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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

Do you offer free shipping?+
Who do you use for your shipping?+
Do you ship to P.O. boxes?+
Can I get my shipment sent overnight or 2 day shipping?+
I am ordering outside of the USA. How much does it cost to ship and what courier do you use to ship the shoes with?+

Availability Questions

Do you have a distributor in Canada?+
Do you have a UK distributor?+
Can I buy your shoes in local stores in the USA?+

Tax & Fees Questions

I live outside of the USA, do I have to pay local VAT taxes?+

Sizing Questions

I am a size 3E, will your shoes fit me?+
How do your shoes compare to other brands, size wise?+

Spike Questions

Do all SQAIRZ have spikes?+
What type of spikes do you use on your shoes?+
Where can I order replacement cleats?+
Where can I get the tool needed to take off the cleats?+

Manufacturing Questions

Where are your shoes manufactured?+

Shoe Questions

Do these shoes really improve your game?+
I use custom orthotics, are your insoles removable?+
What is the difference between the models?+

Ambassador Program Questions

How can I become an ambassador?+

Exchanges & Returns Questions

What is your return policy?+

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17 North Shore Road, Windham, NH 03087 | 1-888-793-7779 |

© 2022 SQAIRZ. All Rights Reserved.

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