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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Game Changer: Unparalleled Traction

Game Changer: Unparalleled Traction

What does it take to create the world’s best golf shoe? In this blog series, we examine four standout features of SQAIRZ’s performance-boosting footwear, with insights from Jonathan Bacon, Director of Design and Development.

This series has highlighted the rigorous attention we put into every aspect of SQAIRZ shoes, including underappreciated design elements that have significant impacts on performance. In our final post, we’ll zoom in on the outsole and its spikes—and discover how SQAIRZ’s commitment to detail has taken its winning design to the next level.

Strategically-placed spikes
Spikes don’t just keep you from sliding around on the green or losing your footing as you swing. Research has shown that spiked shoes achieve greater distance than spikeless alternatives. SQAIRZ shoes have six spikes—three in the forefoot, three in the heel—all positioned under the areas of your feet where you exert pressure during each stage of a swing. “We also bring the spikes right to the edge of our shoe, which already has a wider base,” says Jonathan Bacon, SQAIRZ’s head of design. “This gives you even more support, more structure, and more grip.”

 Pro tip: You should replace your spikes every 40-50 rounds. All SQAIRZ shoes come with a lifetime supply of replacement spikes through the Spikes4Life Spike Replacement Program.

Long-lasting traction
You shoe’s outsole is also critical for balance and stability. SQAIRZ’s outsole is constructed of highly durable rubber that stands up to all course conditions, as well as hard surfaces, like cement, that can wear down other materials. Nub-like treads surround the spikes, adding serious traction across the entire outsole. “You can't just have traction in the center of the shoe,” Jon says. “You need it all around the edges to really grab the ground.”

Stability squared
SQAIRZ’s unique square toe box not only allows your toes to spread into a natural position, it also provides additional real estate for traction that no other shoe offers. “That wide foot base creates an area along the side of the toe box where you can add more rubber,” Jon explains. “We talk about all this rubber as secondary traction, but actually, it’s equally important as the spikes. They work hand in hand.”

Next-gen traction technology
“The Pros are leading the charge with new ideas,” Jon says, describing the Tour Flex Pro from Softspikes, the new spike of choice for all SQAIRZ shoes. Combining elements of two high-tech spikes heavily favored by the pros, the Tour Flex Pro is equipped with a sturdy center post that anchors the shoe for superior balance. The cyclonic design also boasts six traction spikes and three flexible arms that extend and enhance grip, for a total of ten points of contact with the ground.

Take on the most challenging course conditions in a pair of SQAIRZ shoes to discover the dual advantage of these dynamic, cutting-edge spikes and the most solid and stable outsole in the market.

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