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SQAIRZ: The Golf Shoe You Didn’t Know You Needed

SQAIRZ: The Golf Shoe You Didn’t Know You Needed

Golfers love their gear. We will spend every spare dollar to find a way to get that little advantage over our friends to earn those bragging rights until your next round.

Our team is fortunate enough to receive products from many of the best brands in the game, and when we find an item that we think can make your game better at home and on the road then we will feature them for you.

Enter SQAIRZ golf shoes.

When it comes to the golf swing, there are two main points of interaction that cannot be ignored: the grip of your club and your shoes, both providing a connection with the ground. Many of us often think of shoes as more of a fashion statement, but the team at SQAIRZ is proving that it is also a vital piece of equipment that can be used to increase your stability and balance in your swing, which ultimately means more distance and enhanced consistency.

Check out this explainer video that breaks down the SQAIRZ difference:

The SQAIRZ difference

As the name implies, SQAIRZ golf shoes feature a squared-off toe versus a rounded toe like you see on so many other shoes. When the team originally was designing the shoe, it was thought that this could enhance your ability to line up more squarely to the ball and serve as a USGA-conforming alignment tool. As luck would have it, this ended up being a secondary benefit of the shoe as the team soon figured out that by creating a square toe it provides the golfer with more room in the forefoot area, allowing full range of motion for your feet throughout your swing.

We could not believe how much more comfortable this square toe box made these shoes, as we have all just accepted that our toes will simply feel crunched up in your golf shoe.  The only available alternative in the past has been to order wide shoes, but often the comfort you would gain in the toe meant sacrificing a snug, yet comfortable fit in the mid-section of the shoe.

SQAIRZ has addressed that paradox, and the result is more comfort to you the golfer.

In addition to the increased space for your toes, SQAIRZ golf shoes also feature several enhancements that include:

  • A heel stabilizer to help center your foot.
  • Sta-Put laces that feature silicon squares on the lace to keep your shoes from coming untied, a nuisance that golfers constantly encounter and usually do not realize until their foot slips and a shot goes awry.
  • A Torque Generation System that features cleats strategically positioned in key positions for a stable connection with the ground, and a unique system of traction lugs that run in a somewhat circular pattern to enhance rotation of the shoe during your swing.

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