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SQAIRZ Shoes: Your Most Important Equipment

SQAIRZ Shoes: Your Most Important Equipment
In our last post, we explained why golf footwear should be treated as equipment, not merely a fashion accessory. In fact, your footwear is the most important golf equipment you can own. That’s because the right shoes offer much more than the technological advantages of high-end clubs and balls. 
“Many golfers think they can lower their handicap by spending more on clubs,” says SQAIRZ founder Robert (Bob) Winskowicz. “They’ll spend five hundred dollars on one driver to get the new tech. Unfortunately, that club can’t make their swing better.”
But SQAIRZ shoes can improve your swing—and they can help your other equipment serve you more effectively too. Let’s investigate why it’s so important to get your shoe game right before you invest in your next club.


What a golf club can do for you

A well-made club may help you control the speed, spin, and trajectory of the ball—when the club is carefully selected for you. “Buying a club is like buying a suit,” Bob says. “Probably one percent of us could walk out of a store wearing a new suit. Everyone else has to get it tailored.”
A reputable seller will assess your swing and fit your club to your playing style. That means matching your unique anatomy and technique with the club’s length, lie angle, loft, shaft flex, and grip size. When those elements are optimized, the best performing clubs could net you a few extra yards of distance on the course.


What a golf club can't do for you

However expertly a club is fitted, it can’t fix the deficits in your form that subtract power from your swing. “Your swing could be a mess,” Bob explains. “You could be doing plenty of things wrong, and they’ll fit you with clubs that make the best of a bad situation. Logic says you should fix your swing first.” 
A strong, swift swing is a product of energy, accuracy, and consistency. All three require stability—the ability to control your body throughout the entire sequence of movement. Stability isn’t delivered on the head of a shiny new club. It comes from a sturdy foot base that discourages leaning or tipping, and allows you to feel the pressure points in your feet throughout each stage of your swing.
Without balance, you simply can’t maintain enough control over your body to add significant velocity—and no club can compensate for that. “You might have the capacity to create a more powerful swing,” Bob says, “but the question is, are you using it all?”


It's the Shoes

All SQAIRZ shoes have a distinctive squared toe box that lets your toes to spread into a natural, stable position. This wide base promotes balance, while increasing comfort and foot endurance over a long game. A well-engineered tongue and patented Stay-Put laces gently hug the shoe to the foot and hold it place, ensuring your feet never slide around inside the shoe. This secure fit is further enhanced by SQAIRZ’s high-tech heel stabilizer, which cradles the heel to keep it centered the shoe. With the unparalleled traction of SQAIRZ’s treads and Tour Flex Pro spikes from Softspikes, you’ll feel solidly connected to the ground, however uneven the terrain or uncooperative the weather. It all adds up to better balance, better stability, and an all-round better performance.

Putting it together

If you have clubs that are poorly constructed, outdated, or ill suited to your playing style, a club upgrade will likely improve your game. But a club can’t fix problems with your swing. Pull on a pair of SQAIRZ shoes to become a better, more stable golfer, then invest in the best-fitting clubs for you to max out your potential on the green.

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