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20/20 – Gray with Blue

(79 customer reviews)
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$199.97 $159.97

Free Shipping In The USA

The 20/20 Gray With Blue features the patented SQAIRZ® toe which allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground.



SQAIRZ 20/20, Gray with Blue

Free Shipping In The USA

close up view of a gray with blue SQAIRZ golf shoe and golfers wearing them


  • Patented SQAIRZ® toe allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Symmetrical wider base in the forefoot area for greater stability and balance
  • Patent pending Torque Generation System (TGS) outsole for superior ground connection to maximize torque, swing speed, and distance
  • Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed under pressure point areas where the greatest amount of traction is required, supported by a series of computer generated traction lugs
  • Custom (removable) cushioned insole with added compression in the regional pressure point areas
  • EVA foam midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • TPU heel stabilizer that runs from the heel into the arch centering the foot in the shoe to enable proper biomechanics and prevent roll over injuries
  • Premium synthetic leather uppers with custom fit structure for added support on both the medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe
  • “Sta-put” laces comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Very cool, contemporary, fashionable design
  • 100% waterproof with a 2 year waterproof warranty

The Distance Golf Shoe

details about the gray with blue SQAIRZ golf shoe

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in

FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING. Flat rate for most International orders.


Gray & Blue


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13



Product Type

Men's Golf Shoes


Grey, Blue

79 reviews for 20/20 – Gray with Blue

  1. Jeff Bradford (verified owner)

    Just received my pair of gray/blue SQAIRZ golf shoes today. Tried them on and they are a perfect fit. Headed out to the golf course for 9 holes of golf. After walking 9 holes I couldn’t believe how comfortable the shoes are. They are truly unlike any other golf shoes I have owned. I’m going to order another pair in black. I believe that if you try a pair of these golf shoes, you won’t be disappointed. I don’t know yet if they will improve my golf game, but they sure are comfortable.

  2. Tad Jacks (verified owner)

    I am now week 6 and about 12 rounds under my belt of playing in these shoes. Two observations- First, I just bought a second pair. Second, I walk and my course has lots of hills. With the inclines( down in particular) and following my pushcart, I have never felt more confident that I have a good base.

    I bought 1/2 size smaller as many customers have stated – and that was the right move.

    I also want to tell everyone that these shoes are perfect for working on a practice range. I can draw many lines. First, when using alignment sticks, the toe box helps make the connections that are needed. Second, I have also always thought of myself as ” a feel player” with adding the Sqairz show with my alignment stick work, I am becoming more technical and therefore, having more fun while practicing.

    Thank you, Sqairz and the team in New Hampshire!

  3. Jason Warren

    I got these because I liked the look of them. Figured if I got any extra benefits that wood be extra. Only played one round in them but can say I immediately noticed a better “connection” to the ground. Swing felt more grounded with better balance.

  4. Rich Douglas

    These shoes are supposed to be more stable than others, and they have three features that are supposed to provide that: Weight, square toe, and tread. Each is different, but not dramatically so.

    Some background: I what I want from a shoe most of all is stability. I swing with my left heel down and I want a shoe to help me keep it that way. These do that…a bit. Meaning, a bit more than my usual shoes. I’ve been playing adidas 360s since they were introduced, and have found them to be the best shoes yet. Well, the Sqairz certainly match them–if not exceed them.

    Weight: This is where most new users will trip up. These shoes are heavier than most. But they’re NOT heavier than the adidas 360s; in fact, they’re an ounce lighter.

    Square toe: I didn’t feel much difference here, either, although it is pronounced visually. But…the overall stability of this shoe is slightly superior to my adidas shoes, and I wonder if this is why.

    Tread: Meh. Not better, certainly not worse.

    Three other features worth noting are the laces the fit and comfort. The laces work as advertised, although I prefer the Boa on the adidas (which seems to be disappearing). The laces were great. The fit was terrific! Probably a little looser (before lacing) for your particular size, but that is a feature, not a bug, and utterly preferable to being tighter–no rescue from that! Finally, the comfort: that was great. They really felt great from the time I slipped them on to the time I took them off.

    (There’s also talk about the square toe as an alignment aid. I don’t look at my shoes when setting up, so I really didn’t notice it. Perhaps once I’m on the range can focus on it.)

    Bottom line: These shoes do what they say they’ll do. They’re at a premium price, sure, but they deliver at a premium level. These are the best shoes I’ve had (barely, but true) since we left metal spikes behind. I can’t wait to see what Sqairz comes up with next!

  5. Dorothy Holsapple

    I purchased these shoes for my husband, who is diabetic, for Christmas. Finding shoes that offer comfort and stability of any type can be a challenge but golf shoes has been the most challenging until now. He loves his SQAIRZ golf shoes, he says the comfort and stability are definitely helping to improve his game.

  6. Paul Wells

    I bought a pair of your shoes and have worn them 4 or 5 times. I was a bit skeptical of the rave reviews until I put them on. Skepticism went away went I walked around the house. Raving fan the first time I tried them on the golf course – unbelievable! All the 5 star reviews are spot on. These are the best golf shoes I have ever worn. Had a couple of guys asked me if I liked them after recognizing the unique shape and I am pretty sure my recommendation sold another couple of pairs of shoes. Putting my order in today for a second pair and some socks – love the socks, too.
    San Tan Valley, AZ 12/30/2020

  7. Paul Wells

    I bought a pair of your shoes and have worn them 4 or 5 times. I was a bit skeptical of the rave reviews until I put them on. Skepticism went away when I walked around the house. Raving fan the first time I tried them on the golf course – unbelievable! All the 5 star reviews are spot on. These are the best golf shoes I have ever worn. Had a couple of guys ask me if I liked them after recognizing the unique shape and I am pretty sure my recommendation sold another couple of pairs of shoes. Putting my order in today for a second pair and some socks – love the socks, too.

  8. James

    Well to start out they were very Comfortable first time out, then I pared first hole without warm up can I say anymore.

  9. Jim

    First time out with my new first Squairz, great feel and my first hole in one ever on a 180 yd par 3. What else is there to say

  10. David Bailey, Jr.

    Great fit and stability. Also nice to be able to wear from home to the course. I have 2 pairs now.

  11. Walter Ruden

    Shoes are good, comfort level is good not great, love the laces and free socks

  12. Ramon Castillo

    Excellent shoe with great traction and comfort

  13. Ronald Jesse

    Most comfortable golf shoe I ever worn. Would of liked to have different width sizes. My 10 is just a little tight, but I presume they will stretch a little bit. Very satisfied.

  14. Bruce G Povalish

    New purchase, played two rounds in two days= ZERO foot pain, ZERO leg pain. I have degenerative arthritis in my feet, especially big toes knuckle, these shoes worked great and saved my golf game!!!!

  15. James

    From the first time I put on shoes I loved them ! They are very comfortable and make you feel like no other shoe I’ve had and I’ve been playing 30 plus years. The only complaint I have is after my first 18 holes both of my heals had been rubbed with each having a blister on both. I didn’t even feel it rubbing. I bought some heel pads and hope it helps because I really like the shoes. Also wish they would put a pad like my orthofeet shoes have in them. Having a pad is nice but it could be upgraded. I will wear tomorrow for second round and hope heal pads will fix the problem. Love the width in the toes also.

  16. Bruce Evans

    very sturdy and fits perfect, added stability and distance to my swing

  17. Ted Watts

    I repeat better than I expected!!!

  18. Lee Miles

    First, thank you! Second, I still hobble from wearing my last pair of golf shoes all summer. I walk 18-holes 3-4 times a week and my ties were crushed each time till last week when I strung up my new, sexy Sqairz golf shoes.

    Such a difference! Just completed my third day in a row walking the course and my feet are ready for another round

  19. Steven

    Well,as you get older,it becomes so difficult to maintain an athletic stance whereby you are grounded and do not sway.These golf shoes are remarkable in that I am able to stay completely grounded with both the inside and outside of my feet.After a day the range with these shoes,I was able to swing like I was 20yrs.old.Amazing training aid.

  20. Scott Robinson

    I have used alot of golf shoes,and by far these are the most comfortable I’ve ever had. Love the feel and stability out of the box. The toe helps with alignment on putting for sure.

  21. Rich De Martini


  22. Stephen Clark

    Excellent shoe.Does keep both feet planted on the ground.Keeps you square at putting-key feature.Shoe laces actually keep shoes tied.Order 1/2 size smaller for good fit.Shoes do not hurt after playing like new shoes usually do. Only Downside is they dont clean easily but I can deal with it-only means they are positioned not to move so really overall excellent

  23. Dale Pitman

    So, my new Sqairz turned out to be everything Sir Nick said they would be and more. And, it was his endorsement that sealed the deal. And what a deal. I have an artificial right hip and flat feet, and haven’t been able to properly fire off my right side for 25 years… until today!
    Not only do the shoes provide an incredible platform for balance, but the squareness of the toe allows me to easily roll up on my right side, fire my hip, and square my belly to the target line and finish. I am instantly hitting the ball with more solid contact, increased swing speed, and distance, just as promised. Best $200 smacks I’ve ever spent on gear: G’day 10 index, hello mid single digits!

  24. Robert Trader

    These are the most comfortable shoes I have worn in my 26 years of golfing.

  25. Paul W

    Very stable, haven’t noticed extra yards yet. Comfortable.

  26. David Horn

    very comfortable golf shoe. big enough to get custom orthotics in them. A bit heavy, but not a negative as you can definitely feel the difference in overall balance.



  28. randy in texas

    best golf shoe i have ever owned

  29. Bob

    I had purchased a black pair and liked them so much I then got the same model in blue gray.
    As advertised the shoes have a wider toe box which gives plenty of room for the toes to spread that along with the sturdy construction of the shoe gives the firmest most stable base I have ever found in a golf shoe. Ground force is the basis for power in the golf swing. Stability is the key to consistency. So you get both with these shoes.
    Additionally I would say they appear to be very durable. I have only had the first pair for 4 months but with Covid I have been playing every day walking a hilly course and the shoes show no sign of wear. I anticipate that they will last for a very long time.

  30. Michael Bivins

    Great sole design. Very stable on any turf condition. Comfortable. A little heavier than the norm today, but worth it for stability. Easy clean up after play. Bought a second pair after two rounds.

  31. Dale Peterson

    Excellent golf shoes. I ordered 1/2 size smaller – fit perfectly. My first round was played in rain and these shoes held wet grass like glue. I walked the course, and they were comfortable, but a little on the heavy side. As far as adding distance, I don’t know about that. I would buy again when the need arises – worth the money.

  32. Bob

    If you have wide feet then order next size up I didn’t the first time but the second pair came in today and are much more comfortable

  33. Albert Gomez

    Love them!

  34. James

    Would recommend to anyone. Felt great on the course. Love the way they hold on the grass.

  35. Stewart

    Outstanding product

  36. Alan

    I always walk when playing. These shoes are very comfortable. They fit to size and are waterproof. Very happy with this purchase.

  37. Duke Gressett

    Very comfortable, good fit and they look good

  38. Daniel Mendez

    Played 9 with the new shoes today. Before I tried these shoes I would slide out on most Drives With many other shoe Brands. Today with the Sqairz shoe I had Zero Slide outs. I felt with out trying good balance and very stable on all shots.

  39. Robert Lafreniere

    I”m 60 years old and had many golf shoes. This pair of Sqairz I purchased are the the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever had. Plus my drives did go farther wearing the shoes also as advertised

  40. Nathanilel Higginbotham

    Most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. Love the stability also! Very heavy dew in the morning but feet are bone dry!

  41. Tim Lyles

    I’ve been playing golf all my life. I’m 58 years old with length off the tee never an issue. I’m 300 + yards consistently straight so I am looking forward in using these shoes for alignment and stability with more length being a bonus. I’ll probably buy a few pair for my golf buddies. Thank you

  42. Ken Hamlin

    1. The wide toe box is excellent and it made my podiatrist very happy…as well as my toes;
    2. The wider bottom sole greatly helps with my stability;
    3. The laces are a good idea to prevent slippage, but it does take a little more effort to cinch up;
    4. The only negative comment is the insole is worthless. All it does is take up room inside the shoe. I suggest talking with OrthFeet to get a better product.
    5. Other than the increased stability during the golf swing, I didn’t see any other game improvements.
    Overall, well worth the investment. Ken H.

  43. ferguson

    great shoes, little tightin the heel,will BUY AGAIN THANKS KANE

  44. Charles Collier

    I really like the shoes. The constitution of the shoe help stabilize my balance and my swing.

  45. Don

    Everything promised plus outstanding customer service. Highly recommend.

  46. coby

    Fit great, wonderful traction and help stabalize during the swing.

  47. William Silver

    The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I have been playing for 75 years. The wide toe is great and the square front makes it easier to check my alignment.

  48. Bob Parizek

    Out of the box, these are the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever had. I immediately noticed that I had no pain from cramping of my toes.

  49. Mark

    The shoe is Comfortable and well made. Definitely have room in the toe box that I like. Have not played in them yet. Looking forward to that. Really believe the traction an Square toe will be a benefit.

  50. Porter Palmer

    Keep making them better

  51. Richard Bogen

    Played my best golf in 2 years first day wearing these. Blisters on my heels but feet felt stable and fit seemed good.

  52. Earl Amos

    These are great shoes. Service is just as good.

  53. Paul Novotny

    Great shoe. Love the fit and finish.
    I played with them on 4 out of five days they were remarkably comfortable. Socks were perfect as well.

  54. Alan J Neuberger

    I’m 68 and have a narrow foot. I’ve been playing in adidas Tour 360 for year’s because they seem to run a little narrower than Footjoys.
    With Sqairz no risk return policy I ordered a pair (1/2 size smaller) and boy am I glad I did!
    I have played two rounds of golf with my new Sqairz. They are very comfortable and provide the stability needed for a fast swing speed and big body turn. I think I’ve gained some length.
    And thanks for the socks!

  55. Thayer

    I have played two rounds of golf with my new Sqairz. They are very comfortable and provide the stability needed for a fast swing speed and big body turn.

  56. Jeffrey Pickford

    I have neuropathy in my feet and ankle. I have to go to New Balance tennis shoes to play golf because regular golf shoes are too uncomfortable. Today I wore my new Sqairz golf shoes. They were very comfortable and I got traction I cannot get from tennis shoes.

  57. Bruce

    Awesome golf shoe. The laces don’t slip and the square shoe tip leaves your toes room. The wide width makes your foot very comfortable.

  58. Greg Gambill

    Shoes are very comfortable. Fit to size perfectly. Very stable platform, and look nice. Would buy again.

  59. Patrick Marshall

    I have a wide foot and these shoes are very comfortable for me. Also, the support is very good.

  60. Kris Whitmore

    I was pretty skeptical making this purchase but I actually like the stability and comfort of these shoes. I think they do help with alignment when putting as well. I do not have wide feet, but the fit is perfect and my feet are never tired even after 18 holes.

  61. Dante Bellino

    Geez, very good shoe. Basically, no break-in time. Very comfortable with great support built in. The next test is longevity. I’ll report back in 6 or 7 months.

  62. Dante Bellino

    Ok first thing, always order the smaller size if between sizes. I trusted the recommendation and the results are in, fits like a glove. Well built shoe, very comfortable right out of the box. I will definitely be recommending these to my friends.

  63. Allen Pattee

    Very comfortable. Waterproof. Provide excellent stability.

  64. John

    Best golf shoe I have ever owned!

  65. Bob Buslo

    So far very Happy

  66. Massengale

    Additional thoughts to previous review:
    So glad they come with stay-put laces! Finally someone has gotten a clue! I have gone out of my way to find “bubble laces” for years now on all my golf shoes. They never come untied while wearing, so why wouldn’t you?
    Also, thanks for the very nice socks! I’ll be buying more of those next time I need golf socks.

  67. Massengale

    Squairs are attractive, sturdy golf shoes. I was surprised at the sturdiness of the structure, which should keep one well-stabilized. And it’s nice to not have my toes compressed at all.
    They’re not quite as light as my ProSL’s, but close.
    I haven’t had them long enough to judge long-term, but am hoping my feet don’t fatigue as fast now. The only issue to me is sizing, since you can’t try them on, since they’re not in stores yet. I average a 10, so that’s what I got, and there’s a bit of extra room in the toes, and the heel almost thinks of being a tiny bit loose.
    How about a 9 3/4?

  68. Mark Bujanowski

    Awesome product. Great touch sending a free pair of golf socks that are so good you just have to buy more.

  69. Alan S Bronstein

    I’ve worn these shoes about 6-times walking. They are getting even more comfortable everything I wear them.


    I like not love the new shoes. They look great. The support in them is not as strong as I’m used to. The laces and the way they bind is very good.

  71. Rich Theurer

    I will be ordering a second pair. We play a lot of golf in Arizona.

  72. David V

    Feel great . Walker, so I put it to the test!

  73. Rich Theurer

    Very impressed with the stability and comfort. Square toes really helped me with alignment and I shot my first sub 80 round in two years. Thanks.

  74. Alan S Bronstein

    very comfortable for walking. I’m a 10.5 3E and the 10.5 fit perfectly. The square toe definitely helps with alignment. The socks are very comfy also and don’t slip.

  75. Brian

    Awesome shoes! Very comfortable and helped with support and balance. A must product!

  76. Fred Clark

    I have always wore Footjoy golf shoes. I switched to SQAIRZ and happy that I did. They are extremely comfortable and even more with your socks. I would highly recommend them.

  77. Les Vitale

    Great quality, fit, feel and look. The extra room in the forefoot and solid anchoring in the heel is Immediately noticeable and comfortable throughout the round. Noticeable alignment when setting up to putt and chip

  78. David F

    Finally had a chance to get out of freezing Chicago and try my Sqairz in the Charleston area last weekend. They looked great and provided a lot of stability – much more than the shoes that I was last using. The squared toes definitely helped me with my alignment on both the short and long game. Would definitely recommend these golf shoes to serious golfers like myself as well as beginners.

  79. Wax

    good shoe

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© 2021 SQAIRZ. All Rights Reserved.

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