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The new SPEED™ Mesh upper material provides enhanced breathability for those who play in the extreme heat. Most lightweight mesh shoes lack structure, inhibiting their performance. In fact, if you can hold a shoe by the heel and toe and twist it, the shoe lacks structure and cannot adequately facilitate the golf swing. This lack of structure also causes the foot to move inside the shoe and reduces the energy exchange with the ground, resulting in distance loss. SQAIRZ’s innovative Mesh design solves the problem and integrates the midsole, outsole, and heel stabilizer to provide the structure needed to channel the ground force and optimize swing speed.

• Patented square toe creates more space for your toes to spread naturally and more connection between the ball of your foot and the ground

• Proven to increase swing speed and distance

• Wider base under the ball of the foot provides unparalleled balance and stability

• TPU heel stabilizer creates improved range of motion

• Water-repellant outer material

• Enhanced breathability for those who play in the extreme heat

• Six strategically placed replaceable Pivix Softspikes® maximize traction

• Sta-Put Laces customize your fit and lock it in place without having to adjust or re-tie

• Fits up to 2E width

• EVA foam midsole provides maximum responsive cushioning

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Square = Stable

More room in the toe box means more room for your toes to spread naturally. 

This creates a wider base, better stability, significantly reducing sway.

Power Unlocked

The wide base under the ball of the foot provides stronger ground connection and less sway which allows the full power of your swing to translate to the ball.

Faster Swing Speed

Optimized ground connection allows for a proven 3 mph+ increase in swing speed resulting in 9+ yards in distance.

Incredible Comfort

Your feet aren't round—why would your shoes be? Our patented square toe gives your toes the room to spread naturally, creating incredible comfort, right out of the box.

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Wade
shoe recommendation

Great shoe.I am a walker and shoes are very comfortable on course. Support and toe box are fantastic. I have told friends and they have purchased also and are very happy with feel and stability.