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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

5 Reasons to Switch to SQAIRZ

5 Reasons to Switch to SQAIRZ

From amateur players to tour pros, thousands of golfers have fallen in love with SQAIRZ shoes—and not just for their good looks. Independent studies have shown that SQAIRZ shoes can significantly improve performance at every level. Here are the five key advantages that you can gain by making the switch. 

Wider foot base  

Glance at any pair of SQAIRZ shoes and you’ll immediately spot one of the innovative design elements that sets them apart: the unique square toe box. Providing the widest foot base of any golf shoe, it allows your toes to spread into a natural position that feels comfortable and stable for the duration of your round.  

With a wider foot base, you’ll drive more power into your swing by increasing the ground force reaction. You exert pressure on the ground during your backswing, creating momentum and kinetic energy that travels down the club and into the ball at impact. SQAIRZ shoes expand this connection with the ground, producing more energy and adding speed. You’ll hit the ball harder—and farther—than ever before. 

Better balance 

If you’re tipping, leaning, or wobbling during your swing, you’re losing energy, efficiency, and accuracy. SQAIRZ’s balance-enhancing foot base provides the secure foundation you need for maximum power generation and better overall stability throughout the sequence of movement.    

But it’s not all about that base. SQAIRZ shoes feature a high-tech heel stabilizer that cradles your foot and prevents slippage from side to side. Durable treads and six strategically-placed spikes extend to the edges of the outsoles for superior grip and balance, even on slopes and slippery surfaces.  

Increased swing speed  

The faster the clubhead travels, the farther the ball will go. But you can’t just muscle your way to increased speed by swinging harder—you need the better balance and postural control SQAIRZ delivers. Our footwear can also make you more attuned to how your weight shifts to different pressure points in the feet during your swing, while improving body alignment and range of motion. 

As importantly, you’ll execute this next-level swing more consistently, building your motor memory for proper technique. Many golfers try to compensate for technical deficiencies by investing in the latest golf balls and clubs, but start with the right equipment on your feet and you’ll correct problems at the source.  

Greater distance 

SQAIRZ shoes add distance. Skeptical? An independent study by Golf Laboratories Inc. found that switching to SQAIRZ adds an average of 2.2 miles per hour in swing speed, resulting in an additional 8.8 yards in distance off the tee.  

A separate study by the Pinehurst Golf Academy showed that golfers with both high and low handicaps can increase distance by choosing spiked shoes over shoes without spikes. All SQAIRZ styles now come with removeable Pivix spikes from Softspikes, which offer ten solid points of contact with the ground. Inspired by two of the most popular tour spikes, the Pivix features a center post that anchors the foot during your swing, as well as six static legs and three dynamic legs that flex just enough for fluid movement. 

Improved comfort 

Comfortable shoes make a round more enjoyable and can even improve performance, but only when comfort is done right. Stay away from lightweight, sneaker-like shoes that sacrifice structure and security in the name of fashion. You’ll slip around inside the shoe and on the ground, compromising your balance and postural control.  

With your toes relaxed inside SQAIRZ’s squared toe box, you’ll reduce fatigue and tension throughout the foot and ankle. The gusseted shoe tongue and patented Sta-Put laces gently hug the shoe to your foot, and guarantee that not a drop of water will make it through SQAIRZ’s fully waterproof upper. You’ll end the round with more pep in your step—and fewer strokes on your scorecard. 

To learn more about SQAIRZ’s performance advantages, check out our Peak Performance series and try a pair of SQAIRZ for yourself—risk free with 30-day simple exchanges. 

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