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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer free shipping?
    • Yes! We offer free shipping and handling for all shoe orders within the United States. If you add accessories like our Cushioned Golf Socks or Brimz Golf Cap, with your shoe order, those will also ship at no charge.  All spikes for life orders will incur a $6.99 handling fee.  All orders shipped outside of the United States have corresponding shipping and handling costs.
  2. Do you have a distributor in Canada?
    • No, all SQAIRZ Shoes are currently sold exclusively through sqairz.com.
  3. I live outside of the USA, do I have to pay local VAT taxes?
    • Yes. If you live outside of the USA your local municipality will charge you duties and taxes.
  4. Do you have a UK distributor?
    • No, all SQAIRZ Shoes are currently sold exclusively through sqairz.com.
  5. Can I buy your shoes in local stores in the USA?
    • No, all SQAIRZ Shoes are currently sold exclusively through sqairz.com.
  6. I am a size 3E, will your shoes fit me?
    • No, SQAIRZ shoes are a one size width and often fit customers up to a 2E width. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the fit, we have a 30-day return policy.
  7. How do your shoes compare to other brands, size wise?
    • Our sizing is commensurate with Footjoy, Puma or Sketchers. Nike and Adidas historically run a half size larger than SQAIRZ.  Please refer to our sizing chart by clicking here.
  8. Do all SQAIRZ have spikes?
    • Yes! All SQAIRZ shoes have a total of 12 Softspikes for extraordinary ground connection and traction.
  9. What type of spikes do you use on your shoes?
    • Pivix Softspikes.
  10. Where can I order replacement cleats?
    • You can order replacement spikes on our website under the shop tab, or click here: https://sqairz.com/golf-accessories/. These are provided at no cost with a handling fee of $6.99.
  11. Where can I get the tool needed to take off the cleats?
    • We do not sell a spike remover, however you can order one on the Softspikes website.
  12. Who do you use for your shipping?
    • We use UPS Ground for all domestic golf shoe shipments. We use USPS for accessories and all orders shipped outside of the USA.
  13. Where are your shoes manufactured?
    • SQAIRZ shoes are made in Asia, where the highest quality of athletic shoes are currently produced. Our CEO, Bob Winskowicz, had the following to say when asked this question. “When I started SQAIRZ, I spent the good part of a year trying to find a manufacturer in the US, to no avail. To the best of my knowledge, no one makes golf shoes here in the US. Today, most are made in Asia. I am a “made in the USA” person that believes in supporting domestic manufacturing and would like to someday move the production of SQAIRZ to the USA. We employ people here in the US to support the operation and also donate shoes and ancillary products to veterans and various charities.”
  14. Do you ship to P.O. boxes?
    • We are not able to ship to P.O. Boxes in the United States. We use UPS to ship all orders in the United States and UPS does not allow shipping to P.O. Boxes. For international orders, we can ship to P.O. Boxes because we use USPS for international orders, which does allow shipping to P.O. Boxes
  15. Can I get my shipment sent overnight or 2 day shipping?
    • Not at this time. Please look for this option in the future.
  16. I am ordering outside of the USA. How much does it cost to ship and what courier do you use to ship the shoes with?
    • For orders outside the USA we use the USPS’s Global Shipping Service. Shipping costs are determined at checkout based on the items in your cart.
  17. Do these shoes really improve your game?
    • Absolutely. To learn more about where distance really comes from, and how SQAIRZ plays a significant part in that equation, please click here.
  18. I use custom orthotics, are your insoles removable?
    • Yes. SQAIRZ insoles can be removed and replaced easily.
  19. How can I be an ambassador?
  20. What is your return policy?
  21. What is the difference between the models?
    • There are no performance differences. We offer different colors and styles for personal expression, however, the science and technology in SQAIRZ remains consistent.




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