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Peak Performance: Ditch These Myths to Achieve Greater Distance

Peak Performance: Ditch These Myths to Achieve Greater Distance

Welcome back to our Peak Performance series, where we take a closer look at the five key advantages SQAIRZ shoes deliver: a wider foot base, better balance, increased swing speed, greater distance, and improved comfort. Each provides an essential link in the chain of movement that produces your strongest game—from the ground up.


There’s no doubt about it: if you want a lower handicap, you need to work on clubhead speed. Data shows that faster speeds are strongly correlated with lower handicaps, thanks to the greater distances they produce. How much distance can you add with a swifter swing? According to research by Swing Man Golf, upping your swing speed by one mile per hour will give you approximately three additional yards.


This may seem straightforward, but the path to longer shots is littered with misinformation about how exactly you should go about gaining yards. Here we fact-check popular myths about achieving greater distance and explain how SQAIRZ shoes can help you smash the ball farther than ever before.


Amateurs Don’t Need Golf Gear

The highest priority for beginners should be absorbing golf fundamentals, not stocking up on high-tech equipment or devices, but the right footwear can assist during the early learning stages—and beyond. An independent study by Golf Laboratories Inc. found that when amateurs switched to SQAIRZ shoes they gained nearly nine yards in distance off the tee. Among the key advantages that all SQAIRZ models offer is better balance during your swing, which promotes stability, accuracy, and consistency—all critical to distance at every level of play.


Keep Your Lower Body Quiet

Beginners are often advised to minimize movement in the lower body to discourage over rotation of the hips and other excessive motions. Less experienced golfers can mistakenly interpret this to mean that they should keep their feet relatively still and focus on the upper body. In fact, it’s subtle, rapid shifts in weight distribution and pressure on the feet during the swing that generates power, speed, and distance. These shifts—from foot to foot and from heel to toe—require a good feel for the ground and overall balance and stability. SQAIRZ shoes have a patented squared toe box that allows your toes to spread naturally and the widest base under the ball of the foot of any golf shoe, for superior control throughout the entire sequence of movement.


Strength Is Everything

It doesn’t matter how strong you are if you can’t harness all that raw power and drive it into the ball. With the ultra-stable foundation and maximum ground force reaction that SQAIRZ shoes provide, you’ll generate more kinetic energy during your swing, which results in significantly more force on contact. Your enhanced stability will also give you better control over other variables—including upper body technique—eliminating the inefficiencies that rob your swing of power.


You Don’t Need Spikes

Can you golf without spikes? Not without forfeiting distance. An independent study conducted at Pinehurst Golf Resort’s Golf Academy revealed that golfers can add six yards of distance simply by choosing spiked shoes over their spikeless counterparts. All SQAIRZ models have six Softspikes Pivix spikes on each shoe, their placement based on careful analysis of the pressure exerted through the feet during a swing. These grippy spikes optimize ground force reaction while providing traction on slopes, wet grass, and other challenging course conditions. And with SQAIRZ’s “Spikes for Life” program, you can order replacement spikes for free (paying only shipping and handling) for the lifetime of your shoes.


Comfort Equals Performance

Comfort is an important quality in a golf shoe, but it’s not a good indicator of how well your footwear performs. While cushy, sneaker-like shoes may be comfortable to walk in, they lack adequate structure and a myriad of other features that have a measurable impact on your swing and, ultimately, distance. From the roomy, squared toe box to the extra wide base to the form-fitting, waterproof upper material, SQAIRZ shoes offer form and function— elevating your comfort and your game.


Join us for a final post in this series, where we’ll take a deeper dive into how SQAIRZ shoes improve comfort without sacrificing performance.

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  • Pat Viernes on

    One of the most or the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever worn.

  • mike on

    The info you guys put out is really informative. The shoes are pretty
    pricey so that’s a big negative.
    I’m seriously listening, trying to
    justify purchasing these shoes at these prices.

  • Ronnie Oltman on

    My brother in law just received a pair of Squares for Xmas. He loves the way they feel. Except he hasn’t figured out the toe in the ground concept. Can you help with that so I can try to help him? I’m trying to save money to get me a pair but, not sure if you have 13 eee size’s.

  • A Williams on

    On my 2nd pair of Squairz. Totally love the shoes. They are very comfortable and the wider footbed really helps. I’m getting compliments on the looks of the shoes every time I wear them.

  • Jane on

    I really like your shoes and several women I golof with use the. WE would like more varieties of shoes and info focused on women.

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