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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Golf's Most Comfortable Sock

Square-toed socks for your SQAIRZ shoes. Let your toes sit the way they are meant to—naturally and comfortably.

✓ Compression zones match the pressure points in your SQAIRZ shoes

✓ Low cut design with added comfort around heel

✓ Fibers designed to provide maximum elasticity to conform to foot

✓ Resistant to odors

✓ Sweat wicking, water repelling properties keep feet dry

My socks now stay around my ankles and don't drop into my shoe. I have flat feet so anything that helps my feet and I get to play more golf pain free is a plus.

Lou A.

Verified Customer

Laces that lock in your comfort.

Our patented Sta-Put lacing system uses silicone for the shoe’s eyelets—the holes through which you thread the laces. When the silicone touches more silicone, it acts as a bonding agent, locking the laces in place.

✓ Sta-Put technology eliminates the need to adjust or re-tie laces during a round

✓ Raised silicone squares printed down the lace comfortably form the shoe to your foot and lock it in place

✓ Durable polyester material

They worked so well in my SQAIRZ golf shoes I ordered a pair for my wife to use in her sneakers, that always came untied. Well, not anymore. They’re exactly as advertised.

Michael B.

Verified Customer

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