as hoped for

I have three issues that are damping my view of the SQAIRZ shoes. I usually purchase my golf shoes in 13W however after reading how the square-toe design offers ample comfort, I went with the stock size 13. Actually, my feet/toes feel more restricted than some other brands of shoes I have worn. Secondly, the black/gray speed model is not what I had expected from the pictures. I would have gone with a different color and lighter model shoe if I had a do-over. The third and last opinion is the weight of this model is heavier than I would have preferred. I'm 72 years old and still walk 90 percent of my rounds. A lighter shoe with a bit more flexibility would have fit the bill better. Having played four rounds in them and past the return policy cost this old vet $187.22 for a premium pair of shoes that will not provide the comfort I had hoped for. On the positive side, they do look extremely well made. Just don't buy the black ones as they are not pretty shoes IMO :o(

R Thurman
No more swaying

Thanks, glad I tried these shoes game changers..

Thank you R Thurman, we are so glad to hear that they have helped your game!

Joryn Owens-Zulueta
Worth it

I used it for the first time playing 18. I would suggest get a half size smaller than what you typically wear. It’s compact and lite and has a nice shape straight out of the box. I did get the black and everything they market about the shoe. ITS TRUE!!! The stiff sole and the square toe really makes it easy to turn your hips over in your swing and hold a well balanced posture. I’m a 15 handicap but boy my swing felt like the guys I watch on tv. Great traction shoe really made me feel grounded. I will definitely rant about this shoe to other golf buddies. The square toe doesn’t look weird or feel weird. Very very functional, I can’t wait until I play again just so I can lace them up again. Great purchase on my end. If your on the fence. Just buy them, you won’t regret it.

Thank you so much Joryn for your wonderful review! We appreciate you sharing how SQAIRZ has changed your game and the sizing. We hope the future in SQAIRZ brings you great rounds and many more brag-worthy golf shots!

Arnie Berg

I never thought a pair of golf shoes could improve my game. Now, after having them for a full season, I can honestly say they have. I’m hitting longer and straighter than ever before. Great shoes.

Thank you so much for your lovely review!!! We are ecstatic to hear that they have helped your game and that you love them!

Great golf shoes

I have two pairs of Sqairz. Very comfortable and waterproof.

Allan, thank you for your review! We are glad to hear they are comfortable and that they keep your feet dry.

Big Feet, Big Shoe

Size 13 are wide enough in the toe to fit!! The Left/Right socks are good but could be bigger.

As an older knee replaced duffer, I ride a cart but still end up with 6500 to 8500 steps per round.

I have a light footbed inserted and usually survive most terrains. About 50 rounds in, I am a believer.

Got the pink ones to break in, so can alternate!! Thanks!!

Thank you AzCal for your review and feedback. Thank you for purchasing the breast cancer awareness shoe and helping support a great cause! We wish you better golf and comfortable rounds.


Very Comfortable, Very stable on every shot.

Thank you Robert for your review! We are glad to hear that they are comfortable and that even the mesh are still a very stable shoe.

Jef Fogel
Stability and comfort all in one!

The shoes are some of the best I have ever worn. Stable base with comfort and plenty of room in the toe box. I have three pairs in the rotation now and look forward to new colors in the future.

Jef, we are so glad you love SQAIRZ. Thank you for your review and stay tuned for new colors coming soon!


I wear a 10.5 Wide and Sqairz doesn't offer wide, I tried the Speed gray and black leather and it was too tight, exchanged them for the Speed Mesh woohoo they fit great!!

greg weisheit
Feeeling wonderful

Great SHOE .. Comfort ! I have a wide foot, size 12... The Sqairz allows for extra room around my toes. Stability, Yes ! ...My Titleist, New Balance, and Ecco golf shoes are resting in the basement , all good shoes, but they are not in play for the past three years.... I have three pairs, wife also has a pair ... I strongly recommend Sqairz golf shoes...

Greg, Thank you for your awesome review! We are so glad to hear that your SQAIRZ are comfortable and that they help your stability.

Limited Edition – John Daly Redneck Shoe
Sweet shoes

Nicest pair of shoes I've ever had 68 years old never have my feet stuck so firmly to the ground actually did increase my distance by being able to really reach back and get me some we live in West Virginia we don't have a lot of flat courses so the uphill downhill side Hills was great thinking about getting me another pair just to go ramp digging up in the mountains I won't be sliding off the side of the Hills

Charlie, we are so happy to hear that SQAIRZ has helped change your golf game! Thank you for the review and picture.

Limited Edition – John Daly Redneck Shoe

What good are they if they don't fit everyone! People with wide feet to narrow feet! They may do exactly what they say but most of your golfers it will never be able to benefit from it because they couldn't care to fit all of their Golfers! When you have a brand introducing something as nice of an idea as this it makes it very uninclusive to a large scale of people because they are only looking at a very small group of people!!!!!!

Shay Hogan

I just received my Sqairz yesterday.
I have many pairs of golf shoes, all size 10s.
My first impression of these is that they are narrow, despite the " bigger toe box". The right shoe in particular seems very tight.
Do they spread and stretch, or should I go up half a size?

HI Shay, if you feel that they are really too tight, going up a size may be beneficial. Have your tried playing with the laces? The SPEED's are pretty much as is, though they may have a slight stretch as you wear them. You could also try the Mesh too, as they have even more give to them. If you have any other questions, please reach out or call/email our customer service team.

Shoe sizes etc.

Suggestion - I think you should consider making a 12 1/2 size shoe as well as a lighter weight mesh shoe similar to the black one in your ads. People I talk to you say the shoe(s) is heavier than most and a square toe, light weight product would increase sales. Thanks, Bill

Thank you Bill for your suggestion! We are continuing to make different colors in our styles, and we are looking into growing our size selection. Stay tuned for new color and style launches!

Comfort and performance

I've had my Sqairz's for about a month now and about 8 rounds. I am a larger guy with wide feet. No golf shoe has ever been this comfortable and stable. My feet alway used to hurt after 18 holes. Now I feel like I can go 18 more. I always feel stable when I strike the ball and my handicap has moved lower for the first time in a long time.

Limited Edition – Sir Nick Faldo 11
Best shoes ever

I've sold golf shoes for a living and tried many shoes but these are the best. I know I'm more stable and the comfort is underrated. I have 2 pairs and socks too. I will continue to buy this shoe. Thanks!!!

Thank you John, we are happy to hear that you love the shoes and that are and will continue to be apart of SQAIRZ Nation!

Sta-Put Laces

I love the shoes and I love the design of the laces but I wish they were a few inches longer. I'm 83 years old and my fingers aren't as nimble as they used to be. The shoes would be so much easier to tie if the laces were a bit longer.

Hello Joseph, thank you for your review and feedback. We are happy to hear that you love the shoes and we will keep the longer laces in mind for the future.

Gary Burnett

Unbelievable quality, stability, and comfort in a shoe. Still like new condition!!!

Thank you Gary, we appreciate your review and we are happy to hear your like your SQAIRZ.

Jackie Everett
These are good shoes

Initially I placed an order for the “Speed” golf shoe in a size 13, because that is what I wear in “FootJoy” shoe sizing. When I received the shoe it was too small. I immediately contacted customer service and they worked with me to expedite an exchange for a size 14. I was so impressed with the customer service, the next day (ie, without receiving the exchange pair) I placed another order for size 14.

I had a chance to use the shoe and my initial findings after two golf outings: I am not as tired after walking 18 holes, and the square toe shoes facilitate better putting and shot making alignments. Not certain yet if I am getting more distance.

If the shoe comfort level holds up, this brand will become my “go-to-purchase” golf shoe.

Hello Jackie, we are so glad to hear that our customer service team was easy to work with and that you found the right size. We love hearing such positive findings and we are again happy that our shoes work for you.

To many more comfortable and better golf rounds!

Exceptional service!!

Well the shoes are more than what is expected. Great comfort and stability.
I bought another pair for my friends birthday 🥳. I made a mistake by ordering the wrong pair of shoes. (Ordered lady’s instead of mens). They’re service was quick, polite and very helpful. I was in a panic to get these on time. I had the right shoes in a couple days!!!
Best shoes in golf ⛳️!!!
Thank you 🙏 ⚾️
Go Mariners ⚾️

Hello, thank you for writing such a kind review. We are so happy to hear that you feel comfortable and stable in our shoes and that our customer service team was quick to get on the right track. Happy Birthday to your friend!

Surprisingly how good it is!

I bought the shoes awhile back but due to having a number of good golf shoes, I have not had a chance to try it until 2 months ago. Once, I put them on, my toes were so relax due to more room in the toes area. I were skeptical about how it ‘d help increase the club speed but after 4 rounds I can tell I hit it more solid and longer. It might be due to how the shoes grip the ground. I walked 2 rounds with the shoes and feel very comfortable with it. This is the best golf shoes that I owned. I then bought my wife a pair and now thinking about getting another pair for myself. Customer Services are very responsive as well.

Thank you so much Peter for your kind review. We are so happy to hear that you love the shoes. Get yourself a nice holiday gift while we have the sale going on ;).

Arty Trojan

Bought my first pair of Sqairz when they first hit the market. Have owned nothing but since. I've probably purchased 10 pairs. Just looking to buy some more. I have wide feet and need orthotics in my shoes. Sqairz have a deep boot that allows me to do this. Stable, styling and ultra comfortable. Sqairz have been with me in Scotland, Montana, Spain, Bandon Dunes and even for my last hole in one at Oakmont CC. Thanks Sqairz... Arty

Thank you so much Arty, we love your story! We are also happy to hear that SQAIRZ is just what you need. It is an honor to be your shoe through these amazing rounds of golf around the globe and during your hole in one. Happy golfing and cheers to more rounds in SQAIRZ!

Norm Eckert
Good shoes

I have had Sqairz shoes for over a year , I think they have helped my game and they are comfortable .The only thing that is a small problem is they pickup a lot of grass and other things when the grass is wet so a lot of cleaning when finished playing.

Thank you Norm for your review. We are ecstatic to hear that the shoes have helped your game, as this is our main goal! We sorry that they pick up a lot of grass during your round, however, this seems to make a statement about our traction. Your shoes are gripping so you can keep ripping it! Keep cleaning the bottoms of your shoes as much as you can during the round and replace your spikes regularly. Happy golfing.

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