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Men’s White Cushioned Ankle Golf Socks (3X Pack)

(40 customer reviews)
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  • Better feel for the ground and significantly more comfort
  • Low cut – athletic look with added comfort around the heel
  • High heel tab prevents the sock from slipping down the ankle
  • High tech fibers provide maximum elasticity to conform to the foot
  • Left and Right side socks with compression zones matching the pressure points in the SQAIRZ Golf Shoe


SQAIRZ White Cushioned Golf Socks (3X Pack)

details about USA SQAIRZ cushioned golf socks

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6 × 1 in



Large – XL

Product Type

Accessories, Socks



40 reviews for Men’s White Cushioned Ankle Golf Socks (3X Pack)

  1. BW

    Easy to order.

  2. Jay Hurst

    Could be ticker with different colors

  3. itsteetime

    I have “many” pairs and love the fit … find the toe side

  4. John B

    Great socks to wear at any time, definitely comfortable.

  5. Don

    After returning my first pair, because too large, am very happy with shoes. Don’t know if they have been totally responsible, but handicap has gone down 4 in 12 rounds with swing changes as well. Really like the soxs, as they compress the foot, but not too much. Have had other compression soxs and these are far superior.

  6. David Bailey, Jr.

    Super comfortable sock that pairs perfectly with Squairz shoe. Love that it does not slip off the heel

  7. Michael

    Great support, love the back tab. Easy to get on. My wife tried them on and liked them so much we ordered her a 3 pack. They’re left/right specific, only improvement I’d suggest is adding a mark to designate which foot.

  8. Steven P

    A pair came when I purchased the bundle. They fit well, feel good, and go great with the Sqairz golf shoe. I have yet to take them to the course, during an actual round, but during range practice they feel very comfortable. Can not wait to comment further during an actual round.

  9. Greg Barker

    Comfortable and supportive. Wish they were available in more colors than only white.

  10. itsteetime

    The socks are great especially when I read about them having a left and right foot. Getting them in the right feet amazingly made a difference … my full shots are much straighter and I have better overall control. (No, I will not be competing on the “tours”; however, I am playing better than before

  11. Duke Chapman

    as advertised

  12. itsteetime

    I was expecting the tri-color set however all white are good too.

    I especially like how they feel when worn on the correct feet. A few times, before discovering this feature, I had worn them on the wrong feet and they were not as comfortable as other times. I could not figure it out until I read the left/right foot orientation. Look closely at a pair … the big toe side is slightly angled and the other side is more sharply angled.

  13. Craig

    At first, i was skeptical of the socks. However, after wearing them over several round, I ordered more.

    Comfortable and absorbent.

  14. Thomas Martz

    Got a pair of these with the shoes I ordered. They are the most comfortable socks I have ever worn. They are great with whatever golf shoe you wear them in also. I like them so much I ordered 3 more pair.

  15. Bob

    Finally found a low cut golf sock that does not slip down while walking the course. They are comfortable and hold up well. The only socks I will be purchasing from now on.

  16. Jose

    Very comfy

  17. Peter Nash

    The socks are extremely comfortable; The squairz socks with the square toe area is great; I can’t wait to see if they remain as comfortable once they have been washed a few times; Also need the socks in a variety of colors;

  18. Dick Conn

    Great Stability and Comfort. Might’ve the best I’ve ever owned!!

  19. Anonymous

    Excellent product, very comfortable

  20. Karl J Kelley

    Picked up the shoes and love the ground force pressure I can apply and transfer into my swing. Socks also help from Achilles chafing. Great product. Thank you.

  21. David Larson

    The best

  22. Claude M a Mac

    Most comfortable socks I’ve worn in years.

  23. Anonymous

    Excellent fit and feel

  24. Stonewaller

    Very Nice and very comfortable

  25. Stonewaller

    Don’t get shoes without these socks. They are great Quality and fit well.

  26. TIM


  27. Jim Frey

    Great socks very comfortable.

  28. Ron

    My feet love me for wearing these when I play. Stay dry and don’t lose their shape.

  29. itsteetime

    I have not tried them with other shoes.

    I like the fit and feel and they feel just as good after machine wash/dry.

  30. Bruce

    These socks are soft and stretches nicely to fit your foot.

  31. John Fahrney

    Bought the shoes and got a free pair of socks. A little thicker but they are very comfortable. These socks are THE BEST!

  32. Alan S Bronstein

    a little thicker than I normally prefer but otherwise comfortable. They always stay in place.

  33. Brad Foster

    Very comfortable.

  34. Harold Wetzel

    Besides making a Great shoe, this company makes the most comfortable socks i’ve ever had on my feet !


    great products. Very pleased.

  36. Roy W Connoy

    Love them , awesome comfort !

  37. Gbk

    Comfortable and mild compression

  38. Michael Kuznar

    I’m 62 years of age and have tried many types of compression socks. I have surgically repaired legs and quality socks are important. The Sqairz cushioned socks are the best I’ve ever worn – and I’ve tried many different ones. Great to wear for any activity, not just for golf.

  39. Clay Farnsworth

    These socks are the best I’ve ever worn. Attention to detail for a perfect and comfortable fit. Arch support system is really nice an love the padded Achilles area.

  40. Bob

    Great shoes!! Bought 2 pairs!

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© 2022 SQAIRZ. All Rights Reserved.

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