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ARROW – Black with Gray

(162 customer reviews)
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$199.97 $169.97

Free Shipping In The USA

The ARROW Black With Gray features the patented SQAIRZ® toe which allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground.



SQAIRZ ARROW, Black and Gray

Free Shipping In The USA

three pictures of a golfer wearing the black with gray SQAIRZ golf shoes


  • Patented SQAIRZ® toe allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Symmetrical wider base in the forefoot area for greater stability and balance
  • Patent pending Torque Generation System (TGS) outsole for superior ground connection to maximize torque, swing speed, and distance
  • Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed under pressure point areas where the greatest amount of traction is required, supported by a series of computer generated traction lugs
  • Custom (removable) cushioned insole with added compression in the regional pressure point areas
  • EVA foam midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • TPU heel stabilizer that runs from the heel into the arch centering the foot in the shoe to enable proper biomechanics and prevent roll over injuries
  • Premium synthetic leather uppers with custom fit structure for added support on both the medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe
  • “Sta-put” laces comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Elements of a more traditional, yet fashionable design
  • 100% waterproof with a 2 year waterproof warranty

The Distance Golf Shoe

details about the black with gray SQAIRZ golf shoe

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Flat rate for most International orders.


Black & Gray


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13



Product Type

Men's Golf Shoes


Black, Grey

162 reviews for ARROW – Black with Gray

  1. Mark Kolman (verified owner)

    I am 75 years old. I have been playing golf since I was six. I play three days a week, 12 months a year in Arizona. Yes, I am retired.
    I bought a pairs of Sqairz early last year, and then a second. I alternate wearing them.
    I’m no golf pro or a ground force scientist. But my index was 12.6 when I got my first pair of Sqairz and today I am an 8.4, regularly shooting in the 70s. There are other factors, but I assure you I am not younger, stronger or more flexible than I was 17 months ago. Today I hit the ball farther and straighter. I believe that my Sqairz shoes make a difference.

  2. Michael Kuznar (verified owner)

    The Arrow, black color, was the first pair of SQAIRZ I bought and I immediately took them on a non-golfing walk along the course. Wanted to see how they felt on my feet before playing in them. I was soooo pleased I’ve since bought additional pairs/colors. SQAIRZ is now the only brand of golf shoe I wear!

  3. Jim Manteiga (verified owner)

    Just bought a pair if these shoes from Sqairz and I was pretty impressed when I unboxed them. They even sent a nice pair of socks with my order which was appreciated. Oregon is well known for it’s rainy season and, wouldn’t you know that after a 5 day spree of clear whether, it would rain today, the same day these were delivered. But no matter, I did try them on and I was immediately impressed again with the way they felt and the look they had. That square design really lets your feet balance well, as opposed to my other rounded gold shoes. I want to thank Sqairz for how they treated me from the time I ordered them and I can’t wait to get to the course or range and try these out. If Sir Nick Faldo will stand behind them, you know it has to be a good product. Thanks again for the great customer support.

  4. bart casiello

    Hi All,

    I received my Sqairz right before a golf trip to orlando. We played 9 rounds in 8 days so I put these shoes thru the ringer. They were fantastic! In the past if I tried to play this many rounds back to back I would have developed blisters on my toes where they were pinched together. I had absolutely no blisters or issues. Despite playing on wet courses my feet remained dry. The staff put laces are brilliant! These are simply the best thought out and most comfortable golf shoes made. Kudos Sqairz!! You have a customer for life.

  5. William B.

    Went half a size smaller, fit perfectly. Love the stay put shoelaces. Free lifetime replacement spikes how can you not love these high quality shoes. Haven’t been able to play yet due to all of the snow but once I get a round in I’ll finish the review.

  6. Michael Quigley

    Played my first round with my new Sqairz Arrow black/grey shoes, which I received just the other day. I must say, after one very good round here in the Palm Springs, Ca area, I am very impressed. They look great, are very comfortable to wea, even brand new out of the box, and yes, they actually seem to perform as advertised. I am a 66-yr old 24 handicap with somewhat narrow feet. I was worried about the “wider footbed” of these shoes, but they actually fit well and felt great on my first 18 holes. And yes, my drives actually were longer….I was as long or longer than any of the other guys in my foursome. And even better, I swear, every single drive was in the fairway…something I’ve never been able to accomplish thus far. So I wound up shooting an 89 on my home track, something I was quite happy with. Now if only the shoes could help me get rid of the 3 three-putts I made. Seriously, I think the stability and comfort level that these shoes offer are well worth the price paid to obtain a quality game improvement tool.
    Indio, CA

  7. Favorite Daughter ?

    Great gift for my father’s 80th Birthday! He loves the fit and stable stance provided from his Sqairz. I ordered a half size smaller than his usual sized based on other reviews. Great advice—they fit perfectly. Look super sharp too! He can’t wait to hit the course.

  8. Nolan E

    I have only wore these shoes once but it was in extremely wet and sloppy conditions. After the round my socks were bone dry. They were comfortable and stable. The non slip silicone on the shoe strings is a nice idea but wont last long as some of silicone has come off already. Not sure how these will perform in the summer but for winter and wet conditions they are spectacular.

  9. mclandrich (verified owner)

    I have a very wide foot, 4E. The problem that I have with most golf shoes is not so much the width at the widest part, but that the width tapers too quickly toward the toes section. This pinches my toes together so that the pinky is forced against and underneath the adjacent toe. So, when I heard about the SQAIRZ shoe, I thought that this would be the ideal shoe for me. I ordered the shoe primarily seeking comfort, but also looking forward to a technical advance to help with my golf shots. When the shoes arrived my first impression was that the shoe lives up to its name – it has a “square” toe box. Although there is more area in the toe box relative to the widest part of the shoe, it still was not wide enough for me. I called the company and was told that the SQAIRZ shoe width corresponds to an E width and that it comes in only one width at this time. They told me to look out for a wider size, possibly in the spring. If that happens I will definitely buy a pair since the shoe seems to be well designed and made. Also, the company customer service was excellent. They allowed me to return my original purchase and even provided a pre-paid shipping label.

  10. Bob Deaton, Belmont NC

    When I saw Faldo talking about these shoes, I had the idea that these were what I’ve been looking for , for years. They are! I usually buy FootJoy or Adidas, and they are fine shoes. The Sqairz, however, are ringing my bell! I got them for my birthday-Christmas. The stability is phenomenal. The comfort level is right up there with the best. The stay-put shoe laces are wonderful with their little nobbies to keep them exactly the tension that you tied them.(I like my laces tied a little loosely.) The square toe is nice and easy on the toes. It also helps with alignment on shots and putting. I have a tendency to line up slightly open, but the square toes still help. I love the micro fiber top. I’ve always been a “leather shoe” man and kept them polished. Dirt will not stay on the micro fiber! Washes right off with a damp cloth. I’ve played with them twice in the January mud, and got them looking brand new after each outing. I ordered mine directly from Came to my front door in just a few days. Customer service was 10+.Superior!

  11. Joe C

    Great looking shoes out of the box. I had to loosen the laces at the top to get one shoe from binding, then things were ok. The laces are interesting, but gimmicky. The little pips break off very easily. I did feel very stable in the shoes. At 17 handicap, I don’t think I’m capable of noticing a performance increase. No trouble getting a full turn off the right foot. The cleaned up easy after my muddy round.


    Superb fit. Purchased 1/2 size smaller than my regular golf shoe. I am flat footed and with wide feet. The fit is phenomenal for my needs

  13. Mark Guay

    Played 3 rounds, took some getting used to but they live up to the hype & worth the money. I’ve had both knees replaced & was initially concerned about torque. However they’re not aggressive in that way & I have yet feel my knees stick

  14. Gerard Howley

    Finally had a chance to play golf and wear my Sqairz!! I’ve worn FootJoys for many years and these are by far the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve had!!

  15. Anonymous

    Love them. Very comfortable

  16. John P Millard

    Unfortunately bought these just as winter weather came here to SW Ohio. Have been walking around the carpet in the living room and so far so good. Can’t wait to get out on the golf course to see how they work.

  17. Al

    I’m a big guy, 6’4″, 260 pounds, bad knee, and Size 13 shoes. I bought these shoes because I wanted a wider, more stable foundation. They operate exactly as advertised. And, I found out during my first round wearing them that they are completely waterproof. Very nice shoes.

  18. Michael

    So glad I got these as a present for Christmas. They are very comfortable!!

  19. B. Morris

    At first glance and feel I thought they would be heavy on my feet but soon discovered a truly comfortable, solid product. I played in morning dew and my feet stayed dry the whole round. Got a lot of compliments. I felt firmly planted in my stance and swing with every on every hole that brought my game to a renewed confidence. Give them a try

  20. Tom F

    Great. Will buy again.

  21. Nathalie Guesthier

    Very nice looking golf shoes. Very comfortable says my hubby! I’ll buy a pair for myself next spring!

  22. J Terry Johnson

    I ordered two pair of these shoes and paid for two pair but only received one pair. Please check your records. You owe me one more 10.5 size golf shoe

  23. Dave Albanese

    My number one swing fault is periodically swaying away from the ball when initiating my swing. I bought the sqairz shoes to see if they could in fact help. Well my first round was a gross 82 on a nice Houston course where the US Open qualifies regularly. I’m soon to celebrate my 73 birthday currently playing to a fifth teen handicap and endorse the shoes. Rare in this day and age for a product to out perform expectations.

  24. Frank Halstead – Ace On 9 Golf

    These shoes are amazing! This was actually the 2nd pair I bought. The 1st I bought for myself. These were purchased as a gift for my Master PGA pro in Sedona AZ. Everything is as advertised and make sure you follow their sizing guides! Chris tells me they have a new line coming out this spring. I’ll can’t wait to try those as well!

  25. Ray

    These shoes are great! I dont know about distance gains because my swing off the tee is a little f’d up right know lol. These are probably the most comfortable shoes i have worn in a long time. I believe the square toe has helped me more around the green and putting more than anything else so far. great product about to buy a second pair.

  26. Gary Lineburg

    I took the leap to try this shoe, hoping it might solve a toe issue I’ve had from golfing (walking) on a course with lots of elevation. It is a heavier shoe, but I love the stability and believe it will last longer. Best of all my toes are happy with the extra room to spread out— issue gone!
    The special laces and unique shaped socks were unexpectedly impressive.

  27. Jeff Morrison

    This is my third pair of Sqairz shoes. I have tried all the brands but these are by far the best. Certainly the most comfortable for my feet. I love them.

  28. Thomas

    Very skeptical because of price, but after wearing them, they were great. Well worth the price. Very well built. Some didn’t like the square toe, but they weren’t wearing them. Lol great shoe !

  29. George L.

    These are my second pair of Sqairzs’ and, just like the first, (the White with Red Arrow), they are both comfortable and fit perfectly right out of the box. To highlight my point, I received them on a Tuesday, laced them up on Thursday Night and walked the course on Friday – I would NEVER consider doing this with a new pair of shoes, but then, these are not your average golf shoe. My wife is so impressed that she can’t wait until the ladies line comes out. FIVE STARS!!!

  30. William Johnston

    Love the shoes

  31. Tim

    Great shoes. Agree, the shoes run large.
    Had some rubbing on the back of my left heel you probably need to wear calf high socks until the shoes are broken in.
    Definitively a great gripping shoe

  32. Colleen Rezendes

    I bought these for my husband for X-Mas, so I don’t know how they will feel on his feet. But upon inspection, they look like they are extremely well made.

  33. Eric Francis

    shoes feel heavy but are very comfortable on my feet. I have about 15 pairs of shoes and these by far are the most comfortable. iwear black in winter will be getting white for summer.

  34. Reagan Lambert

    Used for the first time today. Amazing stability. Would like another pair. Any discounts available?

  35. James

    Great shoes

  36. Albert

    The shoes look great . They are very comfortable.
    I am looking forward to my next round

  37. Theo neteler


  38. Scott Simmons

    As advertised, the shoe provides excellent balance and stability. The top of the shoe does rub my ankle area a bit and hopefully that will subside with time.

  39. Steven P

    Very good shoe. First impression was that they are alittle clunky, but you can feel the stability when swinging a club. Have not had the chance to wear on course during actual round, but will comment when I do.

  40. TRM

    The shoes are extrmely comfortable and very well made. I can feel an improvement in stability over other shoes I have worn (Adidas, Foot Joys, Puma). If Sir Nick is correct I might see some improvement in my handicap. I will be buying another pair in the near future once my other pair wears out. (I am Scottish so I can’t bear to get rid my other shoes until they wear out.

  41. Bruce N

    I bought a pair of the black Arrows and, upon receiving, immediately took them to try out on the driving range. As suggested, I did order a half size smaller than my usual size. This was perfect for me. I found the shoes incredibly comfortable providing the exact type of stability and support I want in a golf shoe. I’m looking forward to soon ordering another pair in white!

  42. Gb

    Very nice and roomy. Extremely stable platform.

  43. Lee

    I’ve used the shoes for several rounds and they are great.

  44. Gary Rathbone

    Best shoes on the market.

  45. JeffGiles

    I love these golf shoes!

  46. CS

    Have played 2 rounds with these shoes and love them. Very solid and well made. Give me a very stable feeling. I’d have to say these are the best golf shoes I’ve ever worn. Highly recommended.

  47. Brian C.

    Was intrigued by the whole concept. Bought the shoes and am very happy I did. Comfortable from the first round. Well made and love the style. Would recommend to anyone.

  48. Eric W

    The Sqairz black with gray are the most comfortable golf shoes I’ve ever owned. Your feet will thank you.

  49. bill

    Shoe are a quality build. Love the square toe and the way they built the tongue into the shoe. The Sta-put laces work super. I’m a 10 2e shoe size, the 10 fit me fine. Give them a try.

  50. jeffrey kunkes, md

    will buy another soon great people to talk with on the phone

  51. scott allen

    out of the box and onto the course.
    walked 18 holes, no blisters, comforfable and light weight. The square toebox is a game changer. I have 2 pair now.. nice work..


    Comfort is supreme- but they are a little heavier than I expected—. But I may order another pair

  53. Chuck Cramer

    Have only played one round but I like the feeling of stability is so different.

  54. Mike Swanson

    They feel great but I should have got a bit larger size.

  55. Brian

    I’ve only played one round with them but they fit fantastic and are extremely comfortable!

  56. Nathan

    Only been able to play two rounds since these arrived and I was not totally thrilled on the looks at first, square toe and all, but that quickly faded. The second round was the best driving round I’ve had in ages. My long irons also were spot on, usually shank long irons two or three times a round due to swaying. I base this review on the fact that I’ve never been this much in balance with any golf shoe ever. Again this is based off of two rounds but I feel there are many more to come. Will buy again. Also I am a size 10 and ordered a 10 and the fit is really good.

  57. Joseph Todisco

    Want all colors in my wardrobe.

  58. David D

    These shoes are everything the company claims them to be! Fit is perfect after break in, the stability and traction clearly outperforms my other shoes hands down. Comfort is great. I was skeptical on the traction but I am impressed. IMO these are the best shoes on the market.

  59. Tommy Thompson

    Put them on out of the box and felt good and shoe was real comfortable

  60. David

    Only wore once. Felt more stable walking and swinging. Early morning wet conditions and my feet were bone dry. I’m 66…walked 18. By the end right ankle was a bit sore in 2 spots. Left foot perfect. Actually broke skin in 2 small spots…I think I had right shoe tied too tight. Won’t be playing again until February when I vacation in Florida. I plan on riding and wearing the shoes. I’m optimistic.

  61. Jaime H Munoz


  62. Joe A

    Love the shoes. Wore them two days in a row right out of the box with no issues. They feel solid when I swing in ways that you have to try to understand. Really plant my feet. They clean up easy using a damp cloth. Actually happened that when my water heater blew I wore my Sqairz to clean the water out of the garage and never got the socks wet.

  63. Anonymous

    Awesome fitting shoes. Very comfortable and stable

  64. David Dalton

    Very nice shoe

  65. Stan

    I received these as a gift and was excited to try them. I have used them multiple times for both practice and playing. They are very comfortable and since I have a wider foot they are great for not squeezing my feet. I have not worn in rain yet but they appear to be solidly built.

  66. Steven Williams

    I wear 11.5 size and the site says order half a size smaller ? So send 11.0 size for me to check the proper fit.

  67. Joey Lyle

    As advertised, every part of design adds stability. Very comfortable. I ordered 1/2 smaller than usual and they fit perfect. Like the look of them too. Great!

  68. Thomas Martz

    Was a bit skeptical of the shoes prior to ordering, but when I received them and played my first round, I was convinced they are everything they say about them. My alignment is better, my shots were better and most important my balance was better. A great shoe.

  69. Charlie

    Very Comfortable…arches are good for now, I usually utilize inserts…not yet

  70. Dave Sanguinetti

    This is the most stable shoe I have worn in 10-12 years. Great grounding and the ability to transfer maximun energy to the ball. I wear a 13 and length was great, toe box excellent, width at ball just a smidge to tight. Overall an excellent shoe!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Wilbert C Thomas Jr

    Best shoe I have worn in ages . Great look excellent fit . I have worn only once since purchasing . Looking forward to enjoying many rounds .

  72. Shane Matzen

    As recommended by other buyers, I purchased 1⁄2 a size lower and came out very pleased. The square toe was very comfortable and helps me line up my shots and the grip in the sod is exemplary. I am a very happy customer!

  73. Frank

    Decided to give these a try and glad I did. Recieved them on Thursday and played my first round in them on Saturday. Felt really comfortable out of the box and I didn’t know if I would like the square toe but it seemed to help with alignment. I shot an 80 on a course I normally struggle to break 90 on. Was it the shoes?? Maybe so. Swing felt really solid and in balance. Glad I purchased them!!

  74. Randy Schmudlach

    Extremely well built golf shoe

  75. Geezer 7

    First of all: I trust Sir Nick. Second: corny as it is, I shot my two lowest rounds of the year the first two times I wore the shoes straight from the box. Love the room for toes. The shoes are so bad looking they will become “cultish.”

  76. John


  77. Pierre

    excellent golf shoe

  78. Russ Peterson

    I purchased my first pair a little over a month ago. I love the additional support to my ankles (I broke one last January wearing spikeless shoes). I also love the firm feel as I set up to a shot. I liked the original White pair so much I ordered a second pair in Black. Both sets of shoes are the best golf shoe I have ever worn. I am a well satisfied customer.

  79. norman g

    Very comfortable no break in needed

  80. John Fischer

    These shoes are so stable, it’s amazing. The first day I wore them my friend noticed that my swing was more balanced, and he said I even looked better over my putts! I bought them thinking I’d use the 30 day money back guarantee if I had to, but after only a week and a half of use, I am sure I am keeping them!

  81. Carol anderson

    Most comfortable and most support I have ever had in a golf shoe ! Planning to get a second pair.

  82. Tony

    Just played my first round with these new shoes and they were super comfortable walking for 18 holes. I swing pretty hard and never felt any slips despite the extra room in the front of the shoes. I can’t really say whether they actually result in added distance as I also put a new driver into play but they feel well made and gripped the ground . I wasn’t sure if they would be funny looking due to the square front but they look great and even came with a pair of socks which was an unexpected bonus. Worth the price.

  83. DENNIS

    ive worn this shoe in about 8 rounds of golf, the traction, balance & stability is BY FAR the best I’ve ever felt in a golf shoe !!!! its definitely a well built shoe, true to size & waterproof !! I’m 48 years old, 6’5 270lbs & have a 12 handicap . the only down side is that the comfort level is just not up to par w/ other golf shoes

  84. Stanley

    Feet feels very stable during back swing and down swing. The shoe laces come undone once or twice during a round. I wish they can incorporate BOA – like technology with laces. Other than that this is the best golf shoes I had so far.

  85. Karl

    Well, I needed to try these because of the support claims and quality advertised. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! In fact, I WAS MOST IMPRESSED! Unbelievable performance, quality and support! Yes, choose the smaller size as recommended—I bought two pair just to be sure, I chose the 11.5 vs the 12! I have a friend w 12.5 shoes and he will buy them from me! (I got lucky there!) A must get for those requiring a high quality golf shoe!!

  86. Bob Simpson

    I pretty much like everything about these shoes from the laces that stay tied to the comfortable insoles. Really like the look of the square toe but I need to order a dozen pair of the socks they came with best ever

  87. Dan O’Neill

    My suggestion would be to throw in the extra spike set when you sell a pair so that we have them if we need them. I really enjoyed the pair of socks you sent also very comfortable, I will order more of those. Appear to be very solidly built shoes

  88. Jim doyle

    Very Comfortable and stable. Love the extra toe space. Would recommend these found sizing to be accurate and would not size up

  89. James

    Purchased my first pair but it won’t be my last.
    Great fit, support and appearance.

  90. David

    From the first time I put them on they felt great thank you

  91. Dennis

    im 6’5 270lbs, 12 handicap, I’ve played 5 rounds of golf in the Sqairz shoe. there is no question about it, shoe definitely controls your balance & stability , although , unless there is a longer break-in time, I’m not happy w/ the comfort level

  92. Mark H Kolman

    I have been playing golf for 68 years. I can’t count the number of golf shoes I have worn. These are the best. The wide shoebox is great for my wide (aging) feet. But the really wide bottom, with soft spikes, provides more grip than I can remember in any shoes since we stopped wearing metal spikes. I am thrilled that I took a chance on these shoes that are more expensive than what I usually buy, but worth every penny. If you want to feel more connected to the course, buy these shoes.

  93. Joe

    I ordered this second pair of shoes because the same shoe in white I bought last month was so sturdy and comfortable. I’ve always purchased quality footwear and Sqairz will be my future choice.

  94. TOM Barry

    Quality product. Have not slipped and these are very stable throughout the swing ( I’m guilty of swinging way too hard ). Can’t say I’ve gained yards but can say that I like them very much after only a couple rounds!

  95. Ronald Shaffer

    best golf shoes ever

  96. Appa009

    It’s a very comfortable to walk and play entire 18 holes. Well made and looks fantastic too. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  97. Orlando Rodriguez

    The grip to the ground is excellent, your foot is roomy and easy to adapt to them.
    My only negative is that high in the tongue on the inside of both feet Is a little hard and it created a small blister.
    I’m assuming that with usage it will get better.

  98. Mark Kolman

    I did a lot of research on these new shoes before I purchased. They delivered on all the hype and great reviews. The provide an incredibly solid base and increase my power. Also, they are amazingly comfortable for a guy with wide feet who has trouble finding shoes that don’t hurt. I love them.

  99. John McCombe

    The jury is still out. Worn them for 2 rounds. I’m an ECCO guy. Stability is excellent but still getting used to the feel. Toe box room is an improvement over the ECCO

  100. Andy Feeney

    They are awesome. Have foot issues and the wide toe box and stability are great

  101. Scott Kilgore

    Very grippy and stable. Comfort is good, but not exactly cushy like some of my Adidas and Nikes. But that’s not meant as a criticism

  102. Ken Duemig

    The shoes feel comfortable, are definitely water proof and are exactly as advertised

  103. Mitch Heller

    These are among the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. They seem to be built like they can withstand anything and are comfortable to boot. I play early each morning so I play in wet conditions all the time. My feet stay dry and the grip on the ground is amazing. I really don’t know if there is a correlation but I have played four rounds with them so far. I am a 14 handicap. My best round before owning these shoes, on my home course, was an 84. My four rounds with these shoes are 84, 83, 88, 82. I will be getting a second pair in just a little while.

  104. Rob

    I usually purchase a new pair of shoes every year and am not loyal to any brand. Finding a good pair of shoes for stability is very hard. These are very stable along with being good looking and comfortable. Very impressed with the innovative laces.

  105. Russ King

    Probably best golf shoes I’ve ever owned. Great fit, waterproof and very stable when swinging the clubs.

  106. Mitchell Heller

    I ordered and received a size 9 1/2 and it was clear it was too big even though I usually wear a 9 1/2 or 10 in an athletic shoe. I returned it for a size 9 and wore them for the first time this past Friday. First of all they are built so well it seems like they will last forever. I almost always get the first tee time in the morning and walk the course. I am a dew sweeper. These shoes kept my feet dry all round. They were amazingly comfortable for a shoe that also gives so much support. That is a big accomplishment being so supportive and also very comfortable. Now lets talk about gripping the ground. Only one word comes to mind WOW! My feet did not slip at all and again I play on wet grounds all the time. I am a believer. Just waiting to order my second pair so I can switch off every other day. Highly recommended.

  107. Robert Wells

    By far the best golf shoe I have ever owned

  108. Stonewaller

    Walked one round and bought a second pair that night. I normally wear a wide shoe but these for me fine. I am counting on these shoes lasting.

  109. Perry Sedgwick

    Very comfortable and keep your feet dry in wet conditions. I highly recommend.

  110. William Purdy

    I recommend

  111. Paul Scharff

    Very comfortable, good stability.

  112. Pswan

    Customer service Mickey was helpful. I changed my mind from black to gray. They fit fine…just changed color.

  113. Chris O.

    I’m 72 years old, have wide feet, and it’s been hard to find a comfortable cleated golf shoe over the years. Thought I’d give these a try and have played six rounds so far, five walking and one in a cart. As advertised, my toes aren’t crammed into the front of the shoe as with other brands. The innovative laces hold firm throughout the round, so no more double tying knots. And they are extremely waterproof which is so important here in New England. Pre-Covid 19 I would play 100+ rounds each year, but only 46 so far this year. Not the lightest shoe, but certainly the most comfortable and very stylish. Liked them so much I’ve already bought a second pair. If you like to walk the course as I do, you should definitely give these a try.

  114. Scott H

    Shoe fit great. I wear a wide and have no issues with this shoe. I am going to put an insert in because there is no cushion, but other than that i am satisfied.

  115. Scott H

    Good shoe, although i will be putting an insert in them for some added cushioning.

  116. Anonymous

    Wish they would offer more stylish shoe colors. They look conservative but color would add some spice.

  117. russ

    Was skeptical when told to step down a half size. I have a wide foot and was unsure. They were comfortable out of the box. They fit real good right away. Played 18 holes and they were the best golf shoe I’ve worn. The pair of sox in the box was a pleasant surprise. Very good fit. Great shoe. Will purchase another pair soon.

  118. Anonymous

    love the wider box toe plus it helps alignment, very comfortable

  119. Steve Sucher

    I am enjoying these shoes since I received them. They are comfortable and feel sturdy.
    I got them for the balance and so far they are working. I am a 13 Handicap and shot a 84 & 78 this last weekend. Best scores in ages.

  120. Brad

    Played my 1st round with my new Sqairz shoes and loved the feel of them. Would highly recommend to anyone

  121. Keith Bank

    These shoes are so stable and comfortable, that they make walking 18 holes a breeze. The phenomenal traction I get when swinging is worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend these to any golfer interested in playing better and swinging more confidently.

  122. Peter Anderson

    Very impressed with quality and fit of these Golf Shoes. They provide excellent support and contribute to a more stable swing foundation. Even the Shoe Laces and Socks are designed to maximize Shoe performance.

  123. Forrest Menzing

    The most comfortable pair of golf shoes I Have ever worn. Played 36 the first day and never had discomfort. Will probably order a second pair.

  124. Laurence Harter

    When I took the right shoe out of the box and laced it,put it on and tightened it I knew the laces had to go! I found a pair of regular black laces and put them in the shoes.I don’t know whose idea those laces are,but they are a pain in the butt.Although I ordered 1/2 smaller size than my old foot joys I found I needed to use a heavier shock.Then I laced them up and went for a good hike,I went through weeds and bushes on a local mountain trails.Came home the laces hadn’t loosened at all.I’m 80 yrs. old can’t remember shoe laces comeing loose in a round of golf.Been playing since 1953,you can keep your laces,I like the shoes.

  125. David Newton

    Most comfortable golf shoe I’ve ever worn and I played much better!

  126. Bobby

    Played my first round in my Golf Shoes and was very impressed with the fact that my feet didn’t hurt in the toe area for the first time in years. I like to walk the course and still felt great after my round.

  127. Ty

    Golf a lot here in the rain. These could not be better for the conditions here.

    Would love to see a lighter/mesh/summer version. Would buy those up in a heart beat!

  128. James Powers

    Shoes very very comfortable Sqairz eye laces very very. cool. Good by. Ecco Hello. Sqairz

  129. Randy

    Excellent fit now that I do not have to buy a larger size Shoe

  130. Ed Blosel

    I own seven other pairs of golf shoes, these are the best.

  131. Erik

    The fit of these shoes is outstanding! Normally I need to “break-in” a shoe before I can play a round of golf; NOT with these shoes… I laced them up and played 9-holes and it was like an old comfortable shoe, ready for action. The traction is a major bonus, and the shoes still are lightweight.
    THANK YOU for making such an outstanding golf shoe.

  132. jeff Hamus

    Love the fit and feel

  133. William Davis

    After one round they were fine

  134. Single digit

    I beg to differ with the advice of getting a smaller size in anything. I have a 4E wide foot and am a 9 1/2 shoe size but bought the size 10. Very comfortable, but still snug. The shoes make me feel very stable and grounded throughout the swing. They are substantially more lightweight than they appear. 4 stars only because of lack of color options. Would like to see all black, all white or white with blue

  135. Eric Myers

    Shoe is fantastic. Unbelievably comfortable and the extra traction and stability is fantastic. Built quality seems great. Every detail down to the no slip laces has been well thought out. I highly recommend these to everyone. Go a half size smaller than your normal size. Expensive but superior to every other shoe I’ve owned.

  136. Pat Moore

    I’ve played a few rounds and my first impression is very favorable. I’ve never felt such a solid connection with the ground and that leads to more confidence executing a proper swing.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of the season!

  137. Mike Mullinax

    I normally order 13 EX Wide, so I was a bit concerned whether the claim that the shoes would fit without having a separate size for EX Wide. I turns out that the shoes fit me perfectly. My prediction after wearing once is that I will come to think of these as the best golf shoes I have ever had.

  138. Greg W

    Performance, Comfort … Best golf shoe…. Get it..

  139. Davis Webster

    The design and thought process behind this shoe is/was long overdue. The best part, Sqairz is a modern day company with an old school business platform. If you prefer to do business with a company that truly puts the consumer first, then Sqairz Golf is that company!

  140. Edwin Sarniak

    Have hit practice balls (70 each time) and was impressed by lack of foot fatique.

  141. John Hagendorf

    These shoes provide the most stability of any shoe I have ever tried while being very comfortable. The laces are an added bonus.

  142. Laura Coleman

    I bought these shoes as a gift for my 78 year old husband who plays golf every day. He loves them! He has a small (size 8) foot, but wide and I thought these would be perfect and they are! Customer Service is also fantastic…I had to return the larger size for a smaller size and they were right on it.
    Thank you!!!!!! P.S. I got the socks!

  143. Edward Hastings

    Purchased the golf shoe at the site using recommended sizing information, and the shoe fit out of the box seemed just right, however, really need to play a round to confirm the fit and performance to be sure. The return policy indicated a refund if unused which was a bit concerning as to how that was going to be determined if the round played did not meet my standard to keep. I contacted the company on this matter both by email and phone to clarify and potentially return.

    I tell you this background to understand how I am now a big fan.

    I contacted the company to return given the issue of the return language.

    The CEO Bob Winskowicz called me directly on my cell to encourage me to play 18 in the shoes and then decide.

    I took his advise and the end result is I think the product is great. It provides good support and is comfortable. A very good performance golf shoe.

    Importantly, the CEO and Founder cares enough about the product and it’s customer to personally call and to then follow up with another call. That is excellent brand support and communication.

    Buy them and try them.

  144. Kevin Anderson

    Great attention to detail. Comfort is tops. Fit as recommended. Bonus pair of socks with the shoes very unexpected.