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David Leadbetter, Renowned Golf Instructor, Joins SQAIRZ as Exclusive Footwear Partner

WINDHAM, NH – SQAIRZ, a leading innovator in golf footwear, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with David Leadbetter, one of the world's premier golf instructors. Leadbetter brings his extensive expertise and reputation in golf...

Tour Champion David Duval selects SQAIRZ as his new exclusive footwear partner

WINDHAM, N.H. — SQAIRZ, a leading innovator in golf footwear, is proud to announce a new, exclusive partnership with Tour Champion and golf legend David Duval. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both SQAIRZ...

How to Hint on a SQAIRZ Gift

Dreaming of unwrapping performance golf shoes? Here’s a failsafe guide to getting your perfect gift: a fresh pair of SQAIRZ!

See the SQAIRZ Advantage, As Measured by Shot Scope

Same golfer. Different shoes. Better results.

Sepp Straka's 2023 Highlights in SQAIRZ

A look back on his incredible year on Tour in SQAIRZ.

SQAIRZ’s Retail Debut in Worldwide Golf Shops

SQAIRZ, the golf shoe company seeing incredible growth through their focus on performance and comfort, and Worldwide Golf Shops, one of the country’s largest golf retailers, are proud to announce the retail debut of SQAIRZ...

The Secret to Better Swings and Pain-Free Golf: Guest Blog by Joe Yoon

Prone to injury? Experiencing back pain during your swing? A sports therapist shares exercises to help you improve your swing and experience less pain.

SQAIRZ athletes sweep Ultimate Long Drive World Championship

SQAIRZ athletes did a sweep of the major prize categories at the Ultimate Long Drive Championship in Columbia, SC.

Changing Your Shoes: a small step for some, a giant leap for Mike Cromwell

Golf is a game of skill, strategy, and constant improvement. Every golfer, from beginners to seasoned veterans, seeks that elusive formula to elevate their performance on the course. For me, that transformative experience began when...

Understanding the Ryder Cup: Golf's Ultimate Showdown

Here’s what to know about Golf’s greatest (and most confusing) contest.

The Crucial Role of Stability in Mastering the Short Game

Golf is a game that demands precision and skill, particularly in the short game. While long drives off the tee are impressive, it's the finesse shots around the green that truly separate the pros from...

SQAIRZ FREEDOM Micro—Ultimate Comfort & Performance

WINDHAM, NH - SQAIRZ, the fastest growing golf shoe company, has announced the release of their newest performance golf shoes for women: FREEDOM Micro, available for sale now at Building on the proven stability...

Why You’re not Improving (and What to About It): Guest Blog by Bobby Clampett

There’s nothing better than the moment a student realizes they don’t have a physical or coordination deficiency, just a technical problem that can be overcome. With feedback, practice, and a good pair of shoes, you will play better golf.

SQAIRZ athletes win Men’s & Women’s Divisions at World Long Drive Open

WINDHAM, NH, July 31, 2023 -- SQAIRZ athletes dominated the World Long Drive Open in Portland, CT, with SQAIRZ Ambassadors Justin James and Mai Dechathipat winning First place trophies in the Men’s and Women’s divisions...

5 Reasons to Switch to SQAIRZ

From novice players to tour pros, thousands of golfers have fallen in love with SQAIRZ shoes—and not just for their good looks. Independent studies have shown that SQAIRZ shoes can significantly improve performance at every level. Here are the five key advantages that you can gain by making the switch. 

SQAIRZ Masterclass: Footwork with Jim McLean

Want to improve your golf game? The secret is to start with your feet.

Sepp Straka Wins John Deere Classic Wearing SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

WINDHAM, NH, July 10, 2023 -- SQAIRZ, the golf shoe company seeing incredible growth through their focus on performance and comfort, congratulates SQAIRZ Brand Ambassador, Sepp Straka, for winning another PGA Tour Event, The John...

If It Twists, It's A Miss: An Easy Test for your Current Golf Shoes

  Performance falling short despite your best efforts? It might be time to reevaluate your choice of golf shoes. Through ground connection, the proper footwear can help you maximize your energy and shoot your best...

Wide feet? Learn how the widest footbed in golf means better comfort for all widths.

Think you need a wide? Read on to learn why one size fits most with SQAIRZ's unique square toe–and the widest footbed in golf.  SQAIRZ are intentionally built with the widest footbed in golf. We...

Shift Your Focus for Greater Impact: Guest Blog by Bobby Clampett

Bobby Clampett is a PGA Tour Winner, long-time CBS Sports golf broadcaster, and founder of Impact Zone Golf, a revolutionary teaching system centered on a player’s impact position rather than their “style” of swing. In...