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"Why SQAIRZ is my New Favorite Golf Shoe": Review from My Golfing Store Founder

"Why SQAIRZ is my New Favorite Golf Shoe": Review from My Golfing Store Founder

Tyler Hall is the Founder of My Golfing Store, a premium golf company providing cutting-edge products and lessons to golf enthusiasts. He tried out the brand-new VELO, built with cutting-edge supportive technology for golfers with aggressive swing speeds. Read his full testimonial:

“Over the years, running a golf business has sharpened my eye for quality. I've learned that true excellence lies not just in a product's performance but also in the values and professionalism of the people behind it. When a brand excels both on and off the course, standing behind it becomes a no-brainer for me.

That's exactly what I've found with SQAIRZ.

Their commitment to quality, performance, and integrity has genuinely impressed me, and I believe as a fellow golfer, you deserve to know about them.

Let's talk about their golf shoes.

The entire My Golfing Store team, myself included, has switched exclusively to SQAIRZ for our rounds.


Because these shoes offer the perfect blend of comfort and support, whether you're walking the fairways or cruising in a cart. They're lightweight, stylish, and built for the golf lifestyle. But it's not just about how they perform on the course; it's also about the statement they make.

I'm a collector at heart, especially for items that resonate with my passion for golf. My SQAIRZ shoes have earned a place of honor on my shelf, right next to my Jack Nicklaus autographed flag and Kingdom Cup champion trophy. They're not just footwear to me; they're a symbol of quality and a connection to a community that values excellence and integrity.

In today's world, golfers are spoiled for choice with a myriad of products. But I urge you to consider SQAIRZ for your next pair of golf shoes. By choosing them, you're not just getting superior comfort, style, and performance. You're also casting a vote for a brand that stands for the right things, supporting great business practices and even better people.

Take it from me—give SQAIRZ shoes a try.

Your feet, and your game, will thank you. And you'll be supporting a brand that truly makes a difference in the golf community." 


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