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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Golf Shoes are Equipment

Golf Shoes are Equipment

It’s no secret that golfers can get obsessed with equipment. We love to talk about it, research new developments, test out the latest and greatest. At night, visions of the perfect putter dance in our heads.

For most golfers, this endless quest for the best equipment focuses on clubs and balls. “I'd say the club gets 70% of the credit for your game, the ball gets 28%, and the shoe get 2%,” says SQAIRZ founder Robert (Bob) Winskowicz. “Everybody looks at shoes as just a fashion thing.”

But golf shoes are also equipment, and they have a major impact on how fast you swing the club and how far the ball flies. “I’ll ask people, what do you think creates swing speed?” Bob says. “Guess what? It's not the club. It’s not the ball. It's the shoes.”

Let’s zero in on how shoes can improve performance compared to other types of equipment, and uncover why golfers who choose SQAIRZ shoes can’t stop talking about them.


What a golf ball can do for you

There’s no question that your choice of golf ball has some influence on driving distance. In fact, you may be able to add yardage by simply selecting the ball that’s most appropriate for your playing level. For example, players with slower swing speeds fare best with balls that have a two-piece construction—just a large core and a cover. These balls compress less and spin less when the club makes contact, and they tend to fly straight and long. Players with faster swing speeds do best with multi-layer balls that have higher rates of compression, varying amounts of spin, and all-round greater control.


What a golf ball can't do for you

The most advanced golf ball in the world can’t increase the power you drive into it. That power is generated by the ground force reaction that you produce when you swing the club. “Think of the club as the lightning rod,” Bob says. “You create the lightning with your swing, which is transferred down the club, and then the ball becomes the recipient of that energy.”

In other words, increasing the ground force reaction is essential to adding velocity to your swing. The more velocity in your swing, the less you need to rely on the ball to compensate for your lack of power. This frees you to experiment with a variety of ball types to see where you could gain a further competitive advantage.

It’s the Shoes

SQAIRZ shoes increase ground force reaction in multiple ways. First, every SQAIRZ model features a unique squared toe box that provides the widest foot base of any golf shoe on the market. This generous foundation under your feet maximizes your connection with the ground to generate more energy. 

SQAIRZ shoes also improve balance through their wide base, ultra-secure fit, high-tech heel stabilizer, and next-generation spikes. Better balance promotes a stronger, more consistent swing and solid contact with the ball. “When you lean too far to the left or right, or forwards or backwards, your arms will follow the wrong path,” Bob says. “But if I can keep you balanced on your feet, you’ll be able to control your body throughout the swing and create more energy. The club is just along for the ride, while the ball is sitting there, waiting for contact.”


Putting it together

On any given course, you can find highly-engineered golf balls that may offer a competitive edge when appropriately matched to each player’s needs. But at the end of the game, it’s the players who transfer the most energy into those balls who will walk away with the lowest handicaps. Switch to SQAIRZ shoes, and measure for yourself the impact of combining your favorite ball with the world’s best golf shoes. Then, meet us back here for our next post, where we’ll explain why high-performance golf shoes aren’t just equipment, but the most important equipment you can own.

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