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Limited Edition – John Daly Redneck Shoe

$189.97 $249.97

The John Daly Redneck shoe was co-designed with John and integrates SQAIRZ game changing performance with John's inimitable style.

This limited-edition shoe features symbols of John's Arkansas heritage along with a silhouette of The Lion himself. 

✓ Named My Golf Spy's #1 shoe for stability 2022
✓ Improves ground force connection
✓ Proven to improve distance by 8+ yards
✓ Maximizes comfort by allowing the toes to spread naturally

Backed by our 30-day Moneyback Guarantee—if you don’t love the way they play, send them back for a full refund.

"Grip it and rip it and you're going to hit it farther."

“I’m guaranteeing you right now you’ll get more club head speed and ball speed if you put these SQAIRZ on; take it from a guy who has maybe lost just little,  I feel like I’ve gotten some power back; join me wear SQAIRZ and go out and grip it and rip it and you’re going to hit it farther.”  --John Daly

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Square = Stable

More room in the toe box means more room for your toes to spread naturally.  

This creates a wider base, better stability, significantly reducing sway.

Power Unlocked

The wide base under the ball of the foot provides stronger ground connection and less sway which allows the full power of your swing to translate to the ball.

Faster Swing Speed

Optimized ground connection allows for a proven 3 mph+ increase in swing speed resulting in 9+ yards in distance.

Incredible Comfort

Your feet aren't round--why would your shoes be? Our patented square toe gives your toes the room to spread naturally, creating incredible comfort, right out of the box.

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