SQAIRZ Spikes 4 Life Program

SQAIRZ SPIKES 4 LIFE PROGRAM provides SQAIRZ Footwear customers a life-time supply of new spikes for their golf game for free!

Always have fresh spikes/cleats for your best round of golf!  Spikes effect the physics of your golf game and SQAIRZ performance golf shoes work best when players have fresh spikes for proper ground connection providing increased torque and ball distance.

Spike wear depends on how many rounds of golf played annually and the environment(s) played.  Most golfers playing more than 20 to 30 rounds per year should replace their cleats at least 2 to 3 times annually, depending on your average wear and tear from use.

Click here or the button below to order your new matched sets of PIVIX spikes free of charge!  Program covers North America only. Customers only need to cover $5.99 shipping and handling.