Sqairz Speed™ And Freedom™ Golf Shoes Named Best Golf Shoes Of 2021 By Golf Digest

WINDHAM, NH — SQAIRZ, the fastest growing golf shoe company, announced today its inclusion for the second year in a row in Golf Digest’s list of the best golf shoes of the year. 

Each year Golf Digest, the golf magazine with the highest circulation in the world, names its choices for the best men’s and women’s golf shoes on the market. SQAIRZ is proud to announce they have been included in both 2020 and 2021.  

It is a great accomplishment to be named two years in a row, partly because the company has only been in business for two years. In 2020, SQAIRZ’s ARROW line of men’s golf shoes was chosen by Golf Digest for their list of the best men’s golf shoes. In 2021, they have chosen both the SPEED™ men’s golf shoes and the brand new FREEDOM women’s golf shoes for inclusion in their list of the best men’s and women’s golf shoes.  

SQAIRZ has quickly grown to become a household name in the world of golf due to their patented golf shoe technologies that facilitate greater stability, swing speed, and distance. Their newest line of women’s golf shoes, FREEDOM, build upon this foundation by offering a golf shoe for women that offers superior comfort, style, and increased balance and accuracy. 

SQAIRZ researched the golf swing and biomechanics of elite LPGA golfers and amateur women golfers to create a golf shoe that accounts for the unique differences in women’s swing and form. Unlike most golf shoe manufacturers who simply take a men’s model of golf shoe, then shrink them and color them pink, SQAIRZ has built FREEDOM from the ground up and confirmed with independent scientific testing that the FREEDOM model truly delivers increased comfort, balance, and power.  

The FREEDOM™ model was launched exclusively at www.sqairz.com on April 19, 2021 and has quickly become a top-selling shoe for the brand. The name FREEDOM™ was chosen to symbolize the freedom that women’s golfers will now have to choose a shoe that was created specifically for them, instead of one that was created as an afterthought. 

When asked about the launch of the FREEDOM™ women’s golf shoes, Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ’s Founder and CEO said, This is a momentous event for SQAIRZ as we open up our technology to more than 50% of the entire planet. I know so many women golfers who have felt burnt by the industry because their needs simply aren’t being met. The research that went into these shoes was intensive and it’s such an honor to hear from women golfers all over the world who are loving FREEDOM™ and telling us that they’re getting more distance and accuracy.  

The SQAIRZ FREEDOM™ golf shoes are now available in three color combinations including White & Silver, Gray & White, and Black & Gray. To order your pair of SQAIRZ FREEDOM™ golf shoes visit https://sqairz.com/womens-golf-footwear/ today  

The SPEED™ model was launched exclusively at https://sqairz.com/ on March 31, 2021 and has quickly become a best seller for the company. The name SPEED™ was chosen to emphasize the company’s laser focus on generating increased swing and club head speed. 

When asked about the launch of SPEED™, Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ’s Founder and CEO said, The SPEED™ model is the sum of everything we as a company have done. Years of research, innovation, breakthroughs, and science have influenced the design of the SPEED™ and we guarantee there is nothing like this out there. You’re going to have a greater ground area connection, faster swing speed, and a greater distance with these shoes and we have the data to back it up, that’s why our company motto is ‘Proof, not promise‘.  

The SQAIRZ SPEED™ golf shoes are now available in three color combinations including White with Silver, Gray with Black and Black with Gray. To order your pair of SQAIRZ SPEED™ golf shoes visit https://sqairz.com/shop/ today.  


SQAIRZ® is the fastest growing golf shoe brand and the first golf shoe designed to increase distance, balance, stability, and speed. SQAIRZ®’s patented toe design, spike positioning, specially placed comfort padding, Sta-Put laces, and other performance innovations have been proven to improve golfers’ positioning, biomechanics, comfort, balance, and stability. These innovations help golfers to consistently achieve greater accuracy as well as increased ground force connection and swing speed for greater distance. For more information, visit sqairz.com or connect with the company on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.

Media Contact: 

Savannah Smith, SQAIRZ® Marketing Director, savannah@sqairzgolf.com, +1-888-793-7779 

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