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20/20 – Black with Red

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The 20/20 Black With Red features the patented SQAIRZ® toe which allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground.



SQAIRZ 20/20, Black with Red

sqairz golf shoes and golfers wearing them


  • Patented SQAIRZ® toe allows the toes to spread and sit naturally in the shoes which enables the feet to experience full range of motion, unparalleled comfort, and feel for the ground
  • Symmetrical wider base in the forefoot area for greater stability and balance
  • Patent pending Torque Generation System (TGS) outsole for superior ground connection to maximize torque, swing speed, and distance
  • Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed under pressure point areas where the greatest amount of traction is required, supported by a series of computer generated traction lugs
  • Custom (removable) cushioned insole with added compression in the regional pressure point areas
  • EVA foam midsole for maximum responsive cushioning
  • TPU heel stabilizer that runs from the heel into the arch centering the foot in the shoe to enable proper biomechanics and prevent roll over injuries
  • Premium synthetic leather uppers with custom fit structure for added support on both the medial and lateral sides of the feet
  • Gusseted tongue prevents water, sand, or other debris from entering the interior of the shoe
  • “Sta-put” laces comfortably forms the shoe to the top of your foot and locks it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for added comfort
  • Very cool, contemporary, fashionable design
  • 100% waterproof with a 2 year waterproof warranty
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 

The Distance Golf Shoe

Black with Red SQAIRZ highlights

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 5 in

Black & Red


7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 13



Product Type

Men's Golf Shoes


Black, Red

64 reviews for 20/20 – Black with Red

  1. Ernest Sargent (verified owner)

    I thought these might be hyped up a bit, but trusted Sir Nick as he’s pretty straightforward. Best golf shoes I’ve ever worn – unbelievably comfortable and incredibly stable. I’m 65 and they’ve definitely helped my game both with staying balanced and squaring up properly for putting. Been complimented on the look of them too!

  2. Al DePolo (verified owner)

    Have worn these at the range and on course for a few weeks. So far, no issues. Did experience a left heel blister at first but none since. Not sure my swing speed is any faster however. Nice pair of shoes. Actually ordered a pair of the new County Soul shoes too.

  3. Jesse A Leal (verified owner)

    I own three pair. Great looking shoe and they are comfortable. With with wide toe can go with 1/2 size smaller with no problem. Nice looking new styles. I may have 4 pretty soon. Have had a lot of people ask how they feel. Jesse leal.

  4. Keith Johnson

    Different spirit about this company .. in the absolute best way. The shoes are quality and so is the way I was treated. I felt they took my customer experience personally and ,therefore, I benefitted. I saved the note they hand wrote on the inside of the shoebox top. I have it displayed where I can see it daily. I’m rooting for you ‘Sqairz’ people. The world is a better place with you in it.

    Keith J

  5. Victor Foschi

    Don’t order 1/2 size down

  6. Dennis Rogers

    Fits as advertised, comfortable so far, hoping favorable when on course- ask in three to six months

  7. curt barber

    Shoes fit fine. winter where I live so cannot use them for golf yet.

  8. Donald Gardner Jr.

    Very comfortable.

  9. Dwayne Neal

    Great fit
    Great look
    How can I not have a good day on the course!!!

  10. Jason Stockwell


  11. Michael Vosefski

    Very comfortable shoes love them

  12. Mike

    Outstanding shoe. The only shoes I will be wearing from now on. If you have wide feet these are great!

  13. Art

    I’m an admitted shoe snob. Today, in my golf mancave I have 15 pair of golf shoes, all arranged in a wall closet & with cedar shoe-horns. I thoroughly clean & condition (if needed) the leather 2x a year. I replace spikes 2x a year as well. I prefer the higher end shoes to include FJ DryJoys, Ecco, Sketchers Pro series etc. Again, a shoe snob. This drives my wife nuts. When any pair of new golf shoes arrive at my home, I wear them inside for a day. If I can’t live in them at the house for the day, they go back to the vendor. For my SQAIRZ shoes, they passed the “in home” test. I loved them all day. On Saturday I wore them (walking) and loved them! I do feel a bit more stable without being hard or difficult to walk in. The laces never came untied. They stayed relatively clean due to the type of material they are made of (they didn’t pick up dirt all day). Size was true. The toe box is more roomy than normal. Try the “in home for a day” test to see if you like that type of fit. I never felt I was sliding around inside the shoe. I was never uncomfortable. They are a “keeper”! Thank you!

  14. David Henderson

    These shoes really are exceptional. I ordered a 1/2 size smaller than normal and they fit perfectly. Was able to play 18 right out of the box and they feel great. These shoes are not the best looking but they more than make up for it in comfort and performance. Highly recommend this product but be ready to hear it from the guys in your foursome.

  15. Frank SAliba

    Nice fitting shoe,

  16. Bob

    I was akepticle about buying golf shoes on line. So very personal. But my Squarz are perfect. Bought a half size smaller as recommended. Outstanding fit. And they look great. Have had several compliment on their look and they are now customers as well.

  17. Robert Harris

    Love these new Black Sqairz Golf Shoes, very comfortable, stable, and best of all, shot 3 best low round scores waring them No Joke, awesome product

  18. Jim

    The shoes are as advertised – they fit great and are very comfortable – your toes are going to be very happy. Very helpful in aligning your body to your target.

  19. Chuck Caparo

    Great stability and comfort

  20. Thomas Terril

    Best shoe I have purchased Been playing for 20 years and have worn many different brand of golf shoe.

  21. Ralph Marrero

    I don’t usually state an opinion on review sites, but I’ll make an exception this time. I placed an order with Sqairz, I got the wrong color I i requested and the size I ordered didn’t fit I contacted Sqairz golf both phone and email. I was in contact by with Mr Mickey Treat and he was quick to take care of my “problem”. I was very pleased i was treated without any hassles or questions. I highly recommend Sqairz Golf for their product a customer seevice!

  22. AMP

    Well constructed, very stylish. Like the square toe. Generous in the width. Need a shoe horn to put them on. Expect they will soften with time. Grip well on wet slippery turf. Stable platform. Water proof.
    So far so good, but I’ll need a few more rounds to know.

  23. Frank Livingston

    I ordered the shoes after seeing them in ads and read the reviews. At 74 years old I need to be steady on me feet and these shoes does just that. The wider toes make walking and going up and down hills easier. Shifting weight is more natural and less awkward. Some shoes I wear 11 and some 10 1/2 so I got the smaller size. Fits great and are very comfortable. The spikes are not as tall but you don’t notice. If you go in sand trap you can tell the different in the footing. I liked them so much I ordered another pair along with more socks. Service was great and fast

  24. Ed herrmann

    I like thank you note in shoes. Complimentary socks is a nice touch. It’s feels good to buy American made

  25. Steven J Auferoth

    Very well built shoe. The best golf shoe I’ve ever tried. Tried them out for the first time today hitting indoors. Very stable and I like the locked in feeling my feet have with the ground. Hit my 7 Iron farther than I have ever done before. Looking forward to wearing them again, and again, and again.

  26. Joe Tutrone

    Great shoes and very comfortable

  27. Al Oppenheim

    So far so good

  28. Emil Adams

    Great feeling . Much more balanced than regular golf shoes.

  29. Bruce Acheson

    I needed to buy a new pair of golf shoes and remember Sir Nick’s add for Sqairz. Not a big believer that a pair of shoes can help my distance, but a bought a pair anyway.

    I must admit, I have played 2 rounds with these shoes and I am out driving my much younger golf partner. My approach shots to the greens are longer and I needed to drop one club.

    If it isn’t the shoes, then I don’t know what it is. I am a 10 handicap.

  30. ben cayce

    tread design holds onto grass clippings causing loss of traction. otherwise it performs well. certainly stable and shoe string design holds knot.

  31. Bailey

    Received my shoes tried them on our Sunday outing. Initially as suspected they were a little stiff and appeared to be heavier than my Calloway shoes but one you put them on and don’t feel the pressure on your toes you soon realize how uncomfortable your previous shoes actually were. I’m extremely happy I found Sqairz . I’m not a big fan of the dull finish but more than willing to give up the finish to get the comfort.

  32. Lee Mortenson

    Exceptional shoes. Excellent workmanship and feel.

  33. John Schembari

    very good looking with high quality materials, very comfortable they keep my feet grounded

  34. Dean K.

    At first I thought these to be a bit heavy when they arrived. I soon found out how incredibly comfortable they were during my round and as an added bonus these great shoes offer an undeniable amount of stability for your golf swing. The best golfing product investment I made all year. A huge thumbs up!!

  35. Richard Romero

    These shoes were comfortable from the first time I wore them. I feel like I am more stable when swinging the club. I walk a lot and my feet do not get sore at all, which is a plus when you are a large person. I would highly recommend these shoes.

  36. John Shepperson

    Best golf shoe I’ve ever had! Better than GGore

  37. Joseph Nesbit

    I have a narrow foot so I was concerned about the fit. Ordered 1/2 size smaller and they fit great and did not require 1 second of break-in time. I am a walker so I have put them through the paces. I got caught in the pouring rain on the last 3 holes and my feet stayed dry and warm. Great shoe!

  38. Tim Tengblad Maple Grove MN

    I am 6’4” with a slim build, so balance has been an issue during my 55 years of playing golf. I ordered one pair of Squarz shoes and quickly discovered these shoes do exactly what they promise. Balance is no longer an issue and I can swing with confidence and hit my shots squarely! Ordered a second pair. Thank you Squarz!

  39. Scott Johnson

    Had a little trouble at first .right shoe small but after playing with them for 2 weeks I think they are on to something.i have a back that curves ,one arm and one hip below the other.these shoes gave me good posture and stability.what a feeling to actually feel all your weight getting over to the left foot.i can try 5 different golf shoes and have 5 different swings.NO More! .it’s like having metal spikes again! Scott Johnson

  40. Bill Corrick

    Fit great, like the stability, use them first time for 27 holes and felt comfortable.

  41. Terrance L Allen

    Nice looking and comfortable enjoyed wearing them

  42. Douglas Ducate

    Foot problem has kept me off the golf course but hopefully will be able to try them next week. Like the fit and feel at home and like the golf socks.

  43. Lew Zande

    Love the shoes. Wish there were SQAIRZ shoe trees.

  44. Dan

    Great shoes, finally

  45. Larry Lykins

    If you have a 7 wide please let me know

  46. James Bessler

    I just returned from the course. Wire my new Squairz golf shoes. Shot best round of the summer. I didn’t think shoes had that much to do with score but maybe they do. Feet feel very stable and comfortable. Great product.

  47. Bruce

    I’ve always been a Footjoy golf shoe guy but I decided to try the Sqairz for some of their unique features. Great walking or riding shoes – Comfort with Support and More!

  48. itsteetime

    I love the fit of these, size 9. I had previously ordered size 9.5 … just a bit too big. However, plan to keep and wear them too.

  49. John Landrigan

    Excellent shoes. My feet were never more comfortable playing. My feet were always hurting after a round and not anymore with the great shoes.

  50. Mike E

    I really like the shoe, very comfortable and i do fell more stable over the ball. definitely order 1/2 size smaller. Only criticism is breathability…my feet really sweat in them.

  51. Tim Mull

    I wore them the first time with regular socks and the back of my left heel hurt, The second time used the socks that was sent with them and all was good so I need to buy more of the socks.

  52. George Pinion

    Most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. Impeccable quality down to every small detail!

  53. Gary Sanderson

    Very comfortable and very good traction.

  54. Paul Moran

    So far so good. I’ve only played 3 rounds with my new shoes. They are very comfortable and I really like them.

  55. Bob

    My new shoes were very comfortable the first time I wore them. My balance was better than any of my previous shoes. I liked the golf socks you included. They were terrific also.

  56. Scott Shaddix

    The shoes are a huge advantage for better play! I just completed a three day metal play Hacienda Golf Club Mens Championship net and won using these shoes! Thanks

  57. Ron H

    Best golf shoes I’ve ever owned. So comfortable it’s hard to believe.

  58. Harold Wetzel

    Great looking shoe, perfect fit, lots of room, and stable footing. Love it !

  59. claude

    Very well made golf shoes. They arrived within a few days of placing the order.

  60. Arthur Cohen

    You can tell The product is made from Top materials. I believe the shoes may need a bit of a break in period to become as comfortable as I want them and then the four starts will become five.

  61. Andrew

    The quality was awesome. Played in them once and even though they were comfortable, walking 18 holes on hilly links; my feet was sore but that would be the case in any shoe. I will play in them some more and can make it a 5 Star. Thanks

  62. Richard F Honymar

    Out of the box comfortable for 18 holes. I have to wear these newly designed shoes longer to see how they wear….BUT; they grip the ground, very comfortable, water proof, and the laces stay closed! MORE later…..

  63. Rich Rogers

    These shoes provided balance like no other shoes that I’ve worn in the past, and also the square toes made it easier to line up my putts.

  64. Thomas Connors

    My father has been playing golf for 40 years and loves the shoes I bought for him! He says they are the most comfortable and best looking golf shoes he owns. When I visited him in Florida last week, the shoes are the only shoes he keeps with his golf clubs. I was amazed by the quality of the shoes myself!

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17 North Shore Road, Windham, NH 03087 | 1-888-793-7779 |

© 2021 SQAIRZ. All Rights Reserved.

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