Game Changer: The Hidden Key to Comfort

Game Changer: The Hidden Key to Comfort

What does it take to create the world’s best golf shoe? In this blog series, we examine four standout features of SQAIRZ’s performance-boosting footwear, with insights from Jonathan Bacon, Director of Design and Development.

You probably don’t think about the tongue of your shoe unless it’s literally rubbing you the wrong way. It may be buried under your laces, but a well-designed tongue is integral to a comfortable and secure fit. Paired with SQAIRZ’s Sta-Put lacing system, it’s a top-down solution that ensures you receive the maximum performance benefits from our shoes, from better balance to increased swing speed and greater distance.


Out of balance
One sign of a mediocre shoe tongue is that you’re constantly aware of it. A tongue that’s too long can irritate the front of the ankle. Too short, and it may slide around or make it difficult to pull on the shoe. A thin tongue might not provide enough structure to hold the shoe in place, and a thick tongue can put too much pressure on the top of the foot. “We test everything,” says Jonathan Bacon, SQAIRZ’s head of design. “It’s all about finding the right balance and making sure the shoes work for a wide variety of foot shapes and sizes.”


Getting it right
SQAIRZ shoes combine carefully calibrated dimensions with superior materials and construction to produce an ultra comfortable, highly functional fit. That includes the waterproof inline tongue, which has a foam padding interior that gently wraps over the foot. Lined with soft mesh on the underside, the tongue is topped with breathable mesh and hot melt adhesive film. “The great thing about hot melt is that it’s so thin,” Jon says. “This makes the shoe flexible, but also gives you structure and waterproofing. Water isn’t getting in through the tongue.”

Pro tip: If you value breathability over a fully waterproof shoe, choose SQAIRZ’s Freedom Mesh for women or Speed Mesh for men. Both feature a water-repelling mesh upper that will keep your feet cool on the hottest days.


Dry feet—guaranteed
Another element that provides structure and security is the gusseted design of the tongue, which attaches to the shoe both at its base and all the way up both sides. “The tongue and the upper shoe are one piece,” Jon explains. “When you combine this with the Sta-Put laces, the tongue can’t move from side to side, which is a major plus from a fit standpoint.”

The gusseted tongue also keeps out sand and other debris, and guarantees SQAIRZ shoes live up to their two-year waterproof warranty. “Even if you stand in water, that water is not going inside the shoe unless it goes right up over your ankle,” Jon says.

Lace up a pair of SQAIRZ shoes to appreciate why we’re proud to call the tongue our most forgettable feature. Then, meet us back here to learn about a not-so-secret design detail that will add stability to your golf swing.

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