David Leadbetter, Renowned Golf Instructor, Joins SQAIRZ as Exclusive Footwear Partner

David Leadbetter, Renowned Golf Instructor, Joins SQAIRZ as Exclusive Footwear Partner

WINDHAM, NH – SQAIRZ, a leading innovator in golf footwear, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with David Leadbetter, one of the world's premier golf instructors. Leadbetter brings his extensive expertise and reputation in golf to collaborate with the brand known for its performance-based footwear technology.

David Leadbetter, with his legendary career in golf instruction, having coached 7-world number one players, winners of 23 Major championships and over 100 individual worldwide tournament victories, has always been at the forefront of advancing golf performance. His decision to partner with SQAIRZ aligns with his dedication to enhancing golfers' abilities at all levels. His deep appreciation for the fundamentals of the golf swing starting from the ground up coincide with SQAIRZ’s patented technology to improve ground force production, balance, and stability. 

"I have long struggled to find a golf shoe that accommodates my history of foot problems, and with SQAIRZ, I can comfortably wear golf shoes again," said Leadbetter. "Their commitment to creating comfortable performance footwear that genuinely improves a player's game is something I admire. I am excited to be part of a team that is as passionate about improving golf performance as I am."

SQAIRZ shoes are known for their unique toe design, which provides a more stable base and improves balance, swing speed, and overall performance. The patented toe box design is strategically designed to accommodate the natural spread of the toes as pressure is exerted on the ground, enabling a more natural and comfortable positioning that diverges significantly from the restrictive feel of traditional golf shoes. By aligning with the foot's natural mechanics, the patented toe box directly translates to improved balance, stability, and energy exchange, showcasing SQAIRZ's commitment to fusing advanced biomechanical insights with performance-enhancing footwear technology. The patented toe box is not merely a comfort feature; it is a critical component for athletes seeking to optimize their performance metrics, ensuring that every movement is supported by scientifically backed design principles. The partnership with David Leadbetter is a testament to SQAIRZ's dedication to excellence and innovation in golf. 

"SQAIRZ is honored to welcome David Leadbetter as our partner," said Bob Winskowicz, CEO of SQAIRZ. "David's experience in golf instruction and his keen understanding of the nuances of golf performance make him a great addition to our extensive team of elite instructors."

This partnership also includes collaborative efforts on various initiatives, including educational content aimed at helping golfers improve their game.

For more information about SQAIRZ and their partnership with David Leadbetter, please visit www.SQAIRZ.com or contact Savannah Smith at savannah@sqairzgolf.com.


SQAIRZ is a golf footwear company that has revolutionized the market with its innovative designs and technology. Focused on improving golf performance through superior stability, balance, and comfort, SQAIRZ shoes have become a preferred choice for golfers seeking to enhance their game.

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