Man tries to twist a white golf shoe between his hands.

If It Twists, It's A Miss: An Easy Test for your Current Golf Shoes


Performance falling short despite your best efforts? It might be time to reevaluate your choice of golf shoes. Through ground connection, the proper footwear can help you maximize your energy and shoot your best score ever. 

The Twisted Truth: Maximum Support for Optimum Performance

You might have heard it from SQAIRZ before: "If you can twist it, toss it." But what do we mean? And why do we believe it’s so fundamental to performance on the course?  To get started, try this simple test:

Pick up your golf footwear, hold the heel in one hand and the toe in the other. Now, try to twist it. If it bends and folds in on itself, your shoe is lacking the structure needed to play golf to the best of your ability. 

But why is structure so important? In short, ground connection and stability play a vital role in your game, and the only way to achieve them is through shoes that offer the full support you need.

The Role of a Stable Upper Piece

When you swing a golf club, the energy generated from your body must be efficiently transferred to the clubhead, and clubhead speed ultimately determines the distance and accuracy of your shot. However, an unnecessary twisting motion of the foot can sap your energy and compromise your swing's power. This is where a stable upper piece in your golf shoe becomes crucial.

A stable upper piece acts as a bridge between your body and the ground, allowing your energy to be properly harnessed and channeled into distance—rather than wasted in unnecessary foot movement. By choosing a golf shoe with a stable upper, you can ensure that the power you generate is effectively translated into your swing. The result? Improved performance and longer shots.

Why You're Losing Energy in Your Sneakers

If you've been golfing in sneaker-style golf shoes, it's time to reassess. While sneakers may seem to provide comfort and casual appeal, they lack the necessary support and stability required for an optimal golf swing. Sneakers lack structure and proper arch support, leading to foot fatigue, discomfort, and potential strain on your feet and lower body. Sneakers are designed for versatile use and don’t prioritize the specific needs of a golfer. 

By wearing sneakers, you risk losing traction during your swing, resulting in reduced power and compromised stability. Golf is a game that demands precise footwork and dynamic movements. The lack of ground connection and stability can result in energy loss, reduced accuracy, and a weaker swing. (And don’t get us started on spikes.)

Own the Ground

At SQAIRZ, we understand the critical role that ground connection and stability play in achieving exceptional performance. That's why our golf shoes are meticulously designed to provide the ultimate support, comfort, and functionality you need on the course.

Our shoes feature a patented square toe design, which allows your toes to sit naturally and establish a wider base of support. This design is proven to promote better balance and stability throughout your swing by optimizing your connection to the ground, enhancing both your power and control.

Additionally, our shoes incorporate features like lateral stability bars, arch support, and cushioned insoles to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. By prioritizing ground connection, SQAIRZ empowers you to generate maximum energy, optimize your swing mechanics, and achieve your peak performance potential.

When it comes to golf footwear, don't settle for anything less than exceptional. Recognize the importance of ground connection and stability on the golf course. With the right footwear, you can finally own the ground and experience unparalleled support, comfort, and performance. Remember, if you can twist your shoe, toss it—and replace it with a shoe that is actually working with you, instead of against you. Say goodbye to energy loss from sneakers and embrace game changing footwear designed to turn your power into distance. 

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