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Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force? READ THE STUDY


Do shoes matter when it comes to creating speed and ground force?

On March 22, 2024, the team at SuperSpeed Golf decided to test one of the most common questions we see about equipment: Do golf shoes make a difference in speed production?

They headed to Dr. Tyler Standifird’s Lab at Utah Valley University to go through a series of testing to see if they could get an answer.

What they found? Shoes really matter—and there was one shoe that blew them out of the water.


Independent testing proves that SQAIRZ improve your balance, increase your club speed, and reduce your dispersion.

Named as Sports Illustrated's Most Technologically Advanced Golf Shoe, trusted by Tour legends and world-class instructors, and loved by over 100,000 golfers around the world.

"Since switching to SQAIRZ three years ago I’ve never worn anything else. I am a real believer. I think you will be too.

What are you waiting for? Get a pair.
- Sir Nick Faldo, Six-Time Major Champion

White & Navy

Looks different.

We broke the mold on the shape of golf shoes. Unlike other golf shoes that pinch your toes inward, we opened up our toe box for your toes to spread naturally, bringing you more balance and ground force connection.

The result? You create more ground force.


Feels different.

Traditional spiked or spikeless shoes force you to choose between comfort and stability. Our hybrid Smart Traction System combines spikes with an instant-comfort midsole for the best of both worlds.

The result? You feel grounded and comfortable.

White & Teal

Plays different.

If you increase your balance and stability, you will hit the ball farther and straighter. SQAIRZ have been put to the test by several independent studies and are proven to increase your distance by 4.2 - 16.9 yards.

The result? You play better golf.

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Great for my stability. My handicap has improved by 5 strokes and the only change to my equipment were these shoes! Everyone needs to try them.

Jack Q.

Verified Customer

What these shoes have done for me is create a solid, stable stance and swing base which has given me more distance and greater stability—I'm not a very big guy but I am keeping up with the bigger guys I play with as far as distance off the tee—love my shoes!

Timothy J.

Verified Customer

Great comfort. Bought for the first time. Played 5 days in a row in Myrtle and quite pleased with the comfort. I won’t buy any other shoe going forward, that’s how good this shoe is.

Robert G.

Verified Customer