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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Science-Backed Solutions to Improve Consistency

Science-Backed Solutions to Improve Consistency

In golf, consistency is king. Reliable control over speed, power, and point of contact with the ball is what separates the frustrated amateur from the passionate performer. 

But what creates reliable control? If drills aren’t doing the job, look down. “When you're not stable on the ground, that’s a problem,” says Terry Hashimoto, founder of Golf Rehab and co-developer of the BodiTrak pressure mapping system. “It means you're moving from front to back, side to side. It means holding the club tighter than normal because you just don't have any stability.’”

This excess tension in the hands, or anywhere in the upper body, undermines accuracy and consistency. “The hands are quirky,” Terry says. “They move very quickly and they're sensitive. But if your feet are stable, you’ll reduce tension throughout the body and have better control.”

Consider this: research shows that switching from shoes without spikes to spiked shoes reduces “dispersion” by as much as 30%. That means you can significantly decrease your margin of error when aiming for the same target just by anchoring your feet more securely to the turf. 

In the Lab

Along with distance, dispersion was one of two key performance measures Terry examined during extensive comparative testing of SQAIRZ footwear. “We put hundreds of clients in literally forty different types of shoes to see which one provided them with the most stability,” he says. “We measured stability in terms of total sway. We measured lateral speed, heel to toe speed, the vertical pressure going up and in which direction, as well.”

Additionally, the tests revealed how each shoe influenced the pressure points in the feet during a swing. “SQAIRZ shoes acted in a way that was very unusual,” Terry says. “We saw more pressure close to where the ankle joins the foot, which is where you want to have it. When the pressure is more in the toes, it creates a braking action. So, you don't want to have pressure too far out, especially on the downswing.” 

SQAIRZ’s SPEED2™ upgrades a high-performing favorite with advanced new features, including “gear effect” embossing that adds structural integrity to the upper and external TPU carbon film that stabilizes the foot from heel to arch. “SPEED2 keeps pressure on the inside of the lead foot so you don't over rotate,” Terry says. “You get a spring-load effect, where the pressure is trapped on the inside and then goes up to create more vertical force.”

He adds, “That's the number one way to gain distance, to get pressure to the lead side early and have the strength and stability to keep it there, so that the pressure goes up at impact.”

More Stability, More Speed

Of the golf shoes Terry has tested, SQAIRZ’s VELO™ has the largest transverse arch, which spans the base of the toes. Above the arch, SQAIRZ’s patented square toe allows toes to spread into a natural position, improving overall balance and generating more kinetic energy with the ground. “The VELO also allows the ankle to rest firmly in the shoe,” he says, “and the laces are so stable, they don’t move. They lock themselves right in.” 

This elevated security is thanks to VELO’s LaceLock™ system, which bolsters the staying power of SQAIRZ’s much-loved patented Sta-Put laces. “I would have bought the shoes just for the laces,” Terry says, “and then we saw increases in lateral and vertical speed—nearly four miles per hour.”

Testing also found that VELO can tighten dispersion by 30% and add up to 12 yards of distance.

Uncompromising Comfort

When your goal is greater consistency, beware of confusing a soft shoe with a stable shoe. “You see some of these new running shoes and golf shoes, and they've got two-inch soles,” Terry says. “I've never seen a good golfer—or any golfer—prefer to hit off a soft area of the course that has no stability. And in all my years as a competitive golfer, I've never found a great player that likes to hit in soft shoes.”

For extra comfort without sacrificing stability, Terry recommends the PROS2™. It shares a responsive SQAIRZ NRG-Foam™ midsole with SPEED2 and VELO and adds an ultra-luxe, lightweight upper made of 100% waterproof ComfortFlex™ microfiber. 

“It feels a little softer on your foot, but has extra support along both the longitudinal arches,” Terry says. “It’s the ideal combination because you have that comfort and support while still getting the benefits of the newest technology.”

You’re a click away gaining more consistency every time you play. Take a closer look at our 2024 line to find the right stability-promoting design for you. 

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