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How to Hint on a SQAIRZ Gift

How to Hint on a SQAIRZ Gift

Dreaming of unwrapping performance golf shoes but don’t know how to drop hints? Here’s a failsafe guide to getting your perfect gift: a fresh pair of SQAIRZ!

Hint #1: Oops

Send a link to your coveted shoes “accidentally” in a text message exchange. You could follow it up with “Oops! Didn’t mean to send that” for an extra layer of unsuspecting 

Hint #2: Browse Openly

When your gifter is nearby, leave your computer, phone, or tablet browser open to the specific style and color golf shoe you’ve got your eye on. Then hope that they walk by and take note.

Hint #3: Be Upfront

If none of the above hints are working, it’s time to dial it up a notch. Make it known in a casual conversation—maybe after one of our commercials on The Golf Channel—that your current golf shoes are worn down and hurting your feet, and mention you’d love a pair of SQAIRZ.

Every gifter’s worst nightmare is to gift the perfect gift—but in the wrong style, color, or size. Take the pressure off by throwing in the idea of a gift card!

And a reminder that SQAIRZ offers extended free exchanges or returns until January 10th.


Still not sure what style to try? Check out our men's and women's gift guides to help you choose. 

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