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Colorado Avid Golfer – Give It To Me Square: SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

Colorado Avid Golfer – Give It To Me Square: SQAIRZ Golf Shoes

Sqairz is the new golf shoe with a square toe. Its creator believes it can make you a much better golfer.

By Tony Dear

It’s 23 years since Bob Winskowicz left the King’s employ but, perhaps not surprisingly, the former Senior VP of Sales and Marketing for the Arnold Palmer Golf Company still remembers his meetings with the boss fondly. “Working for Mr. Palmer was everything you’d expect it to be,” he says. “We’d meet every quarter for a lunch or dinner to discuss strategy, financial reports, marketing initiatives and product development. It was business, but Mr. Palmer always kept it comfortable and relaxed.”

Winskowicz was particularly active on the company’s successful PhD Irons which launched in 1995 and were designed by Clay Long. They featured a wing, or flange, on the back side of the hosel designed to reduce clubface twisting on off-center hits. Palmer liked them because they helped the mid-high handicapper enjoy the game more. “Mr. Palmer was all about the helping the average golfer,” says Winskowicz. “Before we advanced with any product, he’d always ask ‘how does that help the golfer?’.”

Since the mid-90s, the native New Englander has worked at a start-up (he started it) golf tech company that develops color-change and energy conversion chemistry solutions for consumer, industrial and military customers; founded another company developing, patenting and licensing technologies to golf OEMs; and served as the CEO of… 
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