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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY

Women’s Golf Socks (3-Pack) | FREE

Free $29.97

Why wear a round-toed sock in your SQAIRZ shoe?

  • Square toe allows for toes to spread naturally
  • Better feel for the ground and significantly more comfort
  • Low-cut athletic look with added comfort around the heel
  • High heel tab prevents the sock from slipping 
  • High-tech fibers provide maximum elasticity to conform to the foot
  • Left- and right-sided socks are designed with compression zones matching the pressure exerted on your feet
  • Resistant to odors
  • Sweat-wicking and water-repelling Polyamide/Lycra knit keeps feet dry. Ideal for sensitive, blister-prone skin

Each 3-pack contains one pair each of black, gray and white SQAIRZ Cushioned Golf socks.