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The Drive to Innovate: SQAIRZ's Patented Designs

The Drive to Innovate: SQAIRZ's Patented Designs

SQAIRZ Founder Robert Winskowicz may be passionate about revolutionizing golf footwear, but his real mission is to deliver something every golfer wants. “What keeps all of us coming back to the game are those shots you hit exactly the way Tiger Woods would have,” Bob says. “You don’t even have to see where the ball goes—you can feel it and hear it. We all want to experience those moments more often.”

The recent granting of SQAIRZ’s ninth US patent reflects an ongoing commitment to innovative design and technology that help players at all levels reach their full potential and gain a competitive edge within the boundaries of fair play. “The equipment you’re playing with—and that includes your shoes—isn’t going to make you a Tour pro,” Bob says, “but we can give you more of those great shots.” 

What is a patent?

A patent is a legal document granting an inventor exclusive rights to their invention, preventing others from making, using, or selling it without permission. When a patent is issued, it confirms that the invention is novel, non obvious, and has never been done before. 

The SQAIRZ patented design includes the following never-before-seen features: 

  • The distinctive geometry of the toe box that allow the toes to sit naturally and splay as pressure is exerted on the ground;
  • An integrated stabilizer that extends externally from the heel between internal layers down to the arch for exceptional arch support;
  • A unique Hybrid Smart Traction System with nubs positioned in a rotational pattern at varying heights coupled with strategically placed removable spikes, providing over 290 points of penetrating ground contact. 

These components—and others—work synergistically to improve balance, stability, and ground connection that are proven to increase distance and accuracy.

In addition to utility patents for its ground-breaking designs, SQAIRZ also holds a number of mechanical design patents that cover how a product looks. In other words, these patents affirm that no one else has created footwear like SQAIRZ—and no one else can. 

“What does our shoe do that no other shoe does?” Bob says. “Why do we make the claims that we do? First and foremost, the geometry of the toe box is the cornerstone innovation because it allows your toes to sit naturally in the shoe. It helps with your balance and stability so that you can optimize the amount of pressure and energy you create with the ground and do that consistently.”

“The reason Tour players are better than the rest of us is that they have the ability to consistently and repetitively control their body throughout the motion of the swing,” Bob says. “The slightest movement, the slightest change in body angle and weight transfer, can affect distance and accuracy. That’s where our shoes come in. We allow average golfers to gain better consistency over golf’s core movements.”

Next-generation designs

Only SQAIRZ can improve upon its patented designs with next-generation form, function, and technology, so you won’t find the performance-enhancing features of SQAIRZ’s 2024 line anywhere else. These include an AI-generated Smart Traction System that offers 290 points of ground contact, a removable dual-density compression-foam footbed, EVA foam midsole, and a microfiber upper that is both breathable and 100% waterproof. 

Golf’s first-ever speed-rated shoe, VELO boasts proprietary SQAIRZ NRG-Direct™ Technology and a supplemental LaceLock™ system for next-level stability. Independent testing confirms that switching to the VELO can add up to 12 yards of distance and 3.9 miles per hour in swing speed, with dispersion tightened by 30%.

“With each iteration, we minimize how much can go wrong in your golf swing, so you get better speed and better distance more often,” Bob says. “We’re getting rid of those inefficiencies that cost you. It's addition by subtraction.”

Check out our 2024 line to choose the SQAIRZ model that will measurably improve your game—and keep you coming back for more of those ultra-satisfying shots.

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