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Peak Performance: 7 Solutions to Improve Comfort

Peak Performance: 7 Solutions to Improve Comfort

Welcome to our final post in the Peak Performance series, where we take a closer look at the five key advantages SQAIRZ shoes deliver: a wider foot base, better balance, increased swing speed, greater distance, and improved comfort. Each provides an essential link in the chain of movement that produces your strongest game—from the ground up. 

What’s the first thing you do after a round? If it’s kick off your golf shoes and put up your feet, you’re wearing the wrong shoes. You walk four to six miles per round, and can’t play your best when you’re battling soreness and fatigue on the back nine. 

Ready for a better alternative? Here are seven comfort-compromising problems you can solve by switching to SQAIRZ shoes.

Problem: Misaligned Toes

A lot of foot fatigue during a round emanates from the toes. That’s in part because golf shoes with a rounded toe box shift or squeeze your toes into unnatural angles. Not only is this uncomfortable, it reduces the amount of power that you can drive into your swing.

Solution: Wider Foot Base

The wider foot base provided by SQAIRZ’s unique squared toe box allows your toes to relax and spread into a natural, more stable position. By increasing your foot’s coverage with the ground, you also increase the ground force reaction—the amount of kinetic energy generated by your swing, resulting in increased swing speed, more consistency, and greater distance

Problem: Sliding Inside Your Shoe

You can’t have comfort without security. Lightweight, sneaker-like golf shoes tend to have flimsy upper material with too much give, creating slippage inside the shoe while walking or rapidly shifting your weight during a swing. This leads to squeezing or clenching your toes to hold yourself steady, especially on slopes or slippery ground, which will leave you fatigued at the end of a round.

Solution: Enhanced Structure

SQAIRZ’s premium upper material is molded to the shape of your foot, with foam-padded collars and tongues for added comfort. Complimented by a heel stabilizer, this confidence-boosting structure promotes better balance and overall stability. 

Problem: Featherweight Shoes

The less your shoes weigh, the less tired you’ll get, right? Not so fast. To create a featherweight feeling and the illusion of comfort, lighter shoes sacrifice that all-important structure.

Solution: A Fine Balance

SQAIRZ shoes are neither too light nor too heavy, achieving a fine balance of weight and structural integrity while ensuring you still have pep in your step at the end of the game. 

Problem: Loose Laces

No matter how well structured your shoes are, if your laces don’t guarantee a reliable fit without frequent retying, you’ll be slipping, sliding, and losing power.

Solution: Advanced Lace Technology

SQAIRZ’s patented Sta-Put laces have raised silicone squares that gently secure the shoe’s upper material to the top of your foot and lock in place for the duration of your round. 

Problem: Soggy Feet

No one achieves a personal best with feet soaked by rain, puddles, or mud, which makes choosing the right footwear doubly critical on damp days. 

Solution: Truly waterproof material

SQAIRZ core SPEED models are made with breathable, synthetic, waterproof material and a gusseted tongue that prevents water and debris from entering anywhere along the laced area, no matter the course conditions. With the added reassurance of a two-year waterproof warranty, you’ll stave off wet feet, athlete’s foot, toenail fungus, and other unintended side effects from braving the elements.

Problem: Too Much Cushioning

As discussed in our post on greater distance, many shoe manufacturers equate comfort with an ultra-soft look and feel, emphasizing midsole cushioning at the expense of other contributing factors. 

Solution: Optimized Cushioning 

Don’t be fooled by visibly chunky midsoles, which can actually hurt your game by absorbing too much of the energy produced by your swing through its ground force reaction. SQAIRZ shoes maximize comfort without compromising performance by combining an optimized EVA foam midsole, a custom, removable insole, and unparalleled fit. 

Problem: “Shrink it and pink it”

“One of the historic injustices in footwear is something called ‘shrink it and pink it,’” says Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ founder. “Although a woman’s foot is anatomically different than a man’s, manufacturers will take a shoe designed for men, make it smaller, throw a little pink on it, and call it a woman’s shoe.”

Solution: Design for Women

Proper usage of your feet is the secret to hitting the ball with speed and force, and for both men and women, that starts with the right shoe. SQAIRZ’s women’s footwear is designed specifically for the anatomy of a woman’s foot, delivering all of the benefits of a high-tech shoe without sacrificing fit or comfort.

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  • Joe Bizzarro on

    Are these shoes good for golfers with flat feet?

  • Joe Bizzarro on

    Are these shoes good for golfers with flat feet

  • Jim Campana on

    I’m a left B/K amp golfer. I’ve been wearing Squairz golf shoes for a year ,and they are my go to shoes ! They are the most comfortable,stable shoes I have for the links! Great job,I luv them!

  • Greg on

    I tried a size 14 and it was a bit to small. Any chance you will be offering size 15 .
    Greg S

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