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SQAIRZ FREEDOM Women’s Shoes Featured in Global Golf Post

SQAIRZ FREEDOM Women’s Shoes Featured in Global Golf Post

Sqairz Rolls Out New Line Engineered For Women

David Curran, the executive vice president of Sqairz Golf, describes the company’s new Freedom shoes as being the first performance footwear made specifically for female players.

Sqairz Shoes

What’s New?

Golf shoes made specifically for women

Who’s It For?

Female golfers looking or footwear that is comfortable, stable and designed to help them play better

Want To Find Out More?

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“Historically, women’s golf shoes have been nothing more than sized-down versions of men’s styles,” he explained. “But there are significant biological and structural differences between men’s and women’s feet. So, we created Freedom, to address those differences as we also provided the same performance benefits that Sqairz Golf shoes offer men.”

“Of course, women want to play better and hit the ball farther. But they have been overlooked in the past.”

The most notable feature of all Sqairz footwear is the square toe (hence the company name). The goal is for the foot to sit more naturally in the shoe as it also promotes better positioning. The footwear also is designed to provide more ground connection, balance and stability, which Curran says produces a greater energy exchange that allows players to hit longer and more accurate shots.

The new Freedom shoes, which were released in April, are available in three color combinations: white/silver, black/gray and white/gray.

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