SQAIRZ Unveils The First Game Improvement Golf Shoe

SQAIRZ Unveils The First Game Improvement Golf Shoe

Engineered around its patented SQAIRZ toe, inaugural line is loaded with technology innovations designed to support increased accuracy and distance

WINDHAM, N.H. (January 9, 2020) – Golf footwear took a significant step forward today with the unveiling of SQAIRZ, the first game improvement golf shoe that transforms a golfer’s connection to the ground from mere apparel into essential equipment. Loaded with technology and feature innovations, SQAIRZ was designed from the ground up to help golfers achieve two goals: better accuracy and increased distance

Engineered around a patented SQAIRZ ® toe that allows feet to sit naturally, the inaugural line promotes proper positioning, biomechanics, comfort, balance and stability, while also helping golfers with one of the game’s biggest challenges: setup. According to PGA.com, after all, “over 95% of all swing flaws are traceable to setup position.

Every great shot starts in the feet, so our mission has been to develop a shoe with features and innovations that help every golfer create more great shots,” said Robert Winskowicz, SQAIRZ founder and longtime golf industry veteran. “We believe that SQAIRZ achieves this by helping golfers get in the right foot position more often, while providing more ground connection, balance and stability– allowing them to hit more accurate and longer shots.

Recent golf shoe enhancements primarily have focused on two features: comfort and style. This ignores the critical role that the shoe, and its connection to the ground, plays supporting balance and creating torque for the modern power swing. With its focus on performance, as well as comfort and style, SQAIRZ’s first line of shoes has created a triumvirate that turns shoes from apparel into equipment.

The shoes were developed by award-winning designers Joe Napurano and Jonathan Morris, who specialize in biomechanics and design ergonomics and have decades of experience with global footwear brands including New Balance, Fila and Reebok.  Napurano designed the “Cybernet,” Reebok’s technical “Futervision” basketball shoe which is now on display in Atlanta and Singapore. Morris is known for his award-winning design of the Shaqnosis for Shaquille O’Neil, Kamakazee II for Shawn Kemp and Pump Court Victory II for Michael Chang.

Some of the notable innovations that complement the patented SQAIRZ® toe include:

  • Heel stabilizer: Centers the heel, assisting in full range of motion while preventing foot roll-over injury
  • Hybrid sole: Cleats augmented with nubs for greater connection to the ground, fostering maximum torque that translates into distance. Cleats positioned directly under the pressure points are colored red
  • Custom insole: Added compression in the pressure point areas works in concert with the outsole design for comfort, balance and stability
  • Stay-Put lace design: Raised silicone square nubs keep laces locked in throughout the round

I’ve seen a lot of innovations come and go during my 40 years in the golf industry, but I’ve never experienced a shoe that integrates comfort, stability and performance like SQAIRZ,” said Jim Remy, SQAIRZ senior advisor and former PGA of America President. “SQAIRZ represents the future of golf footwear, as important to performance as the clubs you swing and the balls you hit.

Available immediately at SQAIRZ.com, the initial line of shoes retails for $247.97 and features men’s and women’s styles in a full range of sizes, as well as four colors.


SQAIRZ is the first golf shoe dedicated to game improvement. Launched in 2020, its line of shoes was engineered around a patented SQAIRZ® toe and other game improvement innovations that promote proper positioning, biomechanics, comfort, balance and stability – helping golfers realize better accuracy and create more torque for greater distance. For more information, visit sqairz.com.

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