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Spikes4Life Program

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SQAIRZ SPIKES 4 LIFE PROGRAM provides SQAIRZ Footwear customers a life-time supply of new spikes for their golf game for free!

Always have fresh spikes/cleats for your best round of golf! Spikes effect the physics of your golf game and SQAIRZ performance golf shoes work best when players have fresh spikes for proper ground connection providing increased torque and ball distance.

Spike wear depends on how many rounds of golf played annually and the environment(s) played. Most golfers playing more than 20 to 30 rounds per year should replace their cleats at least 2 to 3 times annually, depending on your average wear and tear from use.

Order your new SQAIRZ matched set of (12) PIVIX spikes at zero cost! The spikes are free of charge and customers only need to pay $6.99 shipping and handling per 12 pack ordered.

*Program covers North America Only.

Spikes4life program by SQAIRZ golf

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 8 × 1 in
Shipping and Handling:

Spikes are provided free of charge – Only pay for shipping and handling!


Red & Black

Product Type

Accessories, Cleats

28 reviews for Spikes4Life Program

  1. Steve Nejasmich

    Just bought my second pair.The first pair were everything I had hoped for. My distance has improved and my balance is much better helping every aspect of my game. Love these shoes.

  2. Dave Duprey (verified owner)

    Best Golf shoe Period.

  3. Michael Goscha

    I had an issue with my original shoes, but I’m here to tell you it was handled promptly and with class. In less than a week I had replacement shoes at my door. A great company with number 1 customer service. Shoes definitely feel more stable than any other shoe I own and I own 4 other golf shoes of 3 top brands. Order sqairz and you’ll see for yourself.


    Amazing stability! These shoes have definitely improved my game.

  5. Mickey Barnett (verified owner)

    Excellent shoes and spikes

  6. Dennis Violette (verified owner)

    These are the best shoes I ever worn,before having hip replacement number I had no balance couldn’t stay behind the and the pain well another story.sqairzs helped so much with my balance that I wont wear any other. Can’t wait to swing again with no pain.

  7. Scott Wagner

    Great shoes! I am happy that they have the spikes for life program. I ply 2 to 3 times a week and normally have to change spikes every 2 months.

  8. Richard Anderson

    I really like these shoes unfortunately they did work out for me
    I contacted customer service they sent me a shipping label and told me as soon as they received them back they would refund my money
    I am waiting until April when teir new lower back style comes out to purchase
    I cant say enough about how nice they have treated me first class operation

  9. Scott Warden

    Still waiting for the delivery of the product but the concept is cutting edge. No charge replacement spikes for life. Shoes have been very comfortable as well.

  10. Wung lee


  11. Harry Green

    Best golf shoe I ever wore.

  12. Phil Michel

    After wearing a pair of Sqairz for a significant number of rounds I was in need of replacement spikes. Sqairz “Spikes for Life” program, only charging for shipping and handling, is a winner! More companies should take notice and offer similar deals!

  13. Jay Hurst

    Best Deal around

  14. Charles Collier

    Love my shoes. My handicap has dropped about 15% since I bought my shoes. I have always tried to watch my balance and the shoes do help.

  15. Kyle Kruszynski

    Great product. Should have replaced them after 40 rounds instead of 80! However, it goes to show how well they held up. Thanks Sqairz!

  16. Steven P

    Great feel and stability when swinging a club. Have only used on artificial turf at range, but these spikes really hold well. Can’t wait to take them to the course on real grass. Will comment more when I do.

  17. Victor

    I love the shoes support and grip but find them a little heavy. I hope R and D works to maintain the support but lower the weight of the shoes.

  18. Rick M

    The shoes at first glance appeared to be big and clunky. After trying them on the fit was comfortable and very stable.
    I would recommend them to anyone that’s looking for stable shoe.

  19. Robert Tarder

    This is an awesome concept to provide these for the life of the shoes.

  20. Timothy Kelley

    Great feature to provide spikes for life – love my Sqairz golf shoes – both pairs.

  21. Wally Brown

    What can I say the spikes do their job. They assist in keeping my feet still and anchored to the ground.

  22. Thomas John

    This is so great and surprised no one else is doing this. I always forget spikes and when they wear out I am always out. This lets me have them readily available without hunting them down at the local store. Great program!!!!

  23. Timothy Klley

    Have bought two pairs now – one for the range and one for game day. Best golf shoes ever!!!

  24. Stewart

    Excellent plan for maintaining shoe performance like new

  25. Stonewaller

    Great program. The shoes are built well and this is a great accompaniment.

  26. Ed Blosel

    I have 8 pair of golf shoes from various companies. The ones from Sqairs have become my favorites

  27. John W Hamm

    Awesome. very surprises that I have spikes for life.

  28. Bruce

    These shoe spikes came free with my golf shoe and incase one breaks I have a replacement instantly.

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17 North Shore Road, Windham, NH 03087 | 1-888-793-7779 |

© 2021 SQAIRZ. All Rights Reserved.

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