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SQAIRZ Golf Shoe Performance

Balance. Comfort. Distance. Accuracy

It all started with the patented SQAIRZ toe that allows the golfer to setup properly on every shot with more room in the forefoot area that provides full range of motion in your feet. That development led to a more stable platform with custom cleats and nubs under specific pressure points created during your golf swing. We integrated a heel stabilizer system that assist with rotational torque, but we didn’t stop there. A custom removable insole integrates compression zones that match the pressure point areas linking the inner sole all the way to the cleats. One of the most vocal concerns from golfers has been tying their shoes multiple times throughout a round. “STA-PUT” laces with silicon squares printed down the lace allows you to comfortably form the shoe to your foot and lock it in place without having to adjust or re-tie during the round.

Patented SQAIRZ Toe

The patented SQAIRZ toe allows the golfer to setup properly on every shot. More room in the forefoot area allows for full range motion of the feet. Current golf shoes unnaturally constrain your feet and toes by forcing your toes to the center of the shoe. The patented SQAIRZ toe design allows your toes to sit naturally providing freedom, balance, stability, feel for the ground and all-day comfort. When you try these shoes, you will notice the difference immediately. Watch the video.

Torque Generation System (T.G.S.)

Research show there are four highly concentrated regionalized pressure point areas created on the bottom of your foot. These are the areas where you need greater connection to the ground to maximize torque, swing speed, and distance. Our hybrid traction system highlights the concentrated pressure points with red cleats and augmented computer generated traction lugs, structured in a circular pattern to provide proper rotation of the shoe during the swing. Watch the video.


The integrated heel stabilizer centers the heel in the shoe which assists with full range of motion and rotational support that prevent foot roll-over injuries. This unique element works in concert with the patented SQAIRZ Toe to facilitate proper biomechanics. Watch the video.

Custom Comfort System

Added cushioning in pressure point areas work in concert with the custom SQAIRZ® outsole design for long term comfort, balance and stability. To further improve upon comfort, we even created custom left and right SQAIRZ Golf Socks that have cushioning in corresponding pressure points engineered in the SQAIRZ footbed and sole. SQAIRZ Golf Socks are now available in 3x packs. Watch the video below!


“Sta-Put” with silicone squares printed down the lace that allows you to comfortably form the shoe to your foot and lock it in place without having to adjust or re-tie the lace during the round. Sta-Put Laces can be purchased separately in white, black and gray with clear silicon nubs. Watch the video below!



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