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Recognizing Innovation: 2024 SQAIRZ Golf Shoes Acclaimed By Golf Insiders

Recognizing Innovation: 2024 SQAIRZ Golf Shoes Acclaimed By Golf Insiders

In March, we were thrilled to unveil our 2024 men’s shoe models: the ProS2, SPEED2, and VELO. These latest footwear innovations have sparked an overwhelming positive response in the golfing community, and we're excited to share what some of the top golf insiders have said about our new shoes—and the benefits they deliver to golfers of all levels.


Golf Digest Names SQAIRZ Among Best Golf Shoes of 2024:

Golf Digest praised the VELO, SPEED2, and ProS2 models for their groundbreaking features, including SQAIRZ’s patented toe box design, Hybrid Smart Traction System, and Sta-Put laces, which collectively enhance a golfer’s balance, stability, and ball striking. Golf Digest noted that SQAIRZ 'balances comfort and performance expertly.'
Read more on Golf Digest


Dr. Barry Lotz Commends SQAIRZ in Golf Champion Magazine:

“There is so much to be said about their support, toe box, and stability. They are remarkable. These shoes without a doubt are the most comfortable and supportive shoes I have ever used! This is my third pair of SQAIRZ, and everybody I have recommended these shoes to loves them and has at least 3 pairs for themselves!
Golf Champion Magazine


MyGolfSpy's Take on Innovation and Performance:

The SQAIRZ AI-Generated Smart Traction System appears to be the first time AI design has extended to footwear. SQAIRZ is using AI to optimize a traction pattern based on an optimized swing.”


Golf Advisory Council Reviews the Full Lineup:

"The balance and stability I felt with every swing while wearing the SQAIRZ 2024 models was unparalleled. It's like these shoes were an extension of my body, intuitively supporting my game from the ground up. The broader base and heel stabilizer are game-changers, providing the kind of stability that makes every swing count."
Golf Advisory Council


Feedback from MyGolfSpy Forum Contributors:

Independent testers have praised the VELO model for its lightweight and comfortable design, which does not sacrifice support. The comfort-fit foam footbed and reduced weight make a noticeable difference, especially during long rounds, demonstrating SQAIRZ's commitment to improving golfer endurance and comfort. “SQAIRZ shoes have always been quite good for stability, but the VELO model seems to take that stability factor to an even higher level for me!”
Read more on the MyGolfSpy Forum


Golf News Net on the VELO:

"The VELO is the SQAIRZ model for players that want—or need—the confidence in their equipment to maximize their speed on every shot," Ryan Ballengee reports. He praises the VELO for providing the stability needed through all facets of the golf swing, from traction on the ground to energy transfer, allowing golfers to "swing aggressively at the ball on any shot"​.
Golf News Net


Plugged In Golf on the SPEED2 Model:

The SQAIRZ SPEED2 golf shoes retain the best features of the original while improving on the look and weight. If you prioritize traction and stability, the SPEED2 is among the best golf shoes you can buy.
Plugged In Golf


These reviews highlight just a fraction of the positive feedback we've received. We're proud that our focus on innovative design, enhanced comfort, and exceptional performance is resonating so well across the golfing world. Discover more about what makes the 2024 SQAIRZ golf shoes a must-have for any golfer aiming to elevate their game. Join us in celebrating this revolution in golf footwear innovation and shop the all-new collection.

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