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Unleash Your Game with SQAIRZ Performance

The best golf shoe is the one that feels best on your feet. With SQAIRZ, you don't have to choose between comfort and performance.

“The golf shoes you wear determine how efficient your swing is. Once you put them on, they become part of your performance.”

Phil Stotter

Clinical Exercise Physiologist

“In other words, the wrong pair causes imbalance and power loss, while the proper pair can actually improve your game.”

Scott Kramer

Golf Digest - The Science of Stepping Up Your Game

“First time I put on a pair -- and even though my feet are narrow --I was blown away by the pillow-like feel and notable support.”

Scott Kramer

Golf Digest - The Science of Stepping Up Your Game

How Can You Supercharge Your Swing Speed?

At the apex of your swing, a captivating process unfolds. Your body's momentum, harnessed through your legs, connects with the ground. With steadfast stability underfoot, equilibrium reigns, and the ground responds in kind, propelling that energy up through your legs, channeling it down the club, and unleashing it into the ball. This extraordinary synergy with the ground is aptly termed 'ground force reaction.' When combined with the precise balance and unwavering stability that SQAIRZ offers, you'll harness the true potential of your swing speed.

Are SQAIRZ Golf Shoes the Key to Unlocking Your Golf Potential?

Independent testing meticulously tracked the progress of over 500 golfers, spanning all experience levels, both before and after donning SQAIRZ golf shoes. When compared to a spectrum of established brands, SQAIRZ emerged as the undeniable frontrunner, showcasing:
1. Remarkable Distance Gains: Achieved through enhanced vertical power on the lead side just prior to impact.
2. Enhanced Balance and Stability: Resulting in reduced sway, improved accuracy, and optimized energy transfer.
3. Eradication of Inefficiencies: A stark contrast to the shortcomings often observed in sneaker-like golf shoes.

Swing speed, distance, balance, accuracy, and hip rotation are all unlocked by balance and ground force connection. How do you maximize balance and ground force connection?