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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Are Golf Shoes Necessary For Golf?

Are Golf Shoes Necessary For Golf?

Whether you are a high handicap golfer, scratch golfer, or somewhere in between, the answer is yes, you need golf shoes for playing golf. This is especially true if you are looking to improve and take your game seriously. Professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo profess that golf shoes help to play at the highest level and even recreational weekend warriors will play better and get more enjoyment from the game if they have the proper golf shoes.

Should Beginners Use Golf Shoes?

For beginners at golf learning should be the highest priority, not buying fancy accessories, but if you begin with a great pair of golf shoes that remind you to focus on your alignment and swing you will set yourself up to become better at the game in less time.

Why Should You Use Golf Shoes?

It’s simple science – golf shoes provide greater traction, stability and balance. These are three incredibly important keys to getting the proper contact when you hit the ball, allowing greater accuracy and distance with your shots. Golf shoes are designed with golf in mind and help you to dig in and stay firmly on the ground when you swing, which provides much more power and control when swinging a club.

If you have ever played golf with just ordinary sneakers did you wonder why you couldn’t hit a good shot when the ball was above or below your feet on an incline? Most likely it’s because you were off balance and didn’t have good solid traction under your feet. Have you ever wondered why your shots were short and off line? Golf shoes help provide a steady, solid swing which creates more swing speed and square contact resulting in more distance and accuracy.

Will Golf Shoes Help All Golfers?

Yes, golf shoes can help all golfers to play better, especially if you have the right kind of shoe and the right fit for your feet. If you are a beginner then you should find a mentor or instructor to help you find the proper footwear to help your game. If you are an advanced golfer then you already know the benefits of a good golf shoe, but technology is always improving to help golfers improve their performance even more.

Playing golf keeps you on your feet a lot so you want as much comfort as possible when playing and golf shoes provide far more comfort than normal shoes. Golf shoes are great for reducing foot, ankle and leg pain, as well as conditions like plantar fasciitis. Another large part of golf is the mental game and a great pair of golf shoes can remind you to align your feet and perform a great swing every time you hit the ball. Golf shoes not only help you to be more comfortable, they also improve your game and serve as a reminder to concentrate on your body’s positioning at every stroke. Your feet deserve respect, so don’t be afraid to ask questions, try on multiple pairs and brands of golf shoes and spend a little more for a superior product when it comes to golf shoes. Your feet will thank you!

Will Golf Shoes Actually Make You A Better Golfer?

Yes, golf shoes will make you a better golfer because when you are properly grounded and balanced your putting and ball striking will be better and you will have increased swing speed for better distance as well. Another great benefit to having golf shoes is that when you are playing better golf you will enjoy the game more, have more fun and want to play more, thus improving your game even more.

Just like having a good grip on a club to improve the feel in your hands you want a good grip on your feet with your shoes. It’s important to remember that a great golf swing involves your entire body and failing to focus on your feet is a critical mistake that will cost you strokes every round. Golf shoes are specifically designed for the game of golf and designed to improve your game so don’t neglect your feet!

Spiked Versus Non-Spiked Golf Shoes

Most people are aware that golf shoes can have spikes in the bottom of the shoe like other cleated sports shoes or have none, like traditional sneakers, but which are better for golfing? To answer this, let’s look back at the history of golf shoes.

Golf has been around since the 15th century when it was invented in Scotland and much has changed regarding footwear since that time. Back in the late 1857, a publication called The Golfer’s Manual recommended to their readers that amateur golfers should modify stout shoes “roughed with small nails or sprigs” to walk on slippery ground. Later, in 1891, golf shoes with separate screw-in spikes finally became available for purchase which improved the game for players compared to the makeshift shoes that had been commonplace for the last 40 years, although these early spiked shoes frequently caused damage to courses.

In 1906 the Spalding company introduced the “saddle oxford” shoe with an extra saddle-shaped cut of leather sewn around the laces. This became the standard look for golf shoes and is still popular today. Throughout the 20th century it was very common for golf shoes to have spikes in the bottom of them that resembled large thumbtacks, however, by the early 1990’s, shoe manufacturers started introducing plastic cleats on their golf shoes to increase comfort and reduce damage to golf courses and wooden floors in clubhouses. These durable plastic spikes are now the standard on all spiked golf shoes.

Around 2010 a trend for spikeless golf shoes began to emerge, harkening back to the days before the 1850s. At first just a small number of PGA golfers were using these spikeless shoes, but this increased their demand and thus more and more spikeless shoes flooded the store shelves. These types of shoes tend to sacrifice balance and accuracy in favor of comfort.

Now in 2020 spiked golf shoes are coming back, especially with new technology making spiked golf shoes more comfortable than ever, such as special padding in the soles of some golf shoes making the spikes below unnoticeable.

The choice between spiked and non-spiked golf shoes used to come down to choosing comfort or improved performance, however, with new technology in spiked golf shoes you no longer have to make that decision. Spiked golf shoes are absolutely the way to go, allowing you great comfort and the greatest control, balance and stability. In fact, in a
recent independent study conducted at Pinehurst Golf Resort’s Golf Academy, golfers increased their distance by 6 yards while wearing spiked shoes versus spikeless shoes.

Why Choose SQAIRZ Golf Shoes?

SQAIRZ is a newer company that understands the importance of proper footwear for the game of golf. SQAIRZ golf shoes were developed over 6 years and contain exciting innovation and technology that will guarantee better balance, traction, stability, and comfort. You can buy cheaper shoes, but just like cheaper clubs, you get what you pay for. All golf shoes are not the same, so make sure when you invest in a golf shoe you choose a pair that will help you take your game to the next level. We encourage you to take the SQAIRZ Challenge today: Try SQAIRZ and we guarantee you will see a noticeable improvement in distance as well as greater accuracy and stability. In fact, if you buy a pair of SQAIRZ Golf Shoes and your game doesn’t improve in 30 days, send them back for a full refund, no questions asked.

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