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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Wide feet? Learn how the widest footbed in golf means better comfort for all widths.

Wide feet? Learn how the widest footbed in golf means better comfort for all widths.
Think you need a wide? Read on to learn why one size fits most with SQAIRZ's unique square toe–and the widest footbed in golf. 

SQAIRZ are intentionally built with the widest footbed in golf. We build them that way because we believe that the right base turns golf shoes from an accessory into a driver of performance

The SQAIRZ wide footbed combined with our unique square toe translates into the space your toes need to spread naturally in the shoe. When your toes can spread naturally, that creates better balance as you set up, it allows you to carry that stability though the motion of your swing, which lets you better harness ground force and ultimately create swing speed, distance, and consistency. 

But the impact for wider feet is bigger than performance. The industry secret behind most “wide” shoes is that they are built with the same footbed as “normal” width shoes–they are just given more material through the lasting. The result is extra space–but no extra stability.  As a result, many find that SQAIRZ deliver a comfort they've never experienced on the course—even with wide golf shoes. The wider foot bed and toe mean that our shoe doesn't taper, carrying the width to the end. Often golfers find that they can even size down slightly, as they've been previously forced to size up to get better width deeper into the forefoot. We've found that SQAIRZ typically work for feet up to a EE.

Questions about sizing? Reach out to our customer service team. They'll work with you to determine your best fit. 

Worried that your feet are still too wide? Our money-back guarantee has you covered—if they don’t work for you, send them back. 

Worried that your narrower foot will slide? Our supportive heel cup and powerful Sta-Put laces ensure that your foot will be securely supported. Just make sure to lace snugly from the bottom up, and be prepared for an initial roomy sensation in the toe. It might surprise you at first, but we guarantee you'll come to love it! 

Shop the full range of SQAIRZ—perfect for wider feet.

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