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SPEED™ – White & Silver

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Free Shipping In The USA

SQAIRZ with its unique square toe design has the widest base under the ball of the foot and most ground coverage to effectuate a more efficient energy exchange, and proven to increase in swing speed and distance. The square toe design allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoes for extraordinary comfort and better balance and stability resulting in more accuracy.



SQAIRZ SPEED™ – White & Silver

Free Shipping In The USA

SQAIRZ with its unique square toe design has the widest base under the ball of the foot and most ground coverage to effectuate a more efficient energy exchange, and proven to increase in swing speed and distance. The square toe design allows the toes to sit naturally in the shoes for extraordinary comfort and better balance and stability resulting in more accuracy.

  • Patented SQAIRZ® toe allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground
  • The square toe design allowed our designers to increase the base under the ball of the foot, wider than all other golf shoes to provide unparalleled balance and stability.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Our outsole (bottom of the shoe) has greatest amount of ground surface area coverage providing added balance, stability and a more efficient energy exchange called ground reaction force. This patented design is proven to provide to increase swing speed and distance
  • Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed under pressure point areas where the greatest amount of traction is required, supported by a series of computer generated traction lugs
  • Custom (removable) cushioned insole with added compression in the regional pressure point areas
  • EVA foam midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • TPU heel stabilizer that runs from the heel into the arch centering the foot in the shoe to center the heel in the shoe, keep the heel down throughout the swing, enable proper biomechanics and prevent roll over injuries
  • Premium synthetic leather uppers with custom fit structure for added support on both the medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe around the tongue area.
  • Sta-Put Laces comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort and breathability
  • Very cool, contemporary, fashionable design
  • 100% waterproof with a 2 year waterproof warranty

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Flat rate for most International orders.


White & Silver


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14



Product Type

Men's Golf Shoes


White, Silver

16 reviews for SPEED™ – White & Silver

  1. Richard Kibiloski

    I have never worn a better golf shoe.The balance and stability is

    Absolutely amazing. I tell everybody I play with about the shoes.


  2. Srburt29 (verified owner)

    Purchased shoes a few weeks ago, delivered very quickly. Tried them on and they fit great, went out the next day and played a quick 9 holes, no issues with breaking them in, no blisters but the soles felt hard as a rock. Went out a week later and walked 18, feet were pretty sore after the round. I had to go purchase a more comfortable insole which did help quite a bit. Really like the shoes but is somewhat disappointed in the comfort for a 200 dollar golf shoe.

    Steve B.

  3. BRIAN GILLIS (verified owner)

    Hi, played 2 rounds with these shoes I and have never had more stability when hitting shots. These shoes are almost like the old days with metal spikes. Very comfortable.

  4. PMPA (verified owner)

    So I have a wide foot and really struggle finding any golf shoe to fit me. The sizing feature suggested 10 but I decided for 10.5 and glad I did. The 10.5 fits great, it’s a little snug on the sides of my foot but it’s not terrible and will most likely loosen up after wearing. Also the shoes look much better in person then they do in the pictures

  5. Jason Berger (verified owner)

    5 consistent rounds of golf in my new favourite shoes. Move over FJ, these are the real deal. I have wide flat feet that were tired and sore before. Not anymore – Sqairz!

  6. Bryan White (verified owner)

    Purchased my first pair of Sqairz shoes a few weeks ago and have played several rounds with them in dry conditions. I’m 6’5″ tall and have an above average swing speed and have struggled to find footwear that enhances my stability and these shoes are by far the best I’ve ever owned! The increased width at the front of the shoe provides exceptional support and gives me confidence that my foot won’t slip or unintentionally turn during my swing. Highly recommend these shoes to anyone with a higher swing speed. The socks that came with the shoes were also incredibly comfortable.

  7. KC Leonard (verified owner)

    These are the best shoes I have ever worn. The Speed are so comfortable and stable!!! I have a slightly wider foot and these are the first shoes I have ever found that are this easy to wear and walk 18 holes.

  8. Phil Michel (verified owner)

    I now own four pair of Sqairz golf shoes with the White with Silver Speed being my favorite! In addition to being extremely comfortable and, in my opinion stylish, the benefits they bring to my game are exceptional. The added balance and stability has been a big contributor to my solid ball striking. I’ve also played in some pretty sloppy conditions and these are waterproof and the traction, even going up and down the steepest slopes, is extraordinary as I have not slipped even once. That also goes for taking some pretty aggressive swings with the driver. I’ve been playing golf for many, many years and have worn many brands of golf shoes but these are absolutely the best I have ever worn!

  9. Matt Lasorsa

    I played my first round with the Speed model yesterday and beat my personal best score for the summer by one stroke (shot a 78). I have a difficult time finding the right golf shoes because I have bursitis in my left heel. As a walker, comfortable shoes are a must. These fit the bill with no break-in time required. The course I played is relatively hilly, but I had great traction walking the uphills, sidehills and downhills. I highly recommend this model as the build quality is fantastic and they look really nice. Another plus is the shoelaces. They stay in place so I am not having to double tie or re-tie during the round. An additional note, because of my heel issues, I contacted customer service with questions. They were very responsive and helpful. Sqairz is a company that is proud of their product and stands behind the quality.

  10. Donald James

    Man I cannot believe that these are so good. Totally waterproof and I mean totally. As performance goes I rate them as good as any other shows I have worn. I would recommend these to anyone that plays. Definitely purchasing another pair for dry days since the black is for mud and we have had two months of rain, 26 inches last month alone. Everyone else has wet feet but my are dry,

  11. Darron Woodwars (verified owner)

    I just got my smSqairz & I have played 13 rounds (walking all about 70 miles). I don’t even know where to start. The grip is insane, the sole shoes virtually no ware, the shoe laces are another unbelievable surprise, and they are the best waterproof golf shoe I’ve ever used. I play 50+ rounds a year. I am ordering the black and the pink! I wear a size 14 and it is very hard to find proper fitting shoes, the fit guide they provide is spot on. I have worn Ecco and FJ for years, NO MORE. SQAIRZ ONLY! If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

  12. Christopher J Howard (verified owner)

    I’ve played 6 rounds in these shoes so far. I highly recommend them. Balance and grip are increadable. I’m buying another pair..

  13. (verified owner)

    I just finished my first round with my new shoes and was thrilled I think it helped with my balance today is the first round I have ever played with only one ball l love my new shoes Ronnie H.Hendersonville,Tn.

  14. Robert Barron (verified owner)

    My new Sqairz golf shoes are unquestionably the most supportive and comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn. I have a large foot (size 14) and I usually have a hard finding shoes that fit well. I appreciated the size comparison chart that suggested a size to order based on sizes of other brands of shoes one has worn. I was still a bit concerned that they would be too small, but I was surprised at the roominess and comfort. I have worn them for four rounds and there was no break-in period. They were comfortable from the very beginning. I will be a Sqairz customer from now on.

  15. David Preston (verified owner)

    I just ordered my second pair of shoes. I have played 8 plus rounds with my other pair. I live in Tucson, AZ and we have a lot of sand here. I have found so far that these shoes grip better than my other shoes and I am much more confident going either up or down slopes that are sandy. The also grip better on the grass even if it is wet. I am very happy with them.

  16. Rocky Russell (verified owner)

    Walked 18 holes for the first time today in my new Squairz shoes today. They exceeded my expectations. First time in a long time that I finished my round without my feet hurting. Extremely comfortable. We’ll see how they perform in the long run, but today they were very impressive.

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