SQAIRZ Golf Footwear Review by Dr. Leighton Peavler,
PT, DPT, OCS Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

Initial out of box impression — high quality material, solid feeling, durable golf shoe. They look really good.

Initial feeling — Stability meets comfort — there is lots of room in the toe area, I have wide feet and these feel really comfortable. Added perk … the laces have rubber on them that creates a secure feeling when lacing them up. This is important for ground reaction forces and vertical force production; thus increasing club head speed.

Performance Putting: I tend to play with an open stance throughout the bag, so I wasn’t necessarily using the squared toe for putting; however I experimented with various alignment aids and could see where a technical player could really like the visual feedback of a squared stance.

Performance Walking: I have been dealing with a right achilles injury for a few weeks secondary to increasing my running volume during COVID-19 lockdown. I was a little worried about walking in a new golf shoe, but didn’t feel any achilles pain during the round. I actually think the heel to toe profile in this shoe helped my achilles feel better.

Performance Driver: I’ve done previous tests comparing club/ball speed with barefoot versus spineless, versus spiked golf shoes. In other spiked golf shoes speed is around 114 (club) and 171 (ball) MPH. My ball speed over 10 drivers was a little better with Sqairz golf. I did see 1 number hit 120 mph with ball speed nearing 181 mph.

From a physical therapy standpoint, this shoe is a nice marriage of stability and comfort. I’ve found that firmer golf shoes were tougher to walk in and reserved for riding days. These are definitely on the firm spectrum but incredibly comfortable for walking and provide the stability needed to produce proper ground reaction forces and thus optimal ball speeds.

Final thoughts: If you are looking for a shoe that gives the best of comfort and stability, this is your shoe. I do believe that clients of mine who suffer from ankle/foot problems will benefit from the profile of this shoe (plenty of room, plenty of support, increased heel to toe drop compared to other golf shoes which could reduce stress). Overall, I can confidently recommend Sqairz golf shoes. Leighton Peavler, PT, DPT, OCS


Ray Adams – Match Play TV


Ryan Ballengee – Golf News Net

Ray Bourque (Hockey Hall of Fame/Former Boston Bruin/Stanley Cup Champion)

Jim Remy (Past President PGA)

“In my 40 years of teaching golf, these are the best golf shoes I've ever worn.  SQAIRZ is the future of golf footwear!”


John Hugo (Age 32, Handicap 2.4)

“These shoes are amazing! Since I began wearing them 15 rounds ago I have seen my scoring average drop 2.3 points, handicap has come down a full point to 2.4, and I’ve posted 3 under par rounds.

The shoes are extremely stable and very comfortable especially in the wider ball of the foot. The shoes make settings up to the ball while putting on the course a breezel.”


Tucker Leary (Age 17, Handicap 8)

“First off, the SQAIRZ design caught my eye the first time I saw them because of their sleek and cutting edge look! The first time I wore these shoes I shot my best round of the year in them. Alongside with me shooting the best round of the year, over a period of 7 rounds my handicap has dropped from an 9 to a 8. The shoes allowed me to square-up my feet from my drives to my putting and it helped change my game tremendously. The shoes are very reliable and feel unbelievably sturdy so you can swing with no worries of slipping or sliding. Overall these shoes have helped my game get better.”


Scott Ganson (Age 62, Handicap 6.7)

“I have been wearing the Sqairz golf shoes for a few weeks now. The comfort and stability is unlike anything I have experienced in another golf shoe. They provide a strong base and connection to the ground allowing me a balanced turn, full release and follow through of the golf club towards the target. On the putting green, my lag putting has improved exponentially. I pick a spot in front of me, square up to it and feel confident I have selected the right line. I highly recommend golfers of any skill try these shoes and work with them to fit within their own game improvement areas.”


Mike Opre (Age 56, Handicap 4.6)

“I want to say a few words about the Sqairz golf shoe. I have been lucky enough to be wearing the shoe for about 6 months now and can say with confidence this is the best golf shoe I have ever worn.  My first thought about the shoe was this shoe was built specifically to help with my directional aiming. Well, that part is undeniable true, bad alignment will almost certainly contribute to inconsistency. 

What I have found was there is a lot more with this shoe. First off comfort. Undeniable support, and because of the square design, I have more room in the toe area, therefore when I set up, I feel like I have more of a stable foundation to make my swing.  A bit to my surprise was the confidence with my direction when putting. I start my set up with my feet, I pick my line, adjust my feet to the line and then simply try to make a similar stroke every time. In the end more putts have found the hole and the amount of 3 putts have been drastically reduced.  My handicap has gone from a 6.3 to a 4.6.”


Bryan Daitch (Age 61, Handicap 16)

“I have worn my new Sqairz shoes for the past 6 weeks am very impressed with how comfortable they are, and how they have helped me properly set myself up.  The balance, traction and stability has helped me with setup.  At first I was only using them for putting, but soon found out it worked for woods and irons.  They are very comfortable and kept my feet completely dry during the recent soggy conditions.”


Joseph Tutrone (Age 68, Handicap 24)

“My Sqairz golf shoes have been a welcome addition to my quest for better scores and more confidence. After 11 rounds, they have helped to lower my number of putts per round, and have become the best and easiest fix I’ve found to date.  

Another benefit has been the confidence I feel they give me when setting up; the traction system is great and I am getting more distance from drives.  The traction is also noticeable in wet conditions and side hill/downhill lies.  The Sqairz shoes are very comfortable, offer stability and have a cutting edge look.”


Eddie Carbone (Age 53, Handicap 8)

“I’ve been wearing the Sqairz golf shoe since early April, and I am delighted with the combination of stability, support, comfort, and style.  Over the last twenty years, I have seen golf shoes evolve to lightweight sneaker designs, and this is the first shoe that I can recall that is a return to the classic golf shoe intent: to provides a stable platform to generate force.    

The Sqairz shoes still look great after more than 30 rounds, and remain waterproof and comfortable.  I especially like the sta-put laces, which remain secure for 18 or more holes.    

Jeff MacMonagle (Age 46, Handicap 11)

"Sqairz has allowed me to feel superior stability and support throughout the golf swing which has helped me leverage the ground for increased power and more distance".


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