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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Guest Blog

Science-Backed Solutions to Improve Consistency

The Secret to Better Swings and Pain-Free Golf: Guest Blog by Joe Yoon

Prone to injury? Experiencing back pain during your swing? A sports therapist shares exercises to help you improve your swing and experience less pain.

Changing Your Shoes: a small step for some, a giant leap for Mike Cromwell

Golf is a game of skill, strategy, and constant improvement. Every golfer, from beginners to seasoned veterans, seeks that elusive formula to elevate their performance on the course. For me, that transformative experience began when...

SQAIRZ Masterclass: Footwork with Jim McLean

Want to improve your golf game? The secret is to start with your feet.

Shift Your Focus for Greater Impact: Guest Blog by Bobby Clampett

Bobby Clampett is a PGA Tour Winner, long-time CBS Sports golf broadcaster, and founder of Impact Zone Golf, a revolutionary teaching system centered on a player’s impact position rather than their “style” of swing. In...

Why your golf shoes are hurting your feet

Guest Blog by Phil Stotter, MS, CEP The toe box of most shoes, especially sneakers or athletic shoes, are rounded by design. While that curve can make walking, running, and swinging seem easier, it may...

Colorado Avid Golfer – Give It To Me Square: SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

Sqairz is the new golf shoe with a square toe. Its creator believes it can make you a much better golfer. By Tony Dear It’s 23 years since Bob Winskowicz left the King’s employ but,...

Forbes – Golf Shoe Startup SQAIRZ Challenges Curvature Conventions

Increasingly strict shelter-in-place directives to combat the scourge of coronavirus have put a damper on multiple forms of recreation across the country. But a golf shoe startup bent on challenging curvature conventions hopes holed-up golfers...

Sqairz–The Golf Shoe That Will Lower Your Scores

Any golfer that has ever taken a lesson from a PGA Professional will tell you that they are always talking about getting square. Be it your feet, shoulders, hips or club face that is the...

Golf News Net Video Review of SQAIRZ

Watch the SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Review from Golf News Net Ryan Ballengee! Golf News Net, Ryan Ballengee, SQAIRZ, SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Review